mrs sparkle

The Riddler gets a bottle of maple syrup

(but can Gotham survive a Riddler hopped on sugar?)


The Riddler gets the body hidden early and goes out for a drink with the Penguin.

The Riddler starts a rock collection

The Riddler isn’t missing a left sock for his pair

The Riddler starts a new artistic hobby

The Riddler finds shoes that fit on the first try

The Riddler’s pie turns out perfect

The Riddler meets someone who likes his riddles

intpthinkinginquiet  asked:

Howdy! Drabble #25 Mycroft x Reader please.

25. “I can’t believe you talked me into this.”


“I can’t believe you talked me into this,” Mycroft said as he opened the door to 221B Baker street.

“Which part?” you asked, stepping into the darkened foyer. “The pregnancy or the telling your brother and John and Mrs. Hudson at the same time?”

“The latter, of course,” Mycroft said, pressing a small kiss to your hand. The two of you stepped up to Sherlock’s flat, finding the door opened. Sherlock’s voice could be heard, chastising John for some ‘idiotic’ suggestion he’d made.

Mrs. Hudson nearly ran into you as she exited with her tea tray. “Oh! Mycroft, Y/N. I wasn’t expecting you. Would you like some tea?”

“No, thank you, Mrs. Hudson,” Mycroft said. “But please, step back into my brother’s apartment.”

“Why?” Mrs. Hudson asked, doing as requested.

Sherlock and John looked up as the three of you stepped into the living room.

“What’s all this?” John asked.

“Y/N wanted to bring something around for you all,” Mycroft said as you handed the envelopes out.

John examined the envelope. “Any guesses as to what this is, Sherlock?”

Sherlock studied you and Mycroft for a moment before shaking his head, his lips pursed.

“Go on,” you encouraged. “Open them.”

John and Mrs. Hudson opened the envelopes, taking out the small black and white photos. Sherlock merely stared at the two of you, his crystal eyes sparkling.

“Oh!” Mrs. Hudson said, a huge smile on her face.

“A baby?” John said, looking up at you and Mycroft.

“What wonderful news!” Mrs. Hudson said, immediately wrapping her arms around you. “Oh, how are you feeling, dear? Are you having any sickness?”

“I’m fine, Mrs. Hudson. Thank you.”

“You’re… what? Eight weeks?” John asked, studying the picture.

“Nearly ten,” Sherlock said.

“How do you know that?” John asked.

“I’ve known for quite a while now,” Sherlock said. “Y/N gave it away without realizing it.”

“And you didn’t say anything?” Mycroft said. “What a surprise indeed.”

The corner of Sherlock’s mouth twitched. “For whatever reason, I knew this would be important to Y/N. I didn’t want to steal the moment from her.”

Everyone was shocked into silence as you stepped over to Sherlock, giving him a small hug.

“You’re going to make a great uncle,” you whispered.

“And you, a wonderful mother.”


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