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More pics of Eddie Spaghetti, aka Mr. Spaghetti :)

The last picture he got stuck under the counter in the bathroom and couldn’t figure out how to get his chubby belly out lol. We had to flip him on his side and pull him out because he’s a chunky monkey ^__^


Potatoes & Spaghetti

Mrs. Potato Head by Melanie Martinez vs. Lose Yourself by Eminem.

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hey hey could i pls request hanamiya being protective father

Thanks for requesting! This was my first time writing Hanamiya so sorry if it’s kinda out of character :’( I will try my best to write him better in the future though!! :D Have a great day.

- Kru

Although Hanamiya had a not-so-pretty past in high school, he swore to himself that he’d change after seeing the beauty of his daughter for the first time, at least if it was in front of her.

Of course, changing himself as a whole was and was going to be very difficult. There were times when he lashed out at the small child, making her cry and run to her mother’s arms. The upset look in her big eyes made his heart swell. He was so fond of her that he’d do anything to protect her.

Growing up further, she was daddy’s little girl. Hanamiya taught her basketball - the fair way - and looked back at the guy he was in high school and how much he’s changed just because of a daughter he could call his. Although his terrible temper still lingered, he’s been trying everyday to become a better father. She was the best thing that’s happened to him.

So when an unknown car pulled up into his driveway and a boy clad in a black and white suit stepped out of it, a small box in his hands as well as a bouquet of flowers, he couldn’t help but be on the lookout. His blood boiled in anger, thinking that no one deserved his daughter, let alone some wimpy high school boy who wouldn’t even be taller than her when she wore those heels.

“Papa,” he heard a voice call out to him. A voice as smooth as silk. He turned his head from the window and leaned off the front door.

There she stood at the top of the stairs. She wore a beautiful white dress with teal-colored hair ornaments and jewelry. He hair was curled into locks that loosely hung from her bun. The apprehensive look she had on her face as she walked down the stairs made him wish she had never grown up at all.

“You look beautiful,” he reassured her, a bright smile on his face. It almost made him feel uncomfortable at how happy he was.

She smiled back and peered over his shoulder to the window. “Is he here?”

Hanamiya scowled. “Why does he have to be your date? He’s so wimpy and lame. Most pathetic person I’ve ever seen.”

“You could say so, but I love him,” she said, eyes lighting up when she saw him leaning against his car, sighing nervously while adjusting his tie.

Hanamiya turned his head quickly at her statement, eyes wide, “That’s a big statement. Aren’t you dumping him after this?”

“No. I want to marry him,” she sighed happily.

Hanamiya furrowed his eyebrows together and straightened out his posture, hands crossed. “No you’re not. You’re not marrying anyone.”


“You’re too good to marry some low life, or any boy. You’re my daughter.”

She scoffed at what she was hearing. “Unbelievable. Dad, I’m grown up now. I’m graduating in a couple months. I can start making my own deci-”

“NO!” Hanamiya yelled, and she jumped. His wife, who rushed to get the camera, poked her head out from the living room in surprise.


“You’re not going to marry any boy. You’re NOT going to make your own decisions. In fact, go back to your room and take all of this off. You’re not going to this prom or whatever it’s called,” Hanamiya ordered, and he felt his old controlling self returning.

Tears floated in her eyes. Those very tears he tried to stop falling from day one. Those tears that softened every strength he had in his body.

“Wait, sweetie, I’m so sorr-”

She gasped as the tears fell and she turned away, rushing upstairs as quickly as she could in her new dress, hair pins falling from her hair as she reached the top. Hanamiya’s wife approached him and put a hand on his shoulder as they both heard her room’s door shut loudly.


Hanamiya took his wife’s advice and decided to go talk to her. There he was, standing in front of her room, hand about to knock on her door when he heard another muffled gasp. He sighed softly before gently knocking on her door.

“Go away,” she said, hiccups interrupting her syllables.

“I’m coming in,” he said. With no response, he opened the door and saw his daughter sitting on her bed, still clad in her dress, only her hair was let down, crying into her hands. Approaching her slowly, he sat down next to her. “Sweetheart-”

“Stop,” she said.

He sighed and looked up at the ceiling. “You know, when you were younger, you said you’d marry me when you grew up.” He laughed at how odd the statement sounded, but it made him feel warm on the inside too. “You said I was the only boy for you.”

“I’d -sniff- never marry someone as stubborn and mean as you,” she retorted.

“Oi,” he growled, “and you’d marry Mr. Spaghetti Legs?” He sighed. “My point is…you’re very dear to me. I was an asshole in high school and made a lot of people suffer because of my shitty ways but I didn’t want that to interfere with you. I wanted to protect you from all that I was and- …I just, don’t want you to grow up at all.”

She lifted her head from her hands and looked at him, expecting more.

He glared at her, but then softened his gaze. “Go. He’s waiting outside.”

Although what he was doing bothered him, he realized it was time to let go.

She smiled, stood up, and hugged him quickly. “Thank you, Papa.”

“You look like a panda,” he said as she walked out the door, and she rushed back into the room to grab makeup wipes and eyeliner before scowling at him and leaving again.

He sighed.

I gotta say, this would probably be a pretty interesting camping trip. This incredible quote comes from Rachel Andre and her amazing son Jack from Austin, TX. What’s even more awesome about this quote is that 3 yr old Jack reviews music and this was a review of “Warm Beer and Cold Women” by Tom Waits. I must meet you Jack. You are awesome. Thanks Andre family!!!