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Sundays without Downton Abbey..

Do you remember when we were waiting for an episode to start? And the panic when the internet connection was bad? Do you remember the live chat as soon as possible? Do you remember the Tesco and Amazon advertising at every commercial break? All the laughs, the tears, shouting, and shock that every scene brought us? Do you rememeber when Lady Violet was our spirit animal? Or when Matthew finally proposed to Mary? And the heart eyes every time Sybil and Tom where together? Do you remember? And impossible to forget every time Carson and Mrs Hughes exchanged a look and then finally kiss and get married. 6 years we waited for them! Anna and Bates happy? Thomas that has found a happy place with light heart and is loved by the tiny ones? Do you remember Mrs Patmore being a mum to Daisy? Or the love and kindness of Mr Molesley and Baxter? Our upstairs parents Cora and Robert in bad and good times? Do you remember all the difficulty of Lady Edith and her happy ending? And Doctor Clarkson and the dear Isobel? And the others like Lady Rosamund, Miss O’Brien, Alfred, Ivy, Andy, Jimmy, Mrs Levinson, the jolly Lady Rose with Atticus…Do you remember our family? Because they were, are and always will be our family too. 

Do you remember all of this? Because I miss them so much..I miss this so much. 

Because there have been a little amount of drabbles posted lately, because I have this headcanon that Martha crossed the sea to witness all of the births of her granddaughters (and caused quite a kerfuffle at Sybil’s), and because this has been sitting in my Notes for about a month, please have this unedited, quick Drabble of Edith’s birth. May post a part two later.


It had happened quickly this time.

Cora had woken with a start, her sharp gasp piercing the quiet of her room and her warm hand gripping at his arm suddenly. Robert had hardly had time to tie his dressing gown securely around himself before there was the unsettling sound of a splash of water on the carpet and Cora fussed at him to hurry along and fetch her mother. Why he went to Martha first and not for the doctor, he still wasn’t quite sure, but he had faithfully obeyed, and now he sat waiting patiently in the library with his father - his mother, the doctor, and Martha all working diligently upstairs to bring new life into the world.

And, of course, Cora. Cora was bringing their new life into the world as well.

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