mrs kunis

A piece I did the other day but I forgot what day! More ni no Kuni because for some reason I just seem to be obsessed… It was a little rushed as I’m very impatient with watercolours so It could of been better! 

I also did a little light practice and I think it turned out pretty well! But still have a long way to go to feel comfortable with working with watercolour.

Only today did I hear about the awesome Ghibli Jam and had to make something for it right away! As I’m still obsessed with stamp-making, here are some Ghibli stamps! I hope you like it. :)

Disclaimer: None of the shown characters are original, (sadly) they all belong to Studio Ghibli.

I decided to squish together some doodles I’ve been working on over the past few months and filled in all the gaps with little Totoros and Soot Sprite sweets. 2013 was very much a lounge-around year for me, as I spent half of it recovering from surgery, so most of my time was devoted to watching films/shows, playing games and reading good books. The above is just a little appreciation post of some of the things that cheered me up!

“Lord High Lord of the Fairies”

#8: Mr. Drippy: Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch

Up next it’s the “Lord High Lord of the Fairies” himself, Drippy. Right tidy, in'nit? Ni no Kuni was a curious game, it somehow managed to perfectly blend all the best parts of a JRPG, Studio Ghibli and Pokemon and made it all work perfectly together. It’s really quite a marvel and it’s a shame that the game didn’t get more outward acclaim (though there is a sequel planned for next year, so I guess it got enough for that) all the same, the game boasts a phenomenal amount of content particularly in world building that I’ve rarely seen matched. Honestly just skimming through the Sorcerer’s Companion is a treat in of itself, just seeing how much thought and detail went into non-essential parts of the game. Sadly, due to a lack of the correct system at the time I didn’t play Ni no Kuni till much later but it was one of the largest reasons I wanted a PS3 and I’ll admit one of the biggest reasons for this longing was the Lord High Lord of the Fairies himself!

I recalled seeing the adds and seeing Drippy, I didn’t think too much on it till I heard his voice and I was immediately sold. Most little tag along sidekicks of this nature tend to be shrill voiced little irritants that can range from forgettable to making you long for their sweet death, Drippy however turns that on it’s head. In addition to the game’s unique interpretation on fairies as is, Drippy is admittedly annoying but in the best, most lovable way and while he’s helpful, he’s always so in a very surly, know-it-all way and his unexpectedly deep, thick Gaelic accent makes anything he says hilarious. This game slowly became less and less about me trying to finish it, but me wanting to see more and more of Drippy and even as much as I like him he is just one of the many things that makes this game amazing.

As to be expected from Studio Ghibli, the visuals and music are amazing and while some of the characters can be pretty bland, the overall experience is so charming that you can’t help but love it. I definitely suggest it if you have not played it.