mrs moore in space

Early Dissmissal

Imagine: The Doctor coming to get you in the middle of class

Fandom: Doctor Who

Warnings: None

Also- leaving out any description of the doctor so you can imagine it as your Doctor :)


You sit drained or all logical thought and energy, but you were not attacked by a cyberman, you were just sitting in senior science class. It’s times like these you hate that the Doctor brought you back here to graduate high school, listening to some teacher babble on about theories. You are doodling a little dalek on the margin of your notes when you were startled by a loud noise.

“Y/N” the teacher yelled.

You’ve faced aliens and evil monsters but nothing more terrifying than Mrs. Moore “Yes?” you asked

“Would you like to contribute to our discussion about the existence of aliens?” she asks

You smile and think of the doctor, “Yes I do”

“Why?” Mrs. Moore responds.

Just then a man bursts open the door “Y/N” he says, you recognize that voice!

“Doctor?” you say, it was him! Your Doctor! Standing in your classroom!

“Y/N, come with me” The Doctor says

Excuse me, but who are you and what do you want with one of my students” Mrs. Moore asks

The Doctor pulls out an ID paper and holds it up for Mrs. Moore to see, “I’m Dr. Doctor, from the University of Roxocoricofalipitorious” he says

Mrs. Moore takes the pad and I’m already packing my bag to go, psychic paper has never failed on a teacher.

“Where is your University… Doctor?” Mrs. Moore questions handing back the psychic paper.

“Wales” he said

I get up from my desk, “Wait there Miss Y/L/N, what do you want with her?”

“Just a quick adventure, I’ll bring her right back” the Doctor shoots you a subtle wink.

You walk across the room, you peers completely confused, “And by the way” the Doctor says before you and the Doctor leave

“That’s wrong” he points to the board behind Mrs. Moore.

Mrs. Moore turns to look at the board but when she turns back around you are gone. Off to see another planet, another world, another species or another time. Mrs. Moore may teacher space, but you live it. You live it with the Doctor, your best friend.