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So I know that "Pokémon, I choose You" is coming out for the 20 year anniversary

But honestly all I want is a Brock, Misty, Gary movie with them getting into weird situations and messing around but still being awesome Pokémon trainers.

Some people are disappointed that all of them are replaced by new characters in the movie but I just want these three to live the “Wacky Adventures in Kanto” while Ash is traveling the world tbh.

Like I don’t even want Ash in the plot at all. No pokeshipping, no palletshipping, just the three of these losers having to save Mrs. Ketchum from being kidnapped by aliens or something and just arguing the whole time.

The Misty/Gary dynamic would be a lot like the original Misty/Ash where they argue and Brock would be middleman but it also has more sass so it’s better.

It would be a nice way combine the nostalgia for the Indigo League while still breaking new life into the characters and keeping with the continuity for newer fans.

Honestly, that’s probably the best way to characterize these three beyond what they are right now, with them not being tied down to Ash, who abandoned them and our nostalgia long ago.

I had this random mental image of Mrs. Ketchum having a sorta “not my daughter, you bitch” moment with Misty today.

The context I came up with for this is: Giovanni has his eyes set on Ash for whatever reasons. While he and his friends happen to be staying over at his house, he sends a bunch of grunts to get him, with clear orders: bring him to the TR headquarters alive and get rid of anyone who tries to step in the way if necessary. As Ash’s friends try to fight back Misty is the last one left standing (or so it would seem), but she’s eventually outpowered too–yet still she can’t back off, can’t let them take him. One of the grunts is about to deliver a fatal blow to her and her pokémon when–

–he’s stopped by the one person no one thought to put that much effort into incapacitating because they didn’t expect her to be able to put up much of a fight. Turns out they should have.

(Of course they’re going to rescue Ash together next.)

“I’m Not That Girl”

Decided to take a stab at my own prompt. First piece of fan fiction I’ve written since the teenage years.

To get our canon straight: everything happened just as it did in the show through the end of XY/Z, except that they age. One year per region, and if you count the Battle Frontier, that’d make Ash and Misty 17 going on 18.

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Gary and Ash are celebrating Christmas at the Ketchum residence. Mrs. Ketchum and Prof. Oak are there as well, though they have already eaten dinner they are still sitting in the table as they chat. Pikachu, Umbreon and Ash’s pokemon are playing in the yard with the snow.

Ash and Gary are cuddling in the sofa next to the Christmas tree. Ash feels so warm and peaceful surrounded by Gary’s arms and a blanket over them. It’s almost Christmas.

Ash: It feels so good here I might actually just fall asleep *hugs Gary stronger and makes himself comfortable*
Gary: I know *touches Ash’s nose with his*

Gary then starts singing. Ash really loves Gary’s singing.

Gary: Oh I wish it could be Christmas everyday.
Ash: Haha you’re so cute *kisses Gary softly* I love you.
Gary: I love you too, my sweet Ashy-boy *laughs*.

As the two boys irradiate cuteness and love in the sofa, Samuel Oak and Delia Ketchum seem very happy about the two boys.

Samuel: Ah, teen love *smiles*.
Delia: Pure joyful love *smiles too*.


Starkid Pokémon Musical Dream Cast

Ash Ketchum — Lauren Lopez

Pikachu — Arielle Goldman

Misty — Denise Donovan 

Togepi — Jaime Lyn Beatty

Brock — Joey Richter  

Gary Oak — Jeff Blim 

Professor Oak — Dylan Saunders 

Mrs. Ketchum — Julia Albain

Jessie — Meredith Stepien

Lt. Surge — Joe Walker

James — Tyler Brunsman 

Raichu — Brant Cox 

Meowth — Nick Lang

Devin Lytle — Nurse Joy

Brian Holden — Giovanni

Rachael Soglin — Officer Jenny