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I just went through all the pages in few hours and now I'm just sitting there like "uhhwhat? when?" God bless you and your art style and your humor and everything you're the light in my uhhh idk keep doing what you're doing and can you make me a pic with all the characters so I can put it on my mug pLEASE iLEVu

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bird-ly  asked:

Lev's family is almost entirely made of alphas. Leave it to Mrs. Haiba to worry about her aloof, timid in-law (read: Yaku) being swiped right into the hot mess that is her family's reunions.

Mrs. Haiba takes every measure to make sure that Yaku doesn’t go too far from her side at reunions. When she notices her family starting to her more rowdy, she’ll herd Yaku to the kitchen to help her make dinner, or ask him to do her a favour that keeps him away from the rest of the family. When Yaku gets nervous around the other alphas, he prefers to stay close to lev. Mrs. Haiba is always watching, keeping a close eye on Yaku, just in case. She’s saved him from being pulled into alpha antics multiple times- and he knows it- so he always makes sure to thank her. She’s promises that it’s no problem, she’s just looking out for family.