mrs sparkle


Big Hero 6 had several scrapped ideas in its production. Many anime references were cut out of the final product and Mochi the cat would have worn rocket boots designed by Hiro.

However, a major cut was from an early script with a darker tone. Robert Callaghan/Yokai would have been the leader of a gang who was organizing gangs and mobsters throughout San Fransoyko to help build his portal. Some of these gang members, such as the Fujitas, were henchladies under Mr. Yama, who had a much more prominent role than that in the final film. The Fuitas would bounce around between working for Mr. Yama to working for Yokai. Also in this script was the ‘death’ of Baymax at the gang members’ hands.

Vault Dweller Twilight Meets Mr. Handy

I don’t know why but I had an idea yesterday to make a little Mr. Handy vector image in the same kind of simple BBBFF/pointy pony style. (It might have to do with all the Fallout I’ve been playing which is one reason I’ve been so inactive here recently.)

So, I did and I like the way it turned out but it seemed kind of simple so I put him along with the Vault Suit Twilight vector I made a little while ago. Even then it didn’t really seem fished so I worked some computer magic and made a quick two frame gif. I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out so enjoy!