mrs kwan

Okay, so I was at dance class and I started thinking about a Dancers AU.

Maddie, Jack, and Vlad were a popular ballet trio. Until Vlad left for some reason.

Jazz is obviously a jazz dancer.

Danny’s a ballet dancer who secretly takes hip hop. Secretly because his parents hate it.

Sam is a hip hop dancer because her parents hate it.

Tucker’s the tech dude at their dance studio.

Ember remixes the music and sometimes creates it.

Dash, Paulina, Star, and Kwan are the most popular dancers in the studio. Dash and Paulina are ballet dancers while Star and Kwan are lyrical dancers.

Vlad’s the ballet teacher and also the hip hop teacher. He is constantly flirting with Maddie whenever she comes to pick up her kids.

Valerie used to be a ballet dancer until she switched to hip hop. She hates how good Danny is but she secretly thinks he’s cute.

Lancer’s still their English teacher/vice principal but he also runs the studio.

‘Whoever governs Singapore must have that iron in him. Or give it up. This is not a game of cards. This is your life and mine. I’ve spent a whole lifetime building this and as long as I’m in charge, nobody is going to knock it down.’ - Mr Lee Kwan Yew

thank you for all you have done for singapore in the 50 years. In just 50 years, you were able to transform singapore from a mudflat to a metropolis , from a fishing village to a vibrant city, from third world to first world. i just have so much to say to you but i cant put it into words. you are the father of singapore, without you we wont exist. we would still be a living in a kampong and selling bread if it wasnt for you. 

you have given singaporeans a sense of belonging and a sense of pride. i must say that i am very proud to be a singaporean. you have spent your entire life building up singapore from scratch. to be honest, many would see it as an impossible thing to do, telling you that youre crazy. but you never gave up, you were determined to improved the lives of singaporeans after seeing them suffer the hardship of WWII. despite of the critics, you were not shaken. you stood your ground dug your toes in, and built a nation.

i had never been under your rule as you stepped down as prime minister in 1990. i didnt really know you and only came across infomation about you through textbooks, refering to you as a very great figure of singapore. being young at that time, i didnt really bother much about the early life of singapore and took many things for granted.

now that i have grown a little older, i realized that it is a privilege to be borned in singapore. i can walk till late at night without anything happening to me, i can have good education, i can speak english and chinese fluently, i can have a beautiful city free of litter to live in, i can get a job based on meritocracy, i can be proud that i am a singaporean. being a multi-racial society, we can get along with people of different races.

mr lee, you have done many wonderful things for the country. no one can ever repay what you have done over the past 50 years. all you had in mind was country, country, country. you never gave up in singapore even during its worst. i really have never seen such a great leader in my life and i admire you alot. it is only because of you and your great team, that we are all here today. if you never enforced multiracialism, we wont be a united singapore and the economy would not be what it is today.

now that you are gone, we would pass down your legacy to the other generations. we will. this is what you left us and we would be responsible for it.i am sure that you would would be happy to see singapore prosper and grow in the years to come. do not worry mr lee as our generations and the next would carry on your legacy and we would do our best to serve the country. you would be in our hearts forever.may yourest in peace and reunite with your wife. take care mr lee and farewell.