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Smoke + Mirrors

So this is gonna be my masterlist for @mamapeterson / @mrs-squirrel-chester album challenge. 

I chose this album cause it has gotten me through so though times and cause the emotions in it fits the SPN boys amazingly well. 

I am gonna list the songs with which characters they are gonna be written for. When the fic is written over the spring - title and link will be added. Some are gonna be one shots, some drabbles and some aesthetics with drabbles - not sure what will be what yet. They might not be written in order either.

Also a huge thanks to @mamapeterson for letting me throw 3 rpf into the mix :) 

1. Shots (Sam Wichester x Reader)

2. Gold (Misha Collins x Reader)

3. Smoke and Mirrors (Deonna)

4. I’m So Sorry (Destiel)

5. I bet my life (Dean Winchester x Reader)

6. Polaroid (Dean Winchester x Reader)

7. Friction: Tip of the Needle (Crowley x Reader)

8. It Comes Back To You: 4 AM (Jared Padalecki x Reader)

9. Dream (John Winchester x Reader)

10. Trouble (Dean Winchester x possibly sister!Reader)

11. Summer (Jensen Ackles x Reader)

12. Hopeless Opus (Castiel x Reader)

13.The Fall (Dean Winchester x Reader)


Not re-blogging because I cannot give thumbs-up or thumbs-down review to anything else in this series & time restraints & knowing dick-all about Sons of Anarchy prevent me from diving in. 

But I tell you what.  

My eyes widened & my jaw dropped upon the sight of these words gracing my dash:

“Mary pulled the cigarette from John’s mouth and took a cocaine-laced drag. ‘Looks like we got work to do.’”

I don’t know the context. Honestly couldn’t care less about the context.  It just might be the best line in anything fan-related I’ve read, that isn’t something I’ve personally written [humbly].  

I don’t care if this is some sort of parody or if it’s serious as a heart attack. I want it on a fucking fan poster or huge graphic or throw pillow.  

So @mrs-squirrel-chester ….


playlist for riley : cup of tea by kacey musgraves

hey life goes on
and we’ve all got the right to be wrong

People: Riley and Farkle can’t date because they are supposed to show that girls and boys can be friends w/o dating. Me: so you are trying to say that if Riley and Farkle date, Riley can’t be friends with the other boys Maya can’t be friends with the other boys Zay can’t be friends with the other girls Lucas can’t be friends with the other girls Smackle can’t be friends with the other boys No girl should be friends with any boy No boy should be friends with any girl

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Lipstick and Cherry Wine (TTAL Part 11)

I knew it was her as soon as her hands pushed the big doors open. I could sense her, smell her. Fuck her scent is intoxicating, I almost completely forgot about it.

She looks like shit, apparently she fixed up a bit, but lipstick and leather tights can only do so much. Although, she looks a hundred times hotter than any other woman in here.

I follow her with my eyes until she hops up into a barstool. My blood boils when I see the bartender flirt with her the moment he opens his stupid mouth.

Man, let the woman breath!

I see her nod and smile at him and I just wanna go there and rip the guy’s throat out, but I can’t, she’s here to get me, Sam will walk through those doors any minute now…

He never does.

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Prompt/Summary: This is fic number 12 for @mrs-squirrel-chester​‘s album challenge.  You know the boys before they go off to war

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Warnings: Some angst. 

Word Count: 931

Author’s Note:   See the end.  I love this song.  I sing it in the shower a lot.  I hope I did it justice.

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 |

Bluebird Video

Album Challenge Master List

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Album Fanfic Writing Challenge

Have you ever been listening to an album and the lyrics just spoke to you, inspired a work of fanfiction in some sort of way? That’s been happening to me a lot lately, so I thought why not make a challenge out of it.

Here are the rules:

  • Can be any pairing or ship, reader-insert, OC; or even no pairing. Write what you want to write.
  • Pick a fandom, any fandom. BUT if you decide to write for more than one fandom, please pick a new album for the new fandom. 
  • Can be fluff, angst, smut; whatever. Or maybe just a headcanon kind of thing.
  • No word limit. You want to write a poem or drabble? Maybe something longer, like 5,000 words. Even if it’s part of a WIP. Go for it. 
  • Pick an album that has inspired you. It can be old or new, any style, any artist, anything that you want.
  • Include the song title / album information anywhere in your summary or author’s note. Let’s give credit to these amazing musical inspirations.  
  • Post your fic by January 31, 2017 at midnight CST (Minnesota time).
  • Your fic can either be a story based on the song, or just have it somehow highlight the song, BUT make your fic relevant to the song you choose, please! (Basically, please do more for this challenge than having a song from your album playing in the background.) 
  • Your fic can also be a part of another challenge. 
  • If you also post on AO3, please share with the mrs_squirrel_chester_Album_Fanfiction_Challenge. 
  • TAG ME IN YOUR FIC! If I haven’t liked or reblogged within a week, let me know!

Any questions? Make sure to check out the FAQ page.

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This is my sixth installment for @mrs-squirrel-chester ‘s Album Fanfic Writing Challenge. My album is Smokin’ Hearts and Broken Guns - Shaman’s Harvest. This one was inspired by Silent Voice from that album. This is probably my favorite song from the album, and it always brings to mind the sacrifices they have made, for the world, and for each other. Sam and Dean know what it’s like to embrace the darkness. And they have always fought like hell to bring each other back. Lyrics are below.

Well you know you’d better run,
to the hills and the convents.
With hair raisin’ goosebumps
you can feel the man comin’.
Oh with the watchers and the scapegoats,
you were hidin’ in the rain.
With a back cut and music,
you were bleedin’ out your pain.
Oh where you think you’re gonna run to when the man is you.

And hold me close, you’ll never see
You’re the only one who understands
the storm in me.
And I’ll wait for you here,
with silent voice.
God only knows I never wanted you to make this choice.

Well you loathed down in the mire,
cuz you didn’t wanna face it.
With a gunslinger’s desire,
you’d rather burn out than save it.

Oh with the watchers and the scapegoats,
you were hidin’ in the rain.
With a back cut and the music,
you were screaming out your pain.
Oh where you think you’re gonna run to when the man is you.

And hold me close, you’ll never see
You’re the only one who understands
the storm in me.
And I’ll wait for you here,
with silent voice.
God only knows I never wanted you to make this choice.


I tried. Tried to deny it. Tried to hide from it. Tried to run from it.

I tried to fight it head on.

But I always knew. I always felt it, even when I was a kid. Felt unclean. Felt unworthy. Not good enough. Not strong enough. Not enough.

When Dean came after me, asked for my help, I knew. I wanted to pretend like I was out, like I’d escaped. But deep down, I think I knew. When they murdered Jess, I could feel it rise up in me.

And yeah, I talked big, thought I was strong enough to fight it. Got pissed off at Dean when he doubted me.

And I thought I could wrestle Lucifer, could let him in and still be able to drive. Didn’t work that way.

When it came down to the end, though – Dean was there for me. He pulled me back, gave me the strength to take the leap into hell. He’s always been there when I really needed him.

I came back from the cage without a soul. No conscience, no emotion, just an efficient killing machine. Even tried to kill Bobby. Dean wouldn’t let it go. Went so far as to die to talk to Death, get my soul back.

And when I was in that church, five seconds away from finishing that last trial… all I knew was that I couldn’t let him down again. I had nothing left, and when he told me… When he said it would kill me, I said, “So?!” And I meant it. From the fucking center of my soul, I meant it.

But he wouldn’t let me go through with it. And I think, maybe, that we’ve learned something about the balance of things in this fucked-up world.

Have we made sacrifices? Yeah. In spades. Have we made mistakes? I’ve lost count of mine.

But we’ve done a hell of a lot of good. We’ve saved a lot of people. Saved the whole damn world a few times. Sometimes we make a mess, and we have to clean it up.

Things haven’t been easy. We’ve hurt each other, fought with each other, tried to go our separate ways. But we’ve learned one thing, through all the blood, and pain, and loss.  

We’re stronger together. Always have been. I guess I’ll always need my brother.


God, when I was young… the whole fucking thing was an adventure. Huge adrenaline rush with an ego to match. I mean, I thought I was immortal.

Then that rawhead fried my ass, and Sammy found a way to save me. At the cost of someone else’s life. He didn’t know, how could he? I just added that to the pile of guilt I carried all the time. Pulling him back into the life? Yeah, I was a selfish bastard. Dad was gone, and I didn’t want to carry the load alone. When he started having those visions, I felt like… like if I had left him alone, left him at Stanford, he would have been okay.

When he died… I couldn’t live with it. I felt like it was my fault, and I couldn’t… I just couldn’t. So I made the deal. Brought him back.

And then, a year later – I put him through the same fucking thing.

Not only that, but I came back with more blood on my hands than I’ll ever be able to pay for. And he knows what I did, but he’ll never know, you know? He’s never – never thrown that in my face, even when I was reaming his ass for the demon blood. He was trying to do good, just in the wrong way, and Ruby played him, took advantage of how lost he was.

And I can’t say much, I let Crowley manipulate me right into the Mark of Cain. Hook, line and sinker. I’ll say one thing, I finally understood, a little, the pull of that darkness, that power, that Sammy felt when he was on the demon juice. There was nothing like it.

Yeah. And then I went completely dark side. I’ve done things I’ll probably never know about, things that I remember that I have a hard time forgiving myself for, but Sammy pulled me back. Even when I was gonna kill my own brother… he never gave up on me.

We’ve both been the things that nightmares are made of, things that people should be afraid of, should run from. But we’ve always brought each other back from the darkness.

Things still aren’t easy. Things never will be easy, not for us. That’s not the life we live. That’s not our purpose. But Sam and me – we’ve learned that we can’t do it alone. We balance each other. We keep each other human.

We’re stronger together. Always have been. I guess I’ll always need my brother.

I Wanna Hold Your Hand

My other entry for @jessica-bones-winchester‘s Dating Dean Writing Challenge! (I am SO SORRY that this is so late!)

PROMPT: Him holding your hand when Sam’s not looking
CHARACTERS: Dean Winchester, female reader, Sam Winchester
WARNINGS: It’s so fluffy!

TAGS: @mrswhozeewhatsis, @mrs-squirrel-chester, @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog, @deandoesthingstome, @deanwinchester-af, @winchesterenthusiast, @winchesterswoonathon, @aprofoundbondwithdean, @lovemydean-o-saur, @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid, @littlegreenplasticsoldier, @fandommaniacx, @for-the-love-of-dean, @kittenofdoomage

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You relaxed across the Impala’s backseat, stretching out and letting out a sigh. You had a book to read, and there was always your phone to play on, but you were thinking about taking a nap. The feel of the car coasting along the road, the tires rolling smoothly in Dean’s capable hands… it was almost like a drug to you.

You did a double-take when you saw something, down close by the floorboard. When you saw that it was a hand–Dean’s hand–and he wiggled his fingers, you grinned, scooting closer to the edge of the seat, reaching out and linking your fingers with Dean’s. You looked into the rearview mirror and saw the smile cross his face, before you both glanced to the passenger’s seat, where a clueless Sam was sitting.

You gave Dean’s hand a squeeze, settling down into the seat, smiling as you closed your eyes.

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The Light

I am participating in @mrs-squirrel-chester‘s album fan fiction challenge.  I am using Sara Bareilles’ album Kaleidoscope Heart. Entry number 6. Sorry I didn’t post anything last week.  It was a bit trying and I couldn’t get into the mood to really write some fluff.

Description:  I really love this song and I hope I did it justice.  When Bucky rebuffs your attempts to get to know him better, it puts you at odds.  Until you end up in harms way.  Can you trust him enough to give him your heart. 

Word Count: 2368

Warnings: Curse words, fighting, Bucky being a shit


Album Challenge Master List

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“Steve! I can’t believe you haven’t told Bucky about that night.”  You laugh.

“It’s embarrassing.”  Steve groans.

“We all admitted plenty of embarrassing stuff during that game of Never Have I Ever.  Tony was so scandalized.”  

“He has no room to be scandalized.  And you’re incorrigible.”  

“You love me.”  You turn to Bucky.  “Next time, you’ll have to play so we can discover all of your dirty little secrets.”  You shoot Bucky a wink.  

Bucky’s gaze is cold when he replies. “Why do you do that?”


“You act like you’re flirting.  Don’t.”

His response shocks you.  He’s always been standoffish and you’re pretty sure that is the most words he’s ever strung together in your presence.  You grab your drink from the counter.  “Right, then.  Sorry.”  You leave in a hurry.  

“Seriously, Bucky.  What the hell was that?” Steve whirls to face Bucky.


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Ok after watching Girl Meets Mr. Squirrels I am 99% confident that when Eric said “no, it goes deeper than that” referring to Riley and Maya realizing their best friends after their argument, and Cory asking “what do you mean?”, Eric says in his ear that he believes Maya has feelings for Riley. I believe this because not only did the camera pan away just as he Eric was about to say the words into Cory’s ear, but how else would it go deeper than realizing they’re best friends ???? hOW ???

My Valentine

Pairings: Chris Evans x Reader

Words: 2,175

Summary: The reader and Chris have been friends for a long time. Chris gets invited on a triple date for Valentine’s Day and without wanting to be a third wheel, he tries to convince the reader to come with him even though she hates the holiday. 

Author’s Note: I wanna thank @mrs-squirrel-chester for being an awesome beta. I am absolutely the worst person ever! I meant to put this out last week (i.e. Valentine’s Day) but due to writer’s block I wasn’t able to do so. Call me Jean-Ralphio cause I’m

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Warnings: None just tons and tons of Fluff… Oh and Chris being a total meatball (Should that be a warning?)

Tagging: @ariallane @heather-lynn @always-an-evans-addict @mrs-squirrel-chester @bionic-buckyb @sebbytrash @marvel-ash anyone who wants in or out of the taglist please let me know! 

Gifs not mine

You heard your phone go off in your purse as you opened the trunk to your car. Setting it inside your trunk, you dug through your purse, finally pulling out your phone and saw Chris’ name flash on your screen.

“Hey Chris.” You answered, holding your phone between your ear and shoulder, grabbing your gym bag.

“Y/N!” He shouted. “I’ve called you three times already! What were you doing?” He sounded urgent.

“I was driving Christopher.” You deadpanned, swinging your gym bag over your other shoulder and slammed trunk shut. “Everything okay?” You asked.

“Everything’s fine.” He answered, “Are you home?”

“Yes Chris I just got home why?” You furrowed your eyebrows in confusion.

“Oh good, cause I’m inside waiting for you.” He said.

“What?” You looked up and saw Chris at your window and waving at you with a huge grin on his face.

“Motherfu-” You quickly hang up and jog over to your front door.

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