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Bastogne, Sousa and the Howling Commandos

The producers and Hayley Atwell have both introduced some doubt in the post-season interviews on whether or not Daniel Sousa definitely is the husband mentioned in Peggy’s documentary on Steve.

While they are calling the shots, and, no, it is not guaranteed that they stay together, based on history and what we know from the show and the Captain America movies, the Siege of Bastogne is the most fitting battle for Steve to have rescued Peggy’s (future) husband from.

Credit: sheriffchiselchin

Who is Peggy’s husband?

Here’s what we know:

“That was a difficult winter. A blizzard had trapped half our battalion behind the German line. Steve…Captain Rogers, he fought his way through a HYDRA blockade that had pinned our allies down for months. He saved over a thousand men, including the man who would…who would become my husband as it turned out.”

So we know that:

  • The battle was in winter (Could be stretched to include late, blustery autumn. Dec- March)
  • The battle was preceded by a snowstorm
  • The battle followed months of essential gridlock between Allied and Axis forces.
  • The troops Peggy’s husband was with were caught behind enemy lines- AKA encircled.
  • SSR-associated forces were involved in large enough numbers to constitute a half a battalion (between 200 and 400 troops). At least several hundred other men were also rescued by Steve at the same time.
  • We can assume that the battle was near HYDRA troops or a HYDRA bottleneck

We also know Peggy’s husband couldn’t have been anyone Steve rescued during his first raid on Hydra facilities to rescue Bucky and the 107th. This is for two reasons.

  • It was most likely not winter. (Look at the trees! They’re all green, and the weather is warm enough for light jackets.)
  • The mission only rescued 163 men, according to the Smithsonian in Captain America: The Winter Soldier – well under the 1,000 rescued in the mission that saved Peggy’s husband.

Why couldn’t Peggy’s husband been rescued the winter of 1943-1944? He could have been – but it’s not that likely. Western Allied troops were engaging Axis powers during that winter, but the battles were in Italy. While German troops were certainly present, and the Italian campaign up the Italian Peninsula was caught in a stalemate; there was no specific block that had the Allies “pinned down.” What is more probable is that it was on the French side of the Western Front: after D-Day.

While we don’t have any information yet for how Steve rescued the future Mr. Carter, we do have enough intel to answer the question: Which battle was it?

A (Very Abridged) Background on Bastogne:

After D-Day, Allied troops moved quickly through France, making it nearly to the Eastern border of France by September. While troops made slow and steady gains in Italy and towards in the south of France, from October, November and into December, lines remained more or less locked in place along the Northern edge of the Western front through France, Luxembourg and Belgium.

To beat back the Allies and reclaim vital Axis holdings - the Germans initiated the Battle of the Bulge in the Ardennes region, encompassing parts of Northern France, Belgium and Luxembourg.

On December 16, the day the Germans started the Battle of the Bulge, a historic snowstorm broke out in the Ardennes. The blizzard and heavy cloud cover not only stopped all Allied air support but also slowed down ground transport for both Axis and Allied forces.

At Bastogne, a town in Belgium along the border with Luxembourg. Due to aggressive German attacks and a lack of support due to the weather and other factors, the Germans completely surrounded Bastogne by December 21- the first official day of winter. The Allied troops fighting in the besieged city were completely encircled – trapped behind enemy lines.

Above: German troops surround Allied holdout at Bastogne. From Wikipedia

Germans telegraphed US Command to ask for a surrender, lest the Allied men and civilians still in the town face complete annihilation. The commander for the US of A responded, quote:  “NUTS!” 

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Parts of Patton’s own division, the Third Army – AKA “Hell on Wheels”– were called in to help push the Germans back and free the Allied troops caught in Bastogne. They succeeded.

(It would also not surprise me if, in addition to “Hell on Wheels”, Patton’s group also cooperated with SSR troops.)

By December 27, men injured during the siege were able to be evacuated to the rear to receive the treatment they needed. By the time the siege ended, over 3,000 men were killed, missing or wounded. Over 1,000 men were injured from the 101st Airborne Division alone.

Other interesting tidbits:

~At Bastogne was the 333rd Field Artillery Battalion (attached to 101st), a combat unit composed entirely of African American men. While racism was a common element within the military during the war, but for many men, the dire conditions at Bastogne broke down some of the normal prejudices they held so that they could survive.

~The 101st Airborne Division also featured a reconnaissance platoon.

~While there were other battles where the Allies were encircled by the Germans, none were in the winter and also coincided with a snowstorm.

The Howling Commandos and the fight against Hydra:

As established in Captain America: The First Avenger, the Howling Commandos were formed to take out HYDRA weapons factories along with other HYDRA targets. Many of these locations are featured in the maps shown at the SSR base in London from which the Commandos operate.

There’s no good map in CA:TFA that definitely shows a HYDRA weapons factory or base precisely in Bastogne itself. However, Steve says there is a HYDRA weapons factory “30-40 miles west of the Maginot Line,” and in the two shots of the map seen at Schmidt’s base they seem to be south of Luxembourg- somewhere around Verdun, Nancy or Metz.  (Bastogne is about 30-40 miles to the EAST of the Maginot Line and slightly north of where the markers seem to be.)

HOWEVER there is some Hydra point of interest marked on the map near the borders of Luxembourg, Belgium and Germany – close to Bastogne and WELL within the territory controlled by the Germans during the Battle of the Bulge. That pin is one of the only ones remaining as the Commandos move towards one of their final missions together. (More on that in a minute)

Furthermore, most of the other known HYDRA bases shown in the movie are stated to be in Poland, Germany or towards the Eastern front. At all of these locations, any nearby battles would be fought be the USSR. Marrying a Soviet-born soldier would be a MAJOR mark against any intelligence officer - particularly one that is foreign-born herself and seeking to establish a new secret technology and intelligence organization during the Cold War.

There are only a handful of Hydra factories in Western Europe that pepper the maps of Schmidt and the SSR. The only other bases that are confirmed to exist along the Western front are a factory in Italy, and a factory and several flagged bases in *cough*neutral*cough* Switzerland.

The base in Italy was most likely the one where Bucky, the Howling Commandos and the rest of 107th Infantry Regiment were held hostage: The Allies first landed in Europe in Sept. 1943, and secured much of the peninsula by the end of October. Steve was transformed in late June of 1943, and when he got to Europe for the USO tour, leaves were still on the trees. However, there was snow on the ground for the Howling Commandos’ second mission against HYDRA (assuming the montage showed the missions in chronological order). Given this, Steve must have infiltrated the first HYDRA base in the early fall – and Italy is the most likely target. (CA:tFA and CA:TWS also stated that Steve rescued Bucky while stationed outside of Azzano, Italy.)

On the other end of the timeline is the last base targeted: Schmidt’s final hideout. This is stated by Col. Phillips to be in the Alps, which would could include the sites flaged in either the German or Swiss territory above.

The only other place we see left SSRs strategy maps before the second-to-last mission is in Luxembourg/Belgium.

There is also an issue of timing. As shown on Bucky’s memorial at the Smithsonian, Bucky was presumed dead at least before January 1, 1945. While we don’t know for sure that Steve stops attacking HYDRA bases until the final confrontation with Schmidt after Bucky falls, we don’t see the Howling Commandos conduct any more direct assaults on HYDRA bases until Steve goes after Schmidt.

If Bucky’s apparent demise was their last mission together, this leaves the base near the borders of Luxembourg, Belgium and Germany as one of the most likely candidates for the Howling Commandos’ last mission. Based on the weather and historical circumstance, that mission would need to take place in late 1944.

TL;DR: Peggy’s husband was saved by Steve during a battle against the Germans during the Winter of 44-45. The battle was fought after months of stalemate and immediately after an epic snowstorm. The unit Mr. Agent Carter was with was stranded behind enemy lines.

The battle would likely need to take place near a HYDRA base Steve and the Howling Commandos sought to destroy. Bucky (and the bulk of the Howling Commandos’ major missions we’re shown in CA:TFA) is done with these sorts of missions by Dec. 31, 1944.

Western Front. Snowstorm. Surrounded. HYDRA bases. December ‘44.

Bastogne is the only battle that fits this bill.

Credit: pegqycarters

Ed: Tagging spoilers and a shoutout to @katiekeysburg and @captain–kitten for being the first I stumbled across with the Daniel-Bastogne link (i know others made it too!) and another credit to @pegqycarters and @sheriffchiselchin for the gifs (Can take down if preferred.)

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Another prompt - Violet somehow ending up being a helping nurse when Peggy delivers both Peggysous babies.

Violet wouldn’t normally have been taking a shift in the maternity ward. But the hospital was short-staffed as always, and in the shift-swapping, she’d ended up trading with Martha down in Emergency, and Martha, it turned out, had traded with Liz the delivery nurse, and – well, it wasn’t her usual area of expertise, but nursing was nursing, and one night with newborn babies wouldn’t hurt her, right?


Of course it had turned out that it really, really wasn’t her night.

She didn’t hold anything against Peggy Sousa-née-Carter, not really. She had lost that skirmish fair and square … well, in a way it hadn’t even been a fight, at least not on Peggy’s end. She’d gone through being hurt, and being angry, and then she’d met Bill and things were going very well on that front, so she didn’t even feel a whole lot of that anymore.

She would be lying if she said she didn’t have a sharp twinge at the sight of a very, very pregnant Peggy panting through contractions with an anxious Daniel hovering in attendance. However …

… it was the Russian spy and the masked gunmen that she really minded.

“Oh, Peggy, Peggy,” sighed the woman with unconvincingly dyed red hair, who was handcuffed to the radiator. “Not that the cuffs aren’t fun, but if you’d only unlock me, I could help –”

“You are staying right there,” Peggy snapped, standing on the bed in a hospital gown with her legs spread wide apart as she tried to work loose a ventilation grille in the ceiling. Daniel turned around from guarding the door with a gun in one hand and his eyes went huge.

“Peggy! What are you doing!”

“I am attempting to get a message out – ow –” Peggy stopped and clung to the metal bedframe, while a half-dozen women in various stages of labor and a number of nurses holding babies or gripping the hands of their laboring charges stared anxiously. Violet had a newborn baby in each arm, rescued from the nursery, so it wasn’t as if she could do anything about it. She wasn’t sure whether to be glad that they hadn’t yet placed the IV and induced twilight sleep in the currently quite active Mrs. Sousa before the redhead tried to abduct her and gunmen stormed the hospital, or wish that she’d just let nature take its course and all of this would be someone else’s problem far away.

“Oh, oops,” the redhead said cheerfully, raising her hand with the cuffs dangling from the wrist, not from the radiator. “I appear to have gotten free. Shall I take a message through the vents for you?”

“No!” Peggy said sharply, clinging to the bedframe and gritting her teeth. “Daniel, please handcuff Dottie again.”

“I just wish you’d get down off that bed before you fall off,” Daniel complained, swiveling to point his gun at Dottie, who looked unconcerned. Just then there was a flurry of gunfire from the hallway outside and Daniel frantically spun back around and peeked out the door, only to step back and open it with a sigh of relief. The suit-wearing, official-looking types who stormed into the room stopped short at the sight of a room full of women in labor, babies, and stunned nurses.

I should have taken the week off, Violet thought. Mother wanted me to visit her. Why didn’t I just say yes?

The blond lead agent swept his gaze across the room, and delivered a narrow-eyed look at the woman no longer cuffed to the radiator (who smiled cheerfully back at him), before he fixated on the woman on the bed. “Peggy, for God’s sake … I suppose you’re responsible for the men tied up in the boiler room?”

“That was mostly Daniel,” Peggy said demurely. “Would you place Dottie under arrest, please? Perhaps it’ll stick this time – oh –” She sat down hard on the bed. Daniel lunged to her side.

The blond agent, in the process of handcuffing a suspiciously cooperative Dottie, gave her a startled look, and then Daniel. “Is she actually – uh –”

“Yes,” Peggy said between her teeth, as Daniel clung to her hand. “I am in fact having a baby, and would rather like to get on with it – oh –”

The blond agent blanched. Dottie looked happy. “Don’t forget to name it after me!” she called as she was hustled out the door. “If it’s a boy, you can be a trend-setter!”

New Celebrations

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Daniel Francisco Sousa II (OC) x Reader, former Steve Rogers x Reader, Steve Rogers x Bucky Barnes

Length: 1856 words

Warnings: none, just happy endings

Requested by @iamwarrenspeace

Final part of (Missed Anniversary), (New Anniversaries)

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when you don’t know if to ship Peggy x Jarvis or Peggy x Sousa

but then you remember

and you still don’t know who to ship Peggy with…

the gifts are not mine (credit to the owners)

So imagine if Peggy and Sousa are settling down in a new neighborhood right after they get married, but all their neighbors aren’t quite sure what this new couple’s name is? Because the mailbox says “Sousa”, but Peggy tends to refer to herself as “Peggy Carter”, either out of habit or because she kept her last name. Meanwhile Daniel refers to himself as “Sousa”, but if you call him “Mr. Carter” he will just be like “Hello. Yes, that is me.” And just to make matters worse, sometimes he calls his wife “Mrs. Sousa”, and other times he calls her just plain “Carter”.

So now everyone in the neighborhood is super confused and wondering “Are they the Sousas? The Carters? One of each? Neither??” And nobody wants to come right out and ASK what their name(s) is/are because that seems rude, so they just awkwardly avoid calling them by any surnames at all.

…I also imagine that Peggy hasn’t really noticed any of this confusion, because she’s probably too busy saving the world again to care, while Daniel is 100% aware of it, and is going out of his way NOT to clear things up because he’s kind of evil like that.

I’ve gotten A LOT of requests for Peggysous pregnancy fluff. The bulk of this one was written while waiting for my new nephew (born June 8 at 9:07 p.m., 6 pounds 9 ounces, 19 inches long, mother and baby doing fine!) to arrive.

“You’re sure you’ll be all right?” Daniel asks anxiously, his grip so tight on his crutch his knuckles are starting to turn white. “Because if you need me to come home for any reason, you know you can - ”

“Daniel,” Peggy interrupts, “go to work. I’ll call the office if I need you.” Daniel gives her an expectant look. Peggy rolls her eyes. “If we need you,” she corrects. “Which we won’t.”

“Let’s hope not,” says Daniel, hand sliding off her swollen belly.

Peggy hums. “You don’t want to be late.” Not for your first day, she thinks grimly.

Daniel checks the time. “OK, OK,” he mutters, leaning in for a quick kiss. Given Peggy’s current condition, however, the closest he can get is her cheek. He smiles sheepishly.

Soon as he’s gone, Peggy breathes, “Oh thank God,” and sinks into the nearest chair, which came with the apartment and seems more suited to an ice cream parlor. It gives a little wobble as she kicks out her feet. Peggy loves her husband, but after a weekend of Daniel’s fretting, she can’t say she’s sorry to see him head to the office. Even if it’s to the New York SSR. Even if it’s technically a demotion.

There’s a knock on the door.

“Who could - ” Peggy says, bracing her aching back with one hand as she hauls herself out of the chair. She thinks about her gun, back in their bedroom, as she waddles to the door. She tries peering out the peephole, but it’s just not possible with her belly the size it is.

There’s another knock, more insistent. “C’mon, Carter,” calls a familiar voice, though not one Peggy’s heard in years, “it’s me. Open - oh hell,” swears Chester Phillips as she cracks the door. “They told me you were pregnant, but they didn’t say you could give birth at any minute.”

“Not any - ” Peggy starts, but the man has a point. “Colonel Phillips.”

He’s already pushed his way through the door. “Agent Carter,” he says, surveying the tiny kitchen, which takes all of three seconds. He looks at her sternly. “Isn’t that your cue to tell me it’s no longer Carter?”

“No longer ‘Agent,’ actually,” Peggy quips, as she’d been summarily fired when top brass found out she was pregnant. Within a month, Daniel’d been stripped of his title and recalled to New York. “And yes, it’s Mrs. Daniel Sousa these days.”

“Mrs. Daniel Sousa,” Phillips repeats, whistling as he takes a seat. “Didn’t think I’d see the - good God, Carter, sit down. You’re making me nervous.”

Peggy slowly lowers herself into the chair across from him, acutely aware she’s barefoot and wearing an ill-fitting maternity dress. “Not now, my love,” she murmurs when the baby begins to kick.

“What was that, Carter?”

“The baby - ” Peggy winces as a little foot stomps her bladder “ - is moving.”

Phillips pulls a face. “Let’s make this quick, then. It’s my understanding that - that thing eventually has to come out. When it does, I’ve got a job for you. Unless - ” he quirks an eyebrow “ - you’re content being Mrs. Daniel Sousa.”

“Colonel Phillips, I assure you, I’m quite - ” But Peggy falters. As much as she loves her husband, she can’t fathom spending her days cooped up in this apartment with a baby. “I’m listening.”

Phillips chuckles. “You know,” he says, “I would’ve been by sooner, but that husband of yours sure likes to hover.”

Peggy would be inclined to agree if she weren’t so immediately incensed. “You’ve had me under - surveillance?”

“Cool your jets, Carter,” says Phillips. “Stark told me if I wanted to get you alone, I’d have to wait until Sousa left for work. So I bought a newspaper - ” his breast pocket rustles when he taps it “ - and a cup of coffee - ” he bares his yellow teeth at her “ - and waited ’til I saw a ‘handsome gimp’ leave the building. Don’t give me that look, I’m quoting Stark.” He claps his hands together in front of him, elbows resting on the table, as if he’s done making his point. “Where’d he serve?”

“Bastogne,” Peggy says tersely, though she’s certain Phillips already knows this.

“He one of the boys Captain Rogers rescued?”

Peggy’s not about to dignify his question with a response. “I thought you were here about a job,” she says through gritted teeth.

“About six months ago, an old friend called. Wanted to know if I’d be interested in helping start a new covert intelligence agency to fight the Soviet threat. Hell no, I said. I’m too damn old. But he wouldn’t take no for an answer. I told him we’d talk when the funding was appropriated. Figured I’d be dead before that happened. Lo and behold, he calls me last week to say he has a backer.”

“Howard,” Peggy surmises.

“Ding, ding, ding,” says Phillips, in his usual tone. “Well, I should’ve hung up then and there, but like a damn fool I stayed on the line. Finally I agreed to help, on one condition: I’d get to handpick my successor.”

And he stares pointedly at Peggy.

She’s immediately skeptical. “Me? You really want me to - ”

“Yes, you,” Phillips interrupts. “Carter, if this is going to work, I need a team I can trust, and I don’t trust Stark. But you? You’re smart, capable and discreet. Just the man for a job.”

“Only I’m a woman,” Peggy points out.

Phillips waves his hand. “Even better,” he says. “You’re used to not getting credit.”

“And what will you calling this new agency?”

“S.H.I.E.L.D.,” says Phillips, “and don’t ask me what it stands for, I’ve already forgotten. The pay’s crap and so are the hours. You can’t tell anyone what you do. That’s my offer. Take it or leave it.”

Peggy’s response is perfectly demure. “I’ll have to discuss it with my husband.” Clumsily, she rises to shake his hand. “Colonel Phillips.”

“Agent Carter.”

She’s still standing with her hand on the doorknob when her water breaks ten minutes later.

This time, Phillips doesn’t bother to knock. He’s speaking into his wristwatch, no doubt one of Howard’s disguised listening devices. “Someone better be calling Agent Carter’s husband,” he barks.

“You said I wasn’t under surveillance!” Peggy huffs.

Phillips eyes her soaked dress. “And you said you weren’t going to give birth at any minute,” he says evenly. “We all lie, Carter. Now come on, let’s get you to the hospital.”

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fic prompt: five ways daniel says i love you (peggysous please and thank you)


“What is she doing here?” the Secretary of War snarls when Peggy follows Daniel into the briefing room.

“She,” says Daniel without missing a beat, “is here because she’s our best shot at apprehending Underwood. Agent Carter, report.”


“Ugh,” says Peggy, kicking off her heels and collapsing on the sofa, “you won’t believe the day I’ve just had.” She closes her eyes, listens for the click of her husband’s crutch.

Daniel’s weight settles next to her. “Oh yeah?” he says, pulling her stocking feet into his lap. “Well, I’m listening, Director Carter. What’s Howard done this time?”

Peggy lazily opens one eye as Daniel begins to massage her feet. “That’s Mrs. Sousa to you,” she corrects, and she tells him about her day.


Peggy swears she’s no sooner rested her head on the pillow than Michael begins to cry.

“No, I’ll get him,” says Daniel, pressing lightly on his wife’s shoulder. She should argue, but she’s too exhausted. She hears him cross the room and scoop their newborn son from his crib. “Hey,” she hears him say, “Mom’s tired, Mikey. Let’s give her a break, OK?”

She drifts off to the sweet sound of a Portuguese lullaby.


Daniel fastens the pearls around her neck. “Happy anniversary, Peg.”

“Dan-iel,” she sighs, “I thought we agreed, no gifts.”

“Couldn’t resist,” he says, kissing her bare shoulder. “Besides - ” his sheepish smile is reflected in the mirror “ - you’re not going to like the stance the CIA is planning to take tomorrow before the World Security Council.”


He looks handsome, Peggy thinks, in his tuxedo, hair more salt than pepper these days. “Dance with me,” she demands, and he obliges, even though he’s not able to do much more than sway.

Daniel’s breath ghosts her ear. “I love you,” he whispers, a second before the shot rings out.

She’s slumped over the hospital bed, still in her evening gown, when Daniel croaks, “Hey.”

Peggy’s lips purse. “‘Hey,’” she repeats, “is that all you have to say for yourself? Do you have any idea how - ” she breaks off. The bullet had been meant for her. “You’re never to scare me like that again, Daniel Sousa. Do you hear me?”

Daniel’s eyes flutter closed. “Love you too, Peg,” he murmurs.

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You don't have to write a fic on this...I was just wondering on your thoughts on Peggy/Daniel time travel. Like maybe something goes wrong on a case they're investigating and they get sent back to the 1800s or something and have to live there and blend in until they can figure out a way back to 1947.

How DARE you make me think of 1800s Peggysous. 

  • Daniel with a gun belt.
  • Slung low on those hips.
  • Perhaps even suspenders.
  • (Jaysus LAWD deliver me.)
  • Peggy with a six-shooter.
  • Peggy in corsets.
  • Daniel seeing Peggy in corsets.
  • Daniel handing Peggy a bonnet when they are donning their period attire to blend in.
  • “What is this.”
  • “It’s a bonnet. It’s like a hat.”
  • “A bonnet is the front of a car.”
  • “Not yet it’s not. Come on, Peg. you’ve got to look the part.”
  • “Absolutely not. That is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen.”
  • *mutters* “That’s just because you haven’t seen the hoop skirt yet.”
  • “What was that, Daniel?”
  • “Nothing.”
  • The two of them walking into the local saloon like they own the place.
  • Some lecher immediately makes a comment about Peggy cutting quite a figure.
  • Daniel just rolls his eyes and sighs as Peggy’s right hook tells the man thank you.
  • Drinking whiskey by a fire in a cabin on the edge of town.
  • Listening to the sound of the rain on the fields and sharing war stories.
  • It gets quiet and Peggy wonders if they’ve really done it this time, gotten themselves in a fix they can’t fix.
  • And Daniel just shakes his head no. “We’ll figure it out, Peg. Just like we always do.” And he squeezes her hand and she smiles and tucks her head into the crook of his shoulder.
  • Peggy learning to ride a horse.
  • “Miss, that’s a regular saddle. Womenfolk ride sidesaddle.”
  • “This womanfolk does no such thing.”
  • Daniel with a pocketwatch.
  • Peggy determined to help a  very unwilling sheriff keep order in town.
  • “But, ma’am. Women don’t–”
  • She continues to insert herself into situations. 
  • Daniel doesn’t even try and stop her, as they immediately go into team investigator mode.
  • 1800s or 1940s, they make a wonderful team. 
  • The sheriff clearly needs/likes their help, but continues to grumble for posterity’s sake.
  • Finally, Peggy can’t take it anymore.
  • “Are you a betting man, Sheriff?”
  • “Depends on the wager, Miz Carter.”
  • “I bet that I can outshoot you. If I’m wrong, I’ll stop my interfering. But if I’m right, you deputize myself and Mr. Sousa here.”
  • The sheriff lets out a hearty laugh.
  • “I’ll give you this, you’ve got a lot of spine for a lady.”
  • “Thank you. Now do we have ourselves a wager?”
  • He’s smug when he shakes her hand in agreement.
  • He’s less so when he’s pinning the deputy badge onto the silk of her dress.

Why. Why did you do this to me???

But what about Agent Sousa’s f a t h e r?

Little Old Mr. Sousa who waits outside the office to drop off meals to his son and see his son when he pulls long shifts.

Little Old Mr. Sousa who chats up anyone and everyone who will spare a minute (and all the agents know Mr. Sousa; all of them are good to Mr. Sousa, even the agents who disagree with Daniel). 

Little Old Mr. Sousa who (even though he’s a second generation Portuguese-American) speaks in a mix of English and Portuguese when he’s excited about a topic, and his favorite subject is “[his] beautiful boy, [his] good boy Danny”.

Little Old Mr. Sousa who shows off photographs of the Sousa clan (not only of Daniel, but Daniel’s sister and niece and nephew).

Little Old Mr. Sousa who salutes the other veterans and tips his hat to everyone else.

Little Old Mr. Sousa who meets Peggy Carter, hears some of her story, decides she’s a veteran as well, and then begins saluting her as well.

Little Old Mr. Sousa who doesn’t quite understand what his son’s doing now, but loves him and treasures him and is thankful he came home.

Pines and Roses

“Alright, well, I should head out.” Daniel said, standing from the table. “Thank you so much for dinner, Mr. and Mrs. Jarvis, and Stark.”
“My pleasure Chief Sousa.” Edwin responded, shaking his hand with a friendly grin. Ana hugged him with a smile.
Howard shook his next, though he did not stand from his relaxed position on his dining chair. “Always a pleasure, Daniel. Be careful out there. The storm is supposed to start soon.”
“Drive safely, now.” Peggy told him, walking close behind him as he made his way to the door.
Daniel smiled at her, pulling on his coat. “Yes ma'am.”
She pecked his cheek before he put on his fedora and turned to open the door. However, once he did, a cold gust of wind blew in and the rain bellowed inwards, spraying inside angrily. Daniel held up a hand to block his face from the harsh wind. The palm trees in the front yard were being pulled sideways, and a ferocious roar of the pounding water echoed through the street.
Howard came up behind them. “Or perhaps it already started.”
Daniel felt Peggy approach his side and gently take his arm. “Daniel, you shouldn’t drive home in this.”
“It should be fine…” He responded, readying his crutch to step out. However, a flash of lighting and crack of loud thunder sent him stumbling back, Peggy holding tightly to him. He looked at her.
“Stay.” She ordered.
Daniel took one last look into the storm, then nodded. “Alright, if it’s no trouble.”
“Of course it isn’t,” she reassured him, shutting the door. “We would be happy to have you.”
“I just don’t want to intrude…” Daniel muttered, taking off his hat and suddenly unsure of where to put it.“
"Darling,” Peggy said softly, approaching him and taking his hat. She forced him to meet her eyes. “You’re more than welcome to stay.”
He hesitated before kissing her forehead. “Thank you.”
Peggy smiled. “I’ll go see if Jarvis or Howard has any extra pajamas.”
“I can sleep in-”
“I’m getting you pajamas.” Peggy pushed on, walking down away and turning down the hall. Daniel sighed, taking his jacket back off and hanging it on the rack near the door. He took off his shoes and sat on the couch.
Jarvis entered the room with his hands politely behind his back. “Shall I start a fire, Mr. Sousa? It’s getting a bit nippy in here.”
Daniel suddenly became aware of the chilled air beginning to settle on his skin. “That would be nice, thank you. Need help?” Daniel started to grab his crutch to stand again.
“Oh, no, I’m more than capable. You go ahead and sit. You’ve had a long day with the case you and Ms. Carter have been investigating this week.” Jarvis began the fire, comforting yellow light and warmth spreading throughout the room. “You must be exhausted.”
Daniel hadn’t realized it, but now as he sat on the cushions, the nice fire light enveloping him, he felt fatigue wash over.
Peggy returned with burgundy pajama pants and a white tank top.
Daniel stood, leaning on his crutch for support and approaching her. He took the clothes.
“The bathroom is down the right and the first door on your left. You can change and shower.”
“Thanks Peg.” He put a hand on her shoulder and leaned in to kiss her cheek. Then he made his way down the hall. With Howard being able to have several bathrooms, Peggy went ahead and cleaned up herself. She changed into her own sleepwear, and by the time she got back to the main room, she felt half asleep. The fire was still going and Daniel was still in the bathroom. To her surprise, the couch had several blankets and pillows stacked on it. Peggy smiled, knowing that Jarvis had know that, 1, Peggy’s room and the guest rooms were getting too cold at night, something Howard was working on at the moment, and Peggy had been taking to the couch already to be by the fire. And 2, that she would want to be with Daniel anyways. She wondered how long Jarvis had stood predicting this.
So, she began making a comfortable makeshift place on the floor for the both of them. She thought about making two separate places, considering how he would react to sharing, but she decided she didn’t care. She was tired and they were together and it was cold.
Soon, Daniel returned, sporting the pajama pants and the tank top, which revealed his fit arms nicely. His hair was wet and tousled. Peggy thought that he looked really cute.
“Aren’t you going to sleep in your own room?” He asked, making his way behind her.
“Howard is trying to install a heater in my room and the guests, it’s been getting cold lately,” she spread one last blanket over the pallet. “I’ve been sleeping out here.”
“Don’t you want to sleep on the couch?” Daniel removed his crutch and placed it against the wall next to the fireplace.
Peggy shrugged, tucking a loose damp strand of hair behind her ear. “I wanted to be with you, and the couch is too small.” She suddenly realized that he might want to sleep there. She looked up at him. “Um, unless you’d like to take it?”
“Oh, no, that’s okay, I’ll…” He seemed to not be able to find his words, and Peggy thought his ears had become a nervous red despite the possibility of it just being the firelight.
Daniel stopped trying to talk and eased himself down onto the makeshift bed of blankets and pillows. “This is actually really comfortable.”
Peggy shrugged her shoulders. “I try my best.”
Daniel grinned. He took off his prosthetic. He had grown comfortable with Peggy with it; she was probably the person he was most comfortable with, actually. Peggy laid down on her stomach next to him and fiddled with a radio that she had put on the floor. She found a relaxing tune and rested her head in her arms. Daniel had rested on his stomach as well, tucking his arms beneath the pillow that supported his head. He watched as Peggy began to nod off, studying how her features became eased. Her eyebrows had been down in concentration and her muscles tense as she found the right music. But now her eyelids grew heavy and tiredness took over. Daniel couldn’t help but smile into his pillow as she settled her head down. He didn’t want to go to sleep, just so he could keep his eyes on her. That was better than the rest he needed.
A crack of thunder startled the both of them.
“Bloody hell.” Peggy breathed, rubbing her eyes.
Daniel gazed out the window, watching the leaves on the trees outside go haywire and the drops on the window race down.
“Daniel,” Peggy said, situating herself to lay on her side.
“Hm?” He said, turning his attention back to her. Her eyes were weary but full of care.
“Come here.”
Daniel hesitated before scooting closer to her. They were in a relationship, though it was still early in. Awkwardness was still a barrier. Though after she had pulled a blanket over them and after he had reached his arm out over her pillow for her to rest on and settled his other arm around her waist, and once she had wrapped her’s around his, it felt natural. He was warm and smelt like pines and mint. She was warm and smelt of roses. Of course she did, beautiful, but dangerous.
Daniel took in her image for a few more minutes. He blushed when she opened her eyes to catch him. Though she just leaned forward and kissed him softly. Then they both closed their eyes. As they fell asleep, Daniel ran his fingers along her back tenderly. She sighed in approval and fell into a slumber first, then Daniel did.
The thunder didn’t startle them anymore.

A little Sousa fanfiction for the evening

Disregarding accepted timelines (I am no expert), I thought it would be really fun if Peggy was the one to recruit Daniel to the SSR.  This isn’t finished, but it kind of has an ending.

All he could remember was a blinding explosion, and then pain. Overwhelming, excruciating pain in his leg.  There weren’t supposed to be mines there.  They had scouted.  He had scouted, and he had never been wrong before. He woke up in a gurney in the field hospital.  It was loud. People were screaming, moaning, crying out in pain and agony.  He wasn’t. Why wasn’t he?  The pain was so terrible, but he couldn’t make a sound. He looked down.  Where there should have been a leg, there was a bloody mess of shredded flesh, mixed with the grey of his uniform, stained black with his own blood.  He remembered thinking that he was going to die, that he couldn’t survive this.  That even if he didn’t bleed out in this bed, the field hospital would be bombed, or his ride home would be shot down or blown out of the water—something would kill him, because he could not live like this.

But he did survive.  He lost his leg, but he survived.  He wasn’t able to go home immediately.  He was sent to rehabilitate in a hospital, to relearn how to walk.  They gave him a new leg and a crutch.  The prosthetic didn’t fit well and was a poor excuse for his missing leg.  It would often slide so that he walked on it diagonally.  They told him that this was as good as it was going to get.  That he would never be the man he was.  Though it angered him, he knew they were right.

 Daniel Sousa stared at the envelope in his hands.  In dark red ink, it read, “STRATEGIC SCIENTIFIC RESERVE.”  It had been delivered to his home before he had even arrived, having spent the last few years of his life in Europe in the war.  When he had volunteered those years ago, he hadn’t known if he would even come back.  It never occurred to him that he would come back like this, with a prosthetic.  He thought bitterly about the shiny aluminum crutch leaning against his dresser.  That piece of metal was the reason he got stares in the streets, why he couldn’t walk into a diner without a round of applause, why the only looks he got from women were full of pity.  Pity.  He didn’t need any more of that.  He had enough for himself.  He stopped himself, like he always did when these dark thoughts flooded to the forefront.  He was lucky he came home at all.  So many hadn’t.

Daniel had signed up partly because he had wanted to serve, but also because he had wanted to escape the path that life had presented for him: a lifetime of hard labor in some godforsaken factory.  That had been his father’s fate, and it wouldn’t be his.  But as it happened, his father had gotten lucky during the war.  While Daniel was overseas, his father had managed to save enough to get away from Mulberry Street.  Though his father was Portuguese-American, Daniel had been raised closer to his mother’s Italian-American roots.  When she died, his had wanted nothing more than to get away from that place.  All it was was a constant reminder of his dead wife.  With what Daniel had earned overseas, he was able to afford a small apartment in a neighborhood where he didn’t have to worry about getting mugged.  It was also conveniently close to this SSR office.  If he hadn’t been crippled, it would have been a quick walk.  As it was, he would be taking the train.

That is, if he took the job.  He wasn’t sure yet.  They were sending some representative over to try and convince him.  It was the only reason he had gotten out of bed.  He wondered what the man would say, what perks he would be promised.  Daniel wasn’t sure why they wanted him in the first place.  He had been in reconnaissance.  Sure, he had disarmed a few bombs, but what did the government need that for?  He wondered if this Dooley man would come see him himself, or if he would send some flunky to do his recruiting.

He grabbed his watch, which was laying on the bedside table, and checked the time.  Nine in the morning.  The rep would be there soon.  He wasn’t going to put on a tie or a suit jacket.  Why bother?  He wasn’t worried about making a good impression.  If they didn’t like the way he looked, so what?  He knew the man would only be looking at one thing: his leg. He grabbed his prosthetic suddenly. A sharp pain was coming from where his leg used to be.  Massaging the prosthetic gave him no relief, but it was a force of habit.  It would eventually go away on its own.

Daniel was just strapping on his watch when he heard the knock at the door.  "Coming!“ he shouted.  He pushed himself up with great difficulty.  Standing up was still a chore.  He hobbled through the tiny apartment.  He was thankful it was so small, since walking was also a chore.  "Give me a minute!”  He grabbed any piece of furniture–a table, a desk, a chair–to steady himself as he made his way to the door.  He caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror.  He looked terrible.  His hair was mussed up, his shirt wrinkled.  Had he slept in it?  He tried to tame his hair and smooth out the wrinkles in his shirt.  Unfortunately, he couldn’t do anything about the circles under his eyes.  He exhaled, dismissing the thoughts.  He didn’t know if he wanted this job anyway.

He unlocked the deadbolts and the doorknob, and opened the door.  The person was turned the other way.  He glanced down and saw heels, nylons, a dress.  This wasn’t any SSR representative.  "Sorry, ma'am, I think you got the wrong place,“ he said, starting to close the door.

She turned around at that moment, and grabbed the door with one hand, stopping him.  In seconds, she had swept into the apartment.  "Nonsense.  You are Daniel Sousa, correct?”  Her voice rang out with a crisp English accent.

After a moment, he replied slowly, “Yes…”

“Smashing,” she said, hanging up her hat and coat by the door.  "Let’s get to it, shall we?“

He closed the door slowly, locking it again.  Now he wished he had grabbed his jacket from the closet.  "Uh, can I get you something…?” he fished.

“Agent Carter,” she said firmly.  He was shocked.  The government didn’t normally send women for this kind of thing.  Was her job to butter him up, proposition him so that he’d join?  How desperate were they to recruit him?  It didn’t make sense.

“Agent Carter,” he repeated.  "Um, I could put some coffee on.“  That was stupid–he didn’t have any coffee.  "That is, uh, if I had any.”  She was very pretty, and he was finding that very distracting.  She had sat down at the table and pulled out several files from her briefcase.  He ran a hand through his messy hair, shifting his weight onto the crutch.  "I’m sorry, you aren’t exactly what I was expecting.“

"No, I suppose not,” she said, frowning.  “I often do this sort of recruiting, so I assure you, it’s not out of the ordinary in the slightest.”

He made his way to the opposite chair, lowering himself slowly.  He noticed she didn’t take her eyes off of him.  And when he saw her gaze flick down to his leg, he adjusted the prosthetic.  "Bet they didn’t tell you about this?“  He smirked.  "Got a little more than I bargained for overseas.”

Agent Carter smiled and said matter-of-factly, “The SSR is well aware of your physical limitations, Mr Sousa.  We don’t see that as inhibiting your ability to perform in this position.”  He furrowed his brow.  What was this Carter woman up to?  She was looking at him differently.  He felt like she didn’t see the crutch, even though he knew she had.  There was no pity in her eyes or in her voice.  "The SSR has read your files.  You come very highly recommended.“  She glanced down at one of the files.  "You specialize in disarming explosives.  Is that right?”

“I did,” he said, folding his arms.  "Until this happened.“

She set the file down and folded her hands on the table.  "Mr Sousa, have I not made it clear to you that we do not care how many legs you have?  We consider you an asset, particularly your deductive reasoning skills.  We think…you would make a good agent.”

He was trying to be hard, cold and calculating.  But she was gorgeous.  Her brown eyes were bright under long dark lashes, and her full lips were painted a bright shade of red.  And the way her hair fell in delicate waves over her shoulders.  He blinked, trying to focus.  This would have been easier if they had sent a man.  "And what do I get out of this?  I could get a job anywhere.  Why should I come work for you?“

Agent Carter pursed her lips, sitting back in the chair.  "Mr Sousa, I said the SSR couldn’t care less about your prosthetic.  The rest of the world does, I’m afraid.  You are unlikely to get hired in this line of work if you refuse our offer.”

“And what line of work is that, exactly?” he pressed on.

“Well, solving crimes, of course,” she said.  "Not on the scale you’re thinking of, though.  You’re familiar with Captain Steve Rogers and his missions in Europe?“

His eyes widened.  "Of course!  He even got my unit out of a bind.”

“Then you know the kind of villainous individuals he was fighting,” she said, her tone hushed.  He nodded.  "We are here to protect American citizens from that kind of evil.  The kind of evil HYDRA brought to the world.“

“Wait a minute, you’re that Agent Carter!” he exclaimed. “The one who—”

“Fought alongside Captain Rogers, yes, that’s me,” she interrupted.  She frowned.  “We’re not talking about me right now.  We’re talking about you.”  She paused.  "Is that something you’d like to be a part of, Mr Sousa? Fighting evil?”

“W-well,” he stuttered.  "Can I have some time to think?“

"Of course.”  She looked at her watch.  "How much time do you need?  I’ve got a good hour before I need to be back in the office.“

He shook his head, smiling.  "I was thinking maybe a day or two?”

She quickly stood up, gathering up her files.  "If you’re not interested, we have other qualified candidates who would jump at this opportunity.  Not as skilled, perhaps, but I’m not about to be led on–“

"Wait, wait!”  Daniel pulled himself up, catching her sleeve, as she reached for her coat.  "I’m not going to lead anyone on, least of all you, Miss…"


“Peggy,” he repeated.  He liked the sound of it, and the feeling of saying it aloud.  "Daniel.“  He took her hand.  "Pleased to meet you.”

“The pleasure’s all mine.”  She gave him a warm smile and he felt his good knee go weak.  "You’ll start on Monday.  The address is in the letter.“  She paused.  "Now, something to celebrate.  She threw her briefcase on the table and pulled out a bottle of whiskey.  At his bemused look, she said, "I never leave home without it.  Glasses?” she said, stepping towards the kitchen.

“By the icebox,” he said, sitting again.  He couldn’t help but stare while she reached for the glasses, and her dress lifted a little, exposing a little more of her long legs.  He looked away quickly when she turned, glasses in hand.  "Is this really standard procedure?“ he asked.

"It’s certainly my standard procedure,” she said, smirking.  "It’ll be our little secret.“  She took a long drink and he watched.  He had overindulged when he had come back, and he didn’t like the effect it had on him.  He wasn’t quite ready to test it out again.  She paused and licked her lips.  "How long have you been back?”

“A couple months,” he said, shifting uncomfortably under her gaze.  "Still haven’t gotten the hang of this.“  He gestured to his leg.

She smiled sadly. "It takes time, I’d imagine.”  Peggy set her empty glass down.  "You’ve no wife to look after you?  No girlfriend?“

He laughed and there was a tinge of bitterness.  "Yeah, the women haven’t exactly been running at me since I’ve been back.  I’d be lucky if I could trick a nurse into marrying me.”  He had meant it as a joke, but somehow it came out bitter and cold.  He glanced at her, and then thought better.  "Sorry, I…I haven’t really been myself lately.“

“Don’t apologize,” she said.  “You’ve been through a lot.  The important thing is you’re here now,” she said, rising.  “And I’m pleased you’ve agreed to join the SSR, Daniel. Truly.”  She stood by the door, holding her briefcase, giving him another knee-weakening smile.  As he looked back at her, he wondered if he had accepted the position to move on with his life or to get to know her better.  He wasn’t sure.  But he did want to spend more time with Peggy.

"Well, I’ve taken up more than enough of your time,” Peggy said.  She threw on her coat and was putting her hat back on when she said, “See you on Monday, then?”

“I’ll be there.”  He followed her to the door.  "Before you go.“  She turned to face him.  "The SSR…they don’t want me to run tests on or anything, do they?”

Peggy laughed.  "Don’t be ridiculous, Daniel!  We’re the good guys.“  She flashed him another smile and was out the door.  He watched her go, letting a smile creep onto his lips, before disappearing back into the apartment.

 @caitscat requested a fic with a love confession or first kiss. Naturally, I had to include both (with some angst of course). Hope you like it!

To say he’d shown up at the Stark estate looking a little worse for wear was a major understatement. The normal careful attention to detail in his grooming habits had slipped significantly in the past few weeks. If one couldn’t already tell from the creases in his pants, the mussed hair that needed a decent combing, and the past-5 o’clock shadow residing on his usually clean-shaven face, than the bags under his eyes and the stoop in his posture would certainly reveal that his personal life was far from okay. Daniel had lost track of the last night he’d gotten a decent amount of sleep. All interest in trying to keep up appearances had vanished when the insomnia had set in. Why should he keep trying to fake a positive facade when he was anything but? He felt as though everything was slipping away from him. Peggy’s time in LA was almost up and there was no sign that she was going to choose to stay.

An overheard remark by one of the agents at the office minutes earlier, however, had propelled him into action. Perhaps he had one more chance, one last attempt to convince her otherwise - if only he could catch her in time.

Keep reading