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Career Counseling: Remus Lupin

(( OOC: Text and plot taken from chapter 68 of “We Were Infinite” by the amazing @captofthesswolfstar​ :) ))

Never in all of her years of teaching did Minerva McGonagall think she would be happy to be through with career advising. 

She was cleaning off her desk, preparing to lock up her office and get a few moments of peace before dinner when there was a knock on the door, so soft she almost thought she had imagined it. 

McGonagall: … Come in.

McGonagall: *quickly* NO! 

Remus: *freezes, his hand still outreached* 

McGonagall: After last night’s moon…

McGonagall: But by all means, Mr. Lupin, please have a seat. 

Remus: *slowly makes his way over to the chair and sits* 

McGonagall: Now, Let’s-

Remus: *quietly* No one’s going to hire a m-

McGonagall: *shifts through the papers on her desk* 

Remus: *laughs bitterly* Easy? Nothing in my life has been easy, and it’s only going to get harder.

Remus: I know what lies ahead for someone like me. 

Remus: With this man trying to recruit all the wrong sorts to follow him… how long until he goes after dangerous creatures? People will see me as a weapon to-

McGonagall: *leans forward, brandishing her quill at Remus*  I can’t believe what I’m hearing from you. You should be ashamed of yourself for feeding into such horrible thoughts. Your time here has absolutely not been a waste. Not to you, and not to any soul you have come in contact with during your time here. 

Remus: *struggles to speak* *falters* 

McGonagall: Now then, you may not realize it, but you do have many different options. Close to top marks, a prefect, an outstanding record of tutoring…

The conversation was very one sided as Minerva gave her opinion on different careers that he could look into. Remus nodded quietly along with everything she had to say, but Minerva could see the doubt in his eyes even as he smiled and expressed his gratitude.

Remus: *slowly stands to leave* 

McGonagall: More so, because you’ve fought hard for it already. I hope you know that you can always come to me for any assistance.