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Justice League, Meet The Avengers

Batsy has created a chatroom.

Batsy has added Alfredo Pasta.

Batsy: Alfred.

Alfredo Pasta: Yes, Master Bruce?

Batsy: Was it Barry or Oliver this time?

Alfredo Pasta: It was the young speedster, Master Bruce.

Batsy has added Bear.

Batsy: Stop. Changing. Our. Names.

Bear: Alfredo Pasta, you snitched on me?

Alfredo Pasta: No regrets, son.

Alfredo Pasta: Was there something you needed, Master Bruce?

Batsy: I want to know the current status of the rest of the league.

Alfredo Pasta: Inviting them over for dinner? I shall prepare the table.

Batsy: No - a meeting that involves food, Alfred!

Bear: Ooooh are we having Lobster Thermidor? Arthur won’t like that.

Bear: I’ll be back in a… Flash. Gotta take care of my good pal Captain Cold.

Bear has left the chat.

Alfredo Pasta: It seems all members of the JLA are currently preoccupied.

Batsy: Even Clark? What could Arthur be doing? And Diana?

Alfredo Pasta: Saving the world, of course.

Alfredo Pasta: Except for Arthur. He’s at an aquarium.

Batsy: Are there any criminals out?

Alfredo Pasta: I’m afraid not, Master Bruce. Master Dick has done an exceptional job of keeping them at bay.


Batsy: What’s the Joker up to?

Alfredo Pasta: He’s in hiding after your last debacle with him.

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Let's Go Home | Suicide Squad x Reader x Avengers

Request: Like reader is Harley Quinn’s cousin but they were both the jokers doctors but instead the reader is the jokers love interest and Harley was just a friend and the reader is Tonys or clint’s sister and the events of suicide squad happen but The avengers including the new ones and pietrio help them as well and that omg lol sorry that just popped in my head you should write that lol same anon btw that asked if you did crossover one shots and can it be really long -Anon


Pairing: Joker'sLover!Reader x TonyStark'sYoungerSister!Reader

Word Count: 879

Warnings: Language

Tags:@crazychick010 @doctorwhoandrory @harishaanne @xloudwhocares @theamuz @casismyguardianangel@icharleecongreve@fangirling-over-all@thatoneweirdgirl1​​ @harishaanne @stahrlet@xloudwhocares​ @zuni21798 

You missed him so much but you didn’t miss the dark cold cell that you had been living in for at least the past 4 years. When your brother Tony discovered in what state you’ve been living in, him and Rick came to an agreement that you and the other heathens move to Stark Tower where you were observed and brought back to health.

It was not easy. They flooded you with questions, especially your brother Tony who was worried sick about you. You had a decent education before Jerome experimented on you. But you loved him. The way you danced around to the music in your head felt magical. You felt freer than before. No more strict rules, no more uniforms…just you and him, together. Until you were taken away to Stark Tower.

You and the others were escorted to Tony’s living room. You recognized some of the Avengers. “You must be Y/N.” Pietro said as he walked towards you with a smile. You forced a smile and rolled your eyes. You sat on the couch and stared at your older brother Tony, who was dumbfounded. After a moment of you just staring at each other, he decided to ask the question that he’d been longing to ask you for the past 15 years. “What happened to you?” He asked in a hoarse voice.

You forced a laugh and looked back at your brother. “I’ve improved! I’ve been modified! No more stupid little Y/N anymore!” You fell in a fit of laughter.

“You’re mental Y/N! That’s what you are! That son of a bitch experimented on you and now look what he’s done to you?!” He shouted. A smirk played on your lips as you saw your brother turn red. He got up and started to pace in front of you.

“You need to calm your tits brother.” You started to laugh again.

“You’re a psychopath! All of your friends are!” He shouted once more. Pietro quickly pulled Tony away from you. Tony was now sweating; his face was red and tears welled in his eyes. He pinched the bridge of his nose, trying to hold back his tears. “I told you…not to go to Gotham. But you didn’t listen to me…you never do.” His voice fainted away. “Bruce will help them. We might need to call some other doctors to help them.” He said as he turned to his crew.

“I don’t need help! You do!” You cried out in frustration. “You’re just fucking blind!” You got up from your seat as you shouted at your brother but Steve held you back.

“Calm down Y/N.” He said as he pressed you in his arms. But tried as you might, you couldn’t push the super soldier away. “Calm down.” He kept repeating the same words in your ear as you were crying almost kneeling on the floor. Tony couldn’t bear to see you in such state and in a split of a second you found yourself kneeling on your knees, eyes closing shut as you saw a foggy image of you brother inserting a syringe in your neck.


You opened your eyes and found yourself laying in a cozy bed. You blinked a few times and saw Tony sitting next to you. “I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to do that.”

“But you did.” You spat out. You looked on your right and saw a machine; its wires lead to two patches that were attached to your forehead. But as you tried to move, you felt paralyzed.

“Did you paralyse me?” You asked as you felt jolts of anger rushing through you. Tony sighed. “It was the only way to restrain you.”

“What about the others?” You asked as you mentally tried to convince yourself to move.

“They’re taken care of. Don’t worry about them. Just worry about yourself.” There was a moment of silence. “Y/N I was worried sick about you. You think I don’t care about your health? I’ve been trying to call you for the past 15 years and you didn’t even answer back. Then I saw what happened with the whole Suicide Squad thing on TV and that Joker and I couldn’t let my little sister suffer. Y/N I-” Tony was cut in mid-sentence when Friday informed Tony that a large number of intruders had broken in.

Now Stark Tower was highly secured. Not even a fucking fly would be trying and sneak in the building. Tony looked down at you and sighed once more. “I’ll be right back.” He gave your hand a light press and ran out of the room, locking you inside it. You felt the breeze from your window hit your face but as you closed your eyes, you felt someone cupping your face.

Your eyes shot open. You couldn’t believe it. Tears rolled down your cheeks as you saw the Joker smiling down at you. “Hey kitten.” He pressed a kiss on your forehead. He removed all the wires that you were attached to and he gently lifted you up.

“You thought I was going to leave you just like that kitten?”

“Wait, what about the others?” You asked, your eyes still fixed on him.

“The others are taken care of. Come on kitten … let’s go home.”

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(Peter Parker x Reader): There’s something I need to tell you (⅓)

Summary: Reader is Peter Parker’s best friend. When Peter tells her that he has powers she has to feign surprise despite the fact that she also has powers (loosely based around Captain Marvel). Peter introduces her to Tony Stark (one of her idols) and she admits she also has powers, the two are both brought in as official Avengers (now that half the group is in hiding).

A/N: Apologies for any spelling or grammar mistakes! Next two parts are soon to follow

part 2 part 3

“(Y/N) there’s something I need to tell you,” Peter says, closing his bedroom door firmly so that there is no chance of his aunt hearing or accidentally barging in. He’d texted you a few minutes ago saying he wanted you to come over to his apartment so that you could talk to you about something and you’d rushed over, figuring it was important.

“What’s up?” You reply as you flop down on his bed.

“A few months back I… had this accident and now-sort-of-have-super-powers.” He says quickly.

You stare at him for a moment as your register what he just mumbled at you, “I’m sorry, what? You have…super powers? Are you playing with me?” You ask, crossing your arms over your chest defensively, convinced that he’s just pranking you or something.

“I swear, I’m telling the truth,” He replies, looking at you nervously, “I’m the Spider-man.”

“Oh! That’s um..okay,” You reply, nodding at him, your brow furrowed as you try to take it in. Your heart sinks as you think about how you’ve been hiding your own powers from him as long as you’ve known him.

“Anyway, so Mr. Stark-” Peter starts again before you cut him off.

“You met Tony Stark?” You ask, your face lighting up, Tony Stark is your idol after all, he’s an engineering genius.

Peter sighs, “(Y/N)… “

“Sorry, continue.” You say, willing him to continue the story.

Peter smirks at you, “Mr. Stark took me to Germany, I fought those real superheroes, Captain America was there and he spoke to me.” He starts to explain, getting all excited in that way that makes your heart flutter.

“That’s insane Peter, oh my god.” You tell him, responding to his grin with one of your own.

“Also - I know how much you love Tony Stark, so I got you a meeting with him.” He adds, trying to sound nonchalant.

“Seriously? You’re the best!” You yell as you stand up and hug him, jumping up and down.

He hugs you back, laughing slightly at how unapologetically excited you are, “Of course I am.”

You were in a very fancy car, the nicest car you had ever been in, let alone seen, driving out to the Avengers Facility with Peter. Peter seemed fine - calm - meanwhile, you were trying your best to not hyperventilate.

“This is happening, this is happening, oh my god, this is happening,” You mutter to yourself quietly as you stare out the window, watching the city turn into forest.

“(Y/N), are you okay?” Peter asks you, looking over at you, concerned.

“I’m fine, totally cool. The best.” You reply, “Is it really that obvious that I’m nervous?” You ask.

“No! Not at all!” Peter replies, a little too quickly.

“You’re a terrible liar, Peter Parker.” You reply, rolling your eyes as you turn back to the window, “But that did help me feel better.” You add with a grin, suppressing your laughter as you glance at him.

When the car pulls up to the facility you press your nose up against the window to gape at how amazing it looks. The compound itself is massive, there are several large buildings that you can only imagine what might be held within them.

Peter brought you inside and lead you through the building and down to what you assumed was Tony Stark’s lab which he pushed you inside off with a quick ‘good luck’ leaving you standing in the doorway of the most impressive you you’d ever been in before. You were standing in Tony Stark’s lab (you felt like you needed to pinch yourself).

Tony greeted you and quickly launched into a rambling mess about some of his latest inventions. Normally, you’d be ecstatic, pleased just to be able to hear about the inner workings of his brain, but you had different issues on your mind today.

“Listen Mr. Stark,” You said, cutting him off, “It’s a huge honor to have a chance to talk to you about your work - don’t get me wrong - but that’s not what I need to discuss with you.”

Tony looked up at you, “Parker told me you were a genius, smarter than him, I thought this was all you would be able to talk about.” He said, seeming surprised that you could form a complete sentence.

“Listen, I can tell I’m not what you expected but I have something really serious-” You replied, tugging at your ear nervously.

“You know, Parker also failed to mention you were a girl, and an attractive one at that.” Tony added, cutting you off and raising his eyebrows at you.

You furrow your eyebrows at him, “Easy there tiger, I’m young enough to be your kid.”

“That’s not what I-” He started.

“Mr. Stark - Ironman, whatever I’m supposed to call you, I have … abilities. Nothing like Peter’s but, I need your help.” You say, trying the best you can to explain yourself.

Tony looked up at you, obviously he hadn’t been expecting that from you, “Parker didn’t mention that either.”

“He doesn’t know.” You admit, looking down at your shoes awkwardly, “You need new recruits, don’t you? Let me join your team, I’ll even help keep an eye on Peter.”

“I don’t suppose you could demonstrate these ever-so-secretive powers for me, could you?” Tony asks, unsure of how to respond to you offer. He’d only recruited Peter out of necessity and certainly hadn’t intended on keeping him around, but obvious that hadn’t really stuck, maybe some new blood was the right solution.

You sighed before grabbing one of the work tables in front of you and throwing it up in the air, before it could clatter down you slammed it with energy bursts, causing it to disintegrate.

“I hope there weren’t any important projects on that,” You quip before pushing yourself off the ground, seeming to levitate several feet in the air, “The whole flying thing is a bit more impressive when you’re not in a room.” You add as your drop yourself back down.

Tony stares at the charred remnants of one of his work stations before turning back to you,“That should…suffice. You’re in too… I guess. I should get started on your suit.”

“Okay, Edna.” You reply, unable to help yourself from making an Incredibles reference.

“I don’t know what that’s a reference to, should I be offended?” Tony asks, picking up a tablet and furiously starting to tap on it.

“Of course not, Pops.” You reply, “Oh, and, I won’t let you down.” You add before you walk out of the room.

“Now don’t go hacking any of my stuff.” He calls after you, noticing the screen in your pocket.

“Wouldn’t dream of it.” You call back, as you walk out of sight before immediately pulling it out and trying to get past the security clearances.

You walk back into the common room where you found Peter, “I have good news.” You announce, unable to contain your grin, but riddled with anxiety of how Peter will take the news of your powers.

Peter suddenly turns around, standing up to face you, “What is it? How did your meeting with Mr. Stark go?” He asks.

You smile, “Really good, that what my news is from. It also comes with a bit of a confession.”

“Okay…” He replied, unsure of where you were going with this.

You take a deep breath, “I’m joining the Avengers too.” You tell him.

“That’s amazing!” He says, his face breaking into a grin before he remembers what exactly is required to be an Avenger, “Wait-How?”

“I-I have powers too,” You reply, taking a deep breath, “I know I should have told you - but I wasn’t sure how you would react and-” You start, trying to explain yourself.

Peter looks at you before cutting you off by wrapping you up in a hug, “It’s fine (Y/N), I totally understand. I had the same worries before I told you about mine.”

“I’m so glad you’re not upset with me.” You say into his shoulder as you squeeze him tight.

After a moment he breaks away, holding you out at arm’s length, “What exactly are your powers?” He asks.

“Flying, enhanced strength, weird energy bursts out of my hands,” You list of quickly, feeling embarrassed for some reason, you’ve never really shared anything about your powers with anyone before, you figured if no one knew you could just figure them out on your own.

“What? That’s so cool!” He replies, much more enthusiastically than you expected, “Wait, are you telling me that the same hands that help me write my essays also shoot out energy fireballs?” He asks, grabbing your hands in his own and examining them.

“More or less,” You reply, trying to not focus too much on the fact that Peter was holding your hands.