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Sparkling Star of Hope: Recipe

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AKA Pink Twink. A wonderful twist on a Champagne Spritzer to serve to your cafe coworkers or your awful big brothers~💗 Perfect in this month of the Totty!! Yes, yes i know what you’re thinking, “But you already did one for him right Apollo!!??!” Well yes, but that was a hot drink so how about a cold one especially during these hot summer months!! Without further ado lets get to it!!

You will need: Korbel Sweet Rosé Champagne/Lemon-lime soda/Grenadine/Fresh strawberries/Pearl dust-gold/and a champagne flute! This recipe is less about measurements and more about estimations so no need for all that here!

Step one: Wash and chop up your strawberries! Try chopping them in different styles for some variety

Step two: Add your pearl dust, be generous

Step three: Add your strawberries!

Step four: Add your champagne, about 1/3 of the glass

Step five: Fill almost completely with the soda (see the shimmer? cute huh~?)

Step six: Finally add you’re Grenadine and some lovely aesthetics ™ and enjoy~!

Thanks for reading and happy drinking!!!


I’m gonna do a few theories and comments on the first glimpses of them we have of them because why the hell not.

also Hiro looks so badass in that shot

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Ok, I can explain… I’d read a Freezewald’s fic where Victor can control his body temperature for a little time with the help of a special tea made by Ivy, so I just imagine the first time he did it! If you want to read it, here’s the fic that ispired me and that’s also one of my favourite! It’s from the talented @languageofbirds 💜💙
Sorry for that *run away* XD


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