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Career Counseling: Remus Lupin

(( OOC: Text and plot taken from chapter 68 of “We Were Infinite” by the amazing @captofthesswolfstar​ :) ))

Never in all of her years of teaching did Minerva McGonagall think she would be happy to be through with career advising. 

She was cleaning off her desk, preparing to lock up her office and get a few moments of peace before dinner when there was a knock on the door, so soft she almost thought she had imagined it. 

McGonagall: … Come in.

McGonagall: *quickly* NO! 

Remus: *freezes, his hand still outreached* 

McGonagall: After last night’s moon…

McGonagall: But by all means, Mr. Lupin, please have a seat. 

Remus: *slowly makes his way over to the chair and sits* 

McGonagall: Now, Let’s-

Remus: *quietly* No one’s going to hire a m-

McGonagall: *shifts through the papers on her desk* 

Remus: *laughs bitterly* Easy? Nothing in my life has been easy, and it’s only going to get harder.

Remus: I know what lies ahead for someone like me. 

Remus: With this man trying to recruit all the wrong sorts to follow him… how long until he goes after dangerous creatures? People will see me as a weapon to-

McGonagall: *leans forward, brandishing her quill at Remus*  I can’t believe what I’m hearing from you. You should be ashamed of yourself for feeding into such horrible thoughts. Your time here has absolutely not been a waste. Not to you, and not to any soul you have come in contact with during your time here. 

Remus: *struggles to speak* *falters* 

McGonagall: Now then, you may not realize it, but you do have many different options. Close to top marks, a prefect, an outstanding record of tutoring…

The conversation was very one sided as Minerva gave her opinion on different careers that he could look into. Remus nodded quietly along with everything she had to say, but Minerva could see the doubt in his eyes even as he smiled and expressed his gratitude.

Remus: *slowly stands to leave* 

McGonagall: More so, because you’ve fought hard for it already. I hope you know that you can always come to me for any assistance.


Your Stars Are My Stars

Or the one where Sirius is in the marines and Remus can’t go with him and doesn’t know how to be without him.

part vii


If only we could know about the last times before they happened. Maybe we would make more of them. Maybe we would go about them differently. Maybe we wouldn’t let it be the last time at all.

If we knew, maybe we could say everything we’ve ever wanted to say, do everything we’ve ever wanted to do, kiss every place we’ve ever wanted to kiss. Be all the things we never were enough.

But we don’t know.

And the last time is an ever looming threat.


“Go fish.”

Lily’s shoulders sagged in defeat, she threw a peanut at him, and drew from the dwindling pile of cards between them.

Remus stared blankly at his own hand. The cards were suppose to have colorful pictures of fish on them. Along with monkeys and lions and other animals made to look cute for children. But all Remus saw were the words it’s Sunday again sprawled across them. He glanced at the clock, the dark sky outside, and his phone. Truthfully, it was actually almost Monday.


Remus looked up abruptly. Lily’s nodded pointedly at his cards, “Hello-“

“Right. Sorry, sorry. Um… Do you- do you have a…” He squinted, “a… baby… deformed… hairy…ele..phant…?”

Lily rolled her eyes, “Honestly, do you really think that would be on the card? This game is for 6 and up! Give it here.” Remus handed it over and she scoffed, throwing it back at him, “That’s an anteater, Remus! Fucking hell…”

“How was I suppose to know!”

“Because you went to Primary school perhaps?” Lily threw another peanut at him.

“Well, fine. Do you have any anteaters? And stop throwing shit at me-“

Remus was cut off by the doorbell. He tried to hide the fact that the sound nearly made him jump out of his skin. He tried to smoothly recover from the way he had lurched at his phone.

He set his cards down, “Probably the pizza.” He took a few breaths against his risen heart rate, “I’ll get it. And no peaking!” He called over his shoulder.

“Why would they even put such a random animal on those I mean- shit!”

Remus yanked the door open, turning his head to see what had made Lily swear at the same time. Lily was smiling sheepishly at the pile of honey-roasted peanuts that were now all over his carpet.

“Nice going, Evans. Gonna throw those at me too?” Remus laughed, shaking his head at her.

“Sorry…” She pushed herself up off the ground, brushing crumbs off her leggings, “I’ll get some napkins-“

Her voice faded out halfway through the word ‘napkins’. Remus watched the smile seem to literally drop from her face. He watched her turn a ghostly shade of white.

“Lils? What-“

“No…” She swallowed, hand gripping the couch for support. Her knuckles were white too.

It was then that Remus realized she was staring not at him, but at something behind him. Remus finally remembered that he had opened his door in response to the buzzer and he turned to see who it actually was.

“Mr. Remus Lupin?”

Remus’ mouth had gone dry. His throat felt like it had icy fingers being squeezed around it and his chest burned. All he could see of the two men standing on the other side of the doorframe were blurs of camouflage green and decorative metals glinting at their breast pockets.

The left one glanced at the other, asking again, softer this time, “Mr. Lupin?”

The right one straightened up, “Sir, please confirm your identification. Are you Mr. Remus Lupin, designated proxy of Lieutenant Black?”


“Okay, but- what if officers just- like- decide to stop by. What do I say?”

Sirius frowned, “What to do you mean?”

Remus bit his lip, adjusting himself against Sirius’ bare chest so he was supporting himself on his elbows, “I mean who am I? You’re roommate?”

Sirius laughed softly, pushing his fingers through the hair falling over Remus’ forehead, “Re, babe, you don’t have to worry about shit like that. Officers don’t just ‘stop by’. You’ll only see them if-“

Sirius cut off, fingers freezing in Remus’ hair, and Remus raised an eyebrow, “If what?”

Sirius swallowed, “If… you know.” His fingers resumed their gentile strokes and Sirius pressed his lips together in a sad smile, “If something happens. To me.”


Remus felt as if someone were layering stones on top of his chest, crushing him slowly yet surly.

“Well then. I guess we don’t have to worry about it because I certainly won’t be seeing them.” He’d said.

If something happens.

You’ll only see them if something happens.

“Mr. Lupin-“

The insistent, slightly annoyed voice of the officer is the last thing Remus hears before he thinks he hears someone yell, feels a pair of arms around him. And the world goes dark.


Sirius isn’t dead.

It’s the only phrase that seems to make it through the fog in Remus’ head.

Sirius isn’t dead.

The officers are sitting stiffly on Remus and Sirius’ old couch. There was a glass of water in front of each of them, droplets spilt around it from how bad Lily’s hands had been shaking as she set them down.

“What happened?” Lily asks.

The officers glance at one another and Remus hears Lily huff from beside him. He can’t move.

“Miss, we aren’t allowed-“

“Oh, spare me that shit.” Lily bites, “You can’t show up here like that and then just fucking-“ She takes a large breath but it’s shaky, “What can you tell us? Please.”

The unnerving man produced a slim folder, flipping it open on his lap and tilting it upwards so all Remus and Lily could see were red, bold letters spelling CLASSIFIED.

“A total of seven soldiers were harmed in a classified mission. Two in the original trip, the rest were part of the back up that was sent. Lieutenant Black was in the original-“

“And who else?”

The man turned his unblinking eyes to Lily, “I’m sorry?”

Lily’s hands had a death grip on the couch once more, “Who else?” Her voice shook.

“We are not at liberty to disclose the other soldier’s names.” He turned his eyes back to Remus, “Black was on the original mission. They were surprised by a large enemy party.” He looked back to the folder, “His injuries include… Three bullet wounds. One has punctured his lung, another causing internal bleeding in his stomach.” The officer paused, having lost his place for a moment, “My apologies, the other lodge in his shoulder.”

He said it as if he were reading the scores of a soccer match, or listing off-menu specials.

“We have no news of his current condition at the present time.”

“Great, so for all we know he could be-“

Lily glanced at Remus the moment he flinched.

Finally, the other man leaned forward. He had a kind face. It would have been harsh with his sharp jaw and fierce blue eyes, but his nose sloped up like a boy’s and he had laugh lines around his eyes. He uniform said the name ‘Bones’ which was a little unsettling, but Remus felt better talking to him than the other man (Lestrange, his tag said) all the same.

“Mr. Lupin-“


All three looked startled at his voice. It was the first time he had actually spoke.

He rubbed a hand over his face, “Just call me Remus.”

Bones sat forward, “I’m Alex…” He wet his lip, lacing his fingers together, “Remus we aren’t here to scare you-“

“Oh, really-“

“Lils.” Remus said softly. He shook his head softly at her and she deflated some, pressing her hand into his.

He glanced nervously at the red head for a moment, “We’re here to keep you informed, to help you through…” He looked back to Remus, “and to prepare you.”

Remus finally looked at him, fear bubbling in his chest.

Bones’ eyes were sad, “Remus, we do have to prepare you for anything. I’m not going to lecture you on the risks but…”

Remus nodded, “I- I understand.” He felt like he was choking on his own words, forcing them out.

Bones went into it then, carefully explaining Sirius’ situation. How all they knew was that he’d made it back to a field hospital, how his injuries were too serious for them to help much, how the doctors thought he could possibly be moved to a more equipped station… That they’d been very insistent on the ‘maybe.’

He seemed to alternate between good and bad news. Remus wondered if it was a trick they taught the men who had to deliver news like this. He wondered how many of these trips Bones had taken.

Sirius isn’t dead.

He just had to keep telling himself that.

Sirius isn’t dead.

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Based on this prompt: “Oh my god you have a concussion stop trying to flirt with me.”

“Am I dead? Cause you’re so pretty that you look like an angel.”

Sirius felt his cheek warming up when he realised that the man was pointing at him and everyone’s eyes were on him.

“Would you play to the doctor and patient with me?”

One of the other nurses giggled while the doctor smirked at him. Sirius felt his face catching fire.

The fact that the man was utterly cute and adorable didn’t help things. He had tawny curls, freckles and a slight overbite. Even being high on morphine and being slightly delirious made him look attractive.

Dr Shaklebolt diagnosed a concussion. He also gave him some something to let him sleep.

And of course Sirius was the one to help to give the treatment. He was treated to the whole chat-up session. He might have been enjoying it a bit to be honest.

“Your hair is so silky. Please marry me.”

“Could you lie down now?” Sirius asked him while trying to manoeuvre him into a lying position.

“Only if you lie with me.” Sirius rolled his eyes a bit and turned to roll some bandages and hide his enbarassment.

The next morning, Sirius was almost eager to meet Remus Lupin and his chat-up lines. He could feel the beginning of a crush even though he hadn’t met the man sober or at least not delirious from morphine.

Remus looked awake and conscious enough when he walked into the room. Though the man seemed to be avoiding his gaze and looked rather sheepish.

“How are you feeling this morning Mr Lupin?”

“Remus please. Fine enough” he replied to his lap.

Sirius was trying to quell his disappointment when Remus looked up suddenly with a determine a gleam in his amber eyes.

“I am really sorry I…harassed you yesterday.”

“Well I didn’t really mind it. I should be glad a cute bloke chatted me up.” Sirius replied with a wink.

He was pleased to notice Remus blushing slightly and tried to hide a smile.

The checkup was routine mostly and Sirius was almost making his way out when Remus called him again.

“Erm…you know. I meant it what I said yesterday. About you being pretty and all. Would you fancy a cuppa these days?"he finished, rubbing the back of his neck.

"You mean that?” Sirius asked and smirked when Remus nodded. “So you wanna marry me?”

Remus’ eyes widened comically and his face turned even redder. “I asked you that yesterday?!”

Sirius laughed and moved close to the bed. He rubbed his knuckles on Remus’ cheek and tried to not find the blush completely endearing.

“Yeah you did. Might even say yes to a gorgeous bloke like you.” Remus chuckled a bit at that.

Sirius grabbed a piece of paper and wrote his number. “Text me when you are out.” He kissed Remus on the corner of his mouth, lingering a bit and really left with a final wink. He was rewarded with a shy smile and pink cheeks from Remus.