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Josh Hutcherson AMA Transcript

This is the transcript from Josh’s AMA on Reddit on February 16th, 2017.  All spelling and grammar errors are as written by the original people  This is very long, so the majority is under a read more.

Q:  Do you miss working with the Hunger Games cast?

Josh:  yes… they were the best! family forever. i miss them all dearly… however we still hang now and then and keep in touch.

Q:  Hi! What’s your favorite television show to watch?

Josh:  the Bob Ross painting show… i can benge for hours

Q:  Hey Mr. Hutcherson, is there any actor (that you have not yet worked with) that you wish to work with someday?

Josh:  so many…. joaquin phoenix is up there for sure.

Q:  Hi Josh, You got second class treatment from Rosemary Telesco and continued with Katniss Everdeen. Does it hurt your feelings?

Josh:  hahaha…. life imitates art…

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Looking For Alaska Dream Cast Kaya Scodelario-Alaska Young Freddie Highmore-Miles Halter “Pudge” Josh Hutcherson-Chip Martin “Colonel” Ki Hong Lee-Takumi Hikohito Emily Kinney-Lara Butterskaya Jim Gaffigan-Mr. Starnes “The Eagle”


JAM HUTCHERFLIN: The Dorky Goofy Bromance (Part 1)

Just look at these two idiots, how can you not ship them. LOL
You can just see their utter dorkiness, how they have so much fun when they’re together. And Josh did say that his bromance with Sam saved his relationship with Jen.

Excuse me? What kind of a relationship is it exactly mr. Hutcherson ? (note Jen’s sly knowing look in the last gif).

Hurricane (A Joshifer One Shot) (NC-17)

This is an AU joshifer one shot where Jennifer is Josh’s assistant. The idea is slightly based on The Perfect Storm by glitterlovely (everyone should go follow her) AND a big thank you to my new beta. enjoy and feel free to leave feedback ;)

“Mr. Hutcherson, what’s wrong?” she asks in innocence as the next category is being announced. ‘I thought I told her not to call me that anymore.’ The melodic tone of her voice does nothing to help calm my constant fidgeting. Ever since the show actually started, I have been restless; bouncing my leg, twiddling my thumbs, biting my nails, you name it. She just had to show up in that damn dress. 'What a fucking tease that girl is.’ Her eyes bore into mine as she asks the question again through her facial expression but I just shake my head. And thankfully, she turns away to watch the show.

My eyes skim her amazing body once again and I find myself fidgeting even more. The dress wasn’t one a Best Actress nominee would wear but it was perfect for her, being my new assistant. It stops just above her perfect creamy thighs that made me dizzy. The dress itself looked like someone shattered a mirror and glued it onto the dress. She is dazzling in it. The back is covered in a black sheer material, as well as some sheer sections placed tortuously up and down the curves of her sides. And I can almost swear that she isn’t wearing any panties…

Immediately, I bite down on the knuckle of my index finger, enough to feel it swell as I will myself not to get hard in front of this many people. 'It’s never going to happen anyways. Get it together, Hutcherson.’

Her gaze is trained on the stage and I observe her slicked back hair. When I first met her it was long and silky, but now that she cut her hair, it’s short and simple. I like both styles a lot, but her hair like it is now gives me a better view of her long neck, something I’ve been wanting to kiss since I first laid eyes on her. Suddenly she turns back around, breaking my train of thought.

“Are you sure you’re fine, Mr. Hutcherson? You’ve been moving non-stop since we sat down.” There she goes again with that name. 'Does she even realize the affect she has on me?’ Her baby blue eyes are trained on mine, demanding an answer this time.

“I don’t know, just anxious I guess.” I answer lamely. I wasn’t even nominated for anything, so I doubt she believes that. Technically, I’m just here for show. “And didn’t I tell you to call me Josh?” With my last comment she almost looks nervous, as she often does when I ask her things. I just want so badly to tell her that I’m not a monster boss, though I may have acted like one towards her once or twice. But that was before I got to know her, before we shared our rare moments of laughter and friendship together. But like I said, it was rare.

“Sorry… Josh” she shakily whispers. I catch her attention once again but this time, I shoot her a warm smile, trying to reassure her that she could be my friend too, not just my assistant. Though I want to be much more than that, I would have to deal.

I turn back around to try to collect myself a little more. She has to be just my assistant. There really is no other option. We would both get in trouble, especially her and I would never forgive myself. It’s not like I’m guaranteed for her to actually want to be with me anyway. I get sick of arguing with myself quickly and try to push all of the feelings out of my head. I’ve only known her for a week. It’s not even possible to develop feelings that fast. It’s just lust. I only like her as a friend, I tell myself as I do my best to ignore her along with the burning heat raging throughout my body at just the sight of her.

The awards continue and I only get more anxious from her presence next to me. Like her quiet giggle that spills from her plush lips when a presenter makes a joke. Or how she slightly moaned when the delectable food was brought out to the tables. Jennifer is going to drive me insane. I can just tell. She’s only on her first glass of wine but is beginning to loosen up some more around me and I’m thankful. Now when she laughs at something, her hand ends up gently squeezing my thigh for some balance. 'I don’t even know how I don’t have a raging boner right now.’ There was still roughly two hours left of the show plus the party afterwards that I had been planning to attend. But with her like this, actually letting me be friendly with her, I wasn’t sure I would last.

“Josh?” She happily giggles to my right, sounding somewhat like a small child. The sound itself makes me smile at her sparkling eyes.

“Yes, Jennifer?” I play along, hoping this would make her open up to me a little more.

“You look good tonight.” she says casually. Her expression lets me think that those exact words weren’t supposed leave her thoughts with her cheeks completely flushed. I laugh just a little under my breath and proceed to smile widely at her.

“You clean up pretty nicely too,” I smirk and she blushes even more, although my words do her no justice. She practically lights up the room. A shy smile plays on her lips as she whispers a “thank you”. The awards start up again, turning her back around in her seat.

The next thirty minutes couldn’t go by fast enough. So far we’ve watched only four people win awards and listened to their long ass acceptance speeches. And I couldn’t be more bored.

“You know what? I need a drink.” I state to Jennifer. “Think you can get me one without fucking up?” I barely acknowledge the mean side becoming present in my voice again. Her reaction is the only thing that makes me realize. As opposed to her care-free self from before, she nods her head too quickly to not be somewhat frightened. The effect she has on me is unreal. She just makes me all out of whack in every way. But still, I watch her headed towards a waiter to order my much needed drink, knowing I probably won’t apologize.

She handed me my drink and sat back down a while ago, but Jennifer has yet to turn around and talk to me again. I guess she’s just focused on the show. My fingers absentmindedly fix my tie for no reason at all and loosen it just the slightest bit. Her back is turned to me, revealing her smooth skin under the black sheer material on the back of her dress. I can only imagine what my lips would feel when she shivers under my touch. Only a second later, I hear yet another presenter announce a winner which soon proceeds into another acceptance speech, all of it completely interrupting my thoughts.

I find myself daydreaming for the next fifteen minutes. Presenter after presenter, I’m sure this will never end. Then suddenly, an announcement for a commercial break becomes music to my ears. Jennifer finally turns away from the stage but now focuses solely on her iPhone, trying to find anything to distract her attention from me. My heart sinks a little bit. We were just hitting it off and now she doesn’t even want to talk to me. She doesn’t even give me a glance my way.'What did I do wrong this time?’ I think to myself. That’s when I remember my harsh demand from earlier. I fucked up once again but I will fix it this time. I can see the slight pained expression in her eyes and that’s what makes me talk.

“Jennifer, what’s wrong?” I let my hand lightly brush against her arm. She flinches but doesn’t push me away. She closes her eyes for a quick second, like she’s recollecting herself from the situation, before she answers.

“It’s nothing,” she snaps quite coldly. She still refuses to look at me and does nothing to acknowledge my presence next to her.

“There’s obviously something wrong if you won’t even look at me. Just tell me.” Her phone is quickly set down on the table but her eyes just flit around the highly decorated room, never meeting mine. Her eyes are filled with something that I can’t recognize. Still almost pained, but something else too. I just can’t place it. I almost give up completely on asking her again but she suddenly turns to me and spills.

“Why don’t you like me?” she asks, fairly quiet. Her happy expression from before is now faintly pained as she asks the question, her head trained down. Does she really think that? She continues to explain, not letting me put in any input. “Because one minute you’re yelling that I’m not doing something right and the next you’re laughing with me and actually treating me like someone you want to be around. I’m just confused.” She brings her elbow onto the table and rests her head on her palm. In my head, I beat myself up for making her think that.

“What do you mean? Of course I like you.” Even in the dark lit room I can make out the slight blush coloring her cheeks and ears. 'I like her way more than she thinks.’ The room suddenly gets louder when she begins to talk again so she moves a couple inches closer to me with her chair. While she does it, her dress rides up the shortest bit, exposing more of her milky white thighs, as well as making my brain practically explode. She leans extremely close to me, her breath only inches away from my ear. She mutters almost breathily into my ear and even makes out an unnecessary apology, but I really can’t think about anything other than her closeness. I apologize too, to make sure she knows that I don’t hate her in anyway. A deep sigh tumbles from her lips along with a soft chuckle and I can’t help but smile at the sound. Fuck it, I say to myself. I feel myself begin to strain against my pants once again and I decide that I’m done waiting.

I attempt to move my chair even closer to hers, which I end up succeeding in, as she is turned around for a split second. Daringly, I place my hand strategically on the bare skin of her thigh and I move my pointer finger in small lazy circles. A soft gasp comes from her mouth and she looks at me with a face of confusion. My head makes its way to her ear and I state my claim.

“Come with me, Jen. I need to tell you something.” I whisper low and calm. I sit up from my chair nonchalantly, waiting to see if she’ll actually follow. In a second, her and her dazzling dress are following directly behind me. As we’re about halfway through the room, I move my right hand back to entwine hers with mine. I can tell she seems surprised at all my actions but she grips my hand right back, eliciting a small smile from my lips.

I lead her quickly into the main hallway, praying nobody would catch us in the miracle that it is an empty storage closet that happens to be to the left of us. In my mind I silently thank fate, or God, or whoever put that room there. My hand drags her right behind me as the other clumsily opens the chilled brass doorknob, laughing as she almost trips over her six-inch heels to follow me into the room. I flick the switch of a light only to find ourselves in some kind of storage closet. Immediately as the door is closed and locked, her body is pushed up against the back of the door, trapped by mine.

A tiny squeak falls from her lips as her eyes, lined with slightly smeared mascara, question what’s happening. To make it clear, I begin to trail small kisses up the velvet skin of her lengthy neck. She makes a very soft and light noise in her throat that almost sounds like she’s protesting, but it never succeeds to make a clear sound. The naturally sweet scent of her skin mixed with vanilla perfume intoxicates me to no end. Her hands fidget around, urging themselves not to touch me I’m guessing. But when my lips are inches away from hers, she pushes me away.

“Josh, what are you doing?” she whispers almost breathless. “If this is just a pity fuck then I suggest you let me leave now.” I can hear the slight edge in her voice but I definitely don’t miss the vulnerability. Her cheeks are slightly flushed as she asks, but something about the sparkle in her eyes makes me wonder if she wants the same thing I do. So I just ask. Her hands linger lightly around my neck as mine place themselves on the curves of her hip, letting my body shift closer to hers.

“Of course I’m not going to pity fuck you. I just want to show you how much I really like you. Look me in the eyes,” I breathe while locking my eyes directly with her bright blue ones, “and tell me that you don’t want me. If you do, I’ll stop.” The tension filled air in the room seems to still completely for a good minute while her eyes flit everywhere but on my own. Her lips are only centimeters away from mine and our breaths mingle as we absorb the silence. So instead of waiting, I crash my lips onto hers.

She doesn’t push me away this time and I smile softly against her lips because of it. One of her hands finally find its way around my neck and her nails dig into my scalp to bring me closer while the other tugs on my loose tie to do the same. Our lips move against each other, gently at first, and I close my eyes as I melt into the feel of her glorious, plump lips. I tilt my head to the side to access her better and I lightly tug on her bottom lip. The sound of her barely coherent moan causes me to squeeze her waist even tighter in my arms. Her warm tongue licks its way into my mouth and mine soon devours hers as well. She tastes of white wine and cherry chapstick and I can’t get enough. The kiss progressively turns hot and wet, pushing each other up against the wall. When we both come up for much needed air, she whispers something so quietly that I don’t even hear it at first. I don’t answer; she says it again. This time I understand.

"My contract. Josh- I can’t break my contract. I can get fired and-” she whispers against my mouth. I know exactly what the contract says. 'No intimate relationships with clients, my ass.’ Jennifer, the girl I’ve been dreaming of for days on end, is now practically admitting she wants me. I am not leaving this for a stupid contract. No way in hell. We’ll just have to keep it a secret.'And she’ll just have to be quiet when I fuck her in my trailer.’ Before my wicked thoughts can get the best of the moment, I acknowledge her slightly worried look. I gently tug at the corner of her lips and whisper a comment of my own.

“You won’t be thinking about that contract when I make you come, now will you?” A smirk plays on my face as I watch her eyes roll to the back of her head and every worry leave her mind. My hands, with a mind of their own, leave feather light touches right where her dress ends at her thighs. She starts to bite her lip harshly as one of my hands travel to the inside of her thigh, dipping under the hem of her dress. Her teeth sink into her bottom lip while I worry her pulse point wetly with my lips. Biting her lip is a common habit for her and each time she does it, I never fail to become even more attracted to her. Her hands are back up against the wall, practically clawing at it out of anticipation. Her legs unconsciously spreading just inches apart. My fingers make lazy patterns on her heated skin and when they are just ghosting over her core, I wait for any sign of denial from her. I find complete silence in its place. Her head falls back against the wall when I teasingly slide my fingers through her velvety folds. I let my lips ghost over hers, admiring the way she’s slowly starting to melt under my hand.

“Fuck.” I groan against the corner of her lips, “You’re not wearing any…” I’m in such a daze, feeling her so wet with want that I don’t even finish my sentence. My hand pressed to her bare core and her soft tiny whimpers will be the death of me, I’m sure. Although I continue to tease her with my fingers, she pushes to stay still, not quite wanting to give in just yet. Her hips move slightly against my hand but I can see she’s holding back. Her eyes are shut tight and her lips have gone back to biting themselves, almost hard enough to draw blood. Her thighs are beginning to shake under my teasing ministrations. I insert one finger inside her as the other hand pushes her dress up to her waist. As she finally loosens up, she cries out softly and I pump another in, urging her to the brink of ecstasy.

“This is supposed to…” she pants, her hands now clutching at the hairs on the nape of my neck, her mouth opened just a little, like an on-going gasp, “a…professional…relationship- ahh.” I breath a small grunt, almost in agreement against her collarbone, which my lips have now found their way to. I nip carefully at the skin there, hoping not to leave any marks just yet. After this little rendezvous I’m going to make sure she ends up back at my hotel room, and most likely in my bed.

“But with you in that dress,” I speak quietly between nips at her collarbone, “I’m surprised I didn’t just take you right on the table.” She moans again, louder this time, making my bulge more prominent as it strains against the thin fabric. My thumb finds her swollen clit quickly and she cries out into the hot and heavy air. Her hips only succeed at bucking up towards my hand as I flick at her clit methodically. Her high pitched whimpers and my low groans are the only noises filling the room as she reaches the edge of her orgasm in a matter of minutes. Swollen lips find any visible skin, attacking and sucking wherever possible. And as I find a particular sweet spot beneath her ear, her back archs in pleasure against the wall behind her. She writhes underneath my hand but I rapidly sink down to my knees to suck her clit into my mouth.

“Josh, I can’t. I can’t.” she whimpers loudly above me, her jaw falling slack and hands pushing my head harder against her. I continue to suck harshly anyway, lapping up her warm juices as I go. Against her burning center, I grunt for her to come undone under me just one more time and soon enough, she’s pulling my hair and moaning emphatically under my tongue. When she’s calm from her high, I pull her dress back down and kiss her forehead gently. I bring my lips back to only centimeters away from hers when her hand slides in between us to grip the bulge of my dress pants.

I let out a stifled groan as she continues to stroke me through the teasingly thin fabric, still breathless from her last two orgasms. This time she’s the one to trade our places, me now up against the cold wall. Her hot breath is all over my neck, teasing me in every way possible. When her mouth makes its way to my earlobe and tugs repeatedly, I almost lose it. She unzips my pants along with pulling down my boxers and her hand instantly wraps around my rigid cock.

A string of moans and curse words leave my lips as she quickens her rhythm and falls to her knees. ‘The girl who was calling me Mr. Hutcherson only hours ago is now on her knees in front of me.’ My breath starts to quicken at just the thought. Her lips wrap around the head and her wet tongue swirls around the top. I hiss at the sudden contact and my hips voluntarily buck against her mouth. Her warm and wet tongue glides up and down my shaft right before she takes me in all the way. She works the base of my cock with her hand as she sucks the rest of my length as hard as she can. Her moan vibrates against me, pushing me even closer to the edge. Her head begins to bob up and down, her wet lips enclosed on my cock while taking me as far as she can.

“Fuck I’m gonna come,” I warned her huskily after what feels like only a few short minutes of her minstrations. With that, her tongue moves faster around me before she hollows her cheeks. As my orgasm hits me, I see stars. This woman will be the death of me. She zips my dress pants back up and captures my lips for a long, dizzying kiss. Her lust filled eyes open in front of me once again and we share an equally shy smile.

“Why don’t you say we get out of here?” I smirk quietly against her red and swollen lips. She giggles softly, letting her cheeks heat up like a teenage girl being asked on a date. I wrap my arms around her waist again, her head resting lightly on my shoulder.

“So you can go finish me off for your little one night stand?” she questions playfully, keeping the same smirk in her tone as I had before. I leave yet another light peck on her lips, never really getting enough of them. I laugh softly as I roughly run a hand through my styled hair that feminine hands have thoroughly ruined.

“Funny,” I shoot back and smile. “Call it what you want, but you have no idea what you’re getting yourself into.” Neither of us make a move for the door, although people are probably wondering where we’ve disappeared to. She smiles once more and pulls herself closer to me.

“I think I’m willing to take the risk.”




Round Two

Hiya lovelies! After a long time away, I’m actually back! 

I’m sorry I was away for so long, but my uni hours were messed up, and I ended up working through the night, and then my best friend came over from France, so it’s been a busy month. But it’s over now and I can relax!

Originally posted by newyorkstateofmine

I’ve been reading back over the stories, and I’ve noticed that between January and December they get progressively longer, this being one of the longest, so enjoy!

As you know all know, you can read my other Joshifer stories here, and remember… all stories in this series are rated-M!

*Disclaimer* I don’t personally know Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson or any other person included in this story; it is all a work of fiction, and in no way do I wish to infringe upon any of The Hunger Games franchise or anybody included in my stories.

It’s chaos. In fact chaos doesn’t even come close to describing the house today. The kids outside are getting rowdy, their bellies rumbling for food. My wife, who’s as stressed as the kids are hungry, has a hysterical Ryan sat on the kitchen counter top, attempting to clean his knee and put a band-aid on it after he fell over on the gravel. I pick up two trays of sandwiches from the table and go to take them outside, but I stop in front of Jen and our son.

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"Do You, I Do?" Chapter 1

~To everyone who is about to read this first chapter, this story will hopefully be different from any Joshifer fic out there, that is what ohmyjoshiferr and hope while writing this. The first couple of chapters are nothing but fluff, but yes, it will get angsty and sad. You have 100% reason to fill both of our ask boxes with questions and why’s we are doing this to you. But without further ado, here is the first chapter of Do You I Do~


“Do you, Jennifer Shrader Lawrence, take Joshua Ryan Hutcherson to be your lawfully wedded husband?” The pastor asked Jennifer, who stood in front of Josh dressed in an elegant white gown. It was finally the day they would become husband and wife. It had been a spur of the moment idea, flying to Vegas with their closest family and friends.


It was a small chapel but they thought it was perfect for the occasion. They just hoped the day wouldn’t be ruined by unwanted guests with cameras. The bright sun poured through the stained glass around the room, somehow making the event happier than it already was.


“A million times yes,” She smiled happily at the man in front of her. “Oh, oh, oh! I mean I do. I do.”


The small crowd laughed around them. “You’re something, Lawrence.” Josh teased. Jennifer rolled her eyes. 

“I won’t be a Lawrence for long.” He slipped the sparkling ring on her finger and although she had seen it before, she gasped at it’s beauty.

“If you’re both done flirting, we continue with the service.” The minister commented with a soft chuckle.

“I’m sorry. I’m nervous,” Jen laughed once again. She couldn’t seem to tame the contagious grin on her face, brought on by the fact that she’s finally marrying Josh; her rock, her everything.

The minister smiled. “Alright,” he said. “Do you, Joshua Ryan Hutcherson, take Jennifer Shrader Lawrence, to be your lawfully wedded wife?”

“I do.” Jennifer slipped the ring into his finger with a smile.

The minister closed his ordinance book, and grinned. “It has been an honor to wed you both. By the power vested in me in the state of Nevada, I pronounce you man and wife.” He placed a hand on Josh’s shoulder. “I know you’re dying to, so, kiss your wife, Josh.”

“Gladly,” He whispered before searing his lips to her, dipping her just the slightest bit to act out a perfect, cliché wedding kiss. She had never loved him more.

Jennifer wrapped her free arm around his neck, keeping him anchored there. Not letting him go. She couldn’t. She wouldn’t. They continued to kiss, tongues teasing, biting of lips. Jennifer could hear the snickers of her brothers, imagine the look on her mother’s face. But again, she couldn’t help it.

Someone tapped Jennifer on her shoulder. She pulled her lips from her husband’s (her husband’s, she couldn’t believe Josh was now her husband). Karen smiled at her daughter. “Jenny, I don’t think Josh’s parents, nor your father and I would like to see you having sex in this chapel. So I think you should stop.”

“Sorry,” She mumbled but kept her gaze trained on Josh.

Josh grinned. “I think she’s right, Jen.” He wrapped an arm around her, helping her stand up right. “Come on. We have a private reception to get to.”

The small crowd clapped wildly as they made their way back down the aisle, hand in hand.

Josh leaned over to whisper in her ear. “Are you ready for tonight?” he asked. Jennifer felt her insides warm. It would be different with them married. Not only did they love each other but now it was official. That and the fact that a couple weeks before the wedding they decided to refrain from sex.

She almost couldn’t contain her excitement. Almost. They would have to save it for later though.

A few hours later, in a private room of the hotel, Josh and Jennifer danced close together, the both of them slightly tipsy.

“How are you holding up, Mrs. Hutcherson? Tired yet?”

“Hey don’t get to used to that,” She giggled against his lips. “I think interviewers would be confused if out of nowhere you called me that.”

“I know.” He sighed contently but his stomach twisted at the fact that they would have to continue hiding it. It was a struggle at times but having her all to himself was worth it.

“I do like it though. It sounds nice.” He smiled back in response and pulled her waist closer with his arms.

Jennifer nuzzled his neck with her nose. “I love you, Mrs. Hutcherson.” He whispered in her ear, her body shivered in response.

“I love you more.” She brushed her lips against the growing scruff on his jaw, giggling softly about the way it tickled. Both of them we’re practically oozing happiness.

Josh shook his head. “Not even close, baby.” He murmured. “I am so happy you didn’t get such a big dress.” His lips moved on their own to lightly graze her neck without bringing more attention onto themselves.

“Me too. God knows I wouldn’t make it two feet with anything bigger than this.” She looked down at her dress, admiring the simple combination of lace with silk underneath, the length at her ankles but not long enough to make her trip.

It hadn’t been her first choice, but when she put it on, she knew it was the one. “You know what I can’t wait for?” He whispered in her ear.

“I think I have a couple guesses,” She murmured with a smirk on her lips. “But why don’t you tell me anyways.”

Josh dipped his head, his lips meeting her neck. “This dress,” he said between kisses. “On the floor." Kiss ”With you, screaming my name.“

Her breath hitched in her throat but she continued swaying with him in front of everyone.

His lips continued downward. "And my mouth on your other lips.” Jennifer’s eyes widened.

“You’re asking for it,” She responds with a shaky breath, giving his ass a quick pinch. “You’re making promises that you can’t keep. At least not right now.”

He chuckled huskily. “Oh, I fully intend to keep my promises. "Every." Kiss. "Single." Kiss. "One.”

“Not now.”

Josh grinned against her skin. “I think there’s a storage closet down the hall.” He said, his left hand trailing down her hips. “You’re too hot. And so tempting,” Josh moaned. She placed a sloppy kiss on his jawline. “God, Jen.”

“Josh, there’s people here for us. We can’t.”

“I know.” He muttered under his breath. “This is your fault.” He spun her so her back was against his chest.  Josh subtly starting to grind against her.

"Joshua,” Jennifer growled, “You’ve got to stop.”

“I don’t think you want me to.” He pulled away with an amused grin and held a hand out to her. “Come on, the food is here.”

Jen stood still for a second, jaw slackened just slightly. “Tease,” She mouthed at him, following behind him to get in line.


Karen and Gary stood a few feet away, a smile on both of their faces. “She looks happy,” she says, her arms wrapped around her husband’s waist. “But I can tell they’re ready to get out of here.”

“That’s every couple on their wedding day,” He chuckled watching Josh whisper something in Jen’s ear that made her fold over in laughter. He never intended to let his baby girl go so quickly but he was more than happy it was with him.

Karen looked up at Gary. “We were like that, remember?”

He smiled at the memory of the two of them sneaking away during their reception to be alone in the bathroom. “If I remember correctly,” Gary said. “Ben was conceived in a bathroom.”

She placed a kiss on his cheek. “I think I may or may not remember it that way.”

Gary laughed and drifted his gaze to where his son in law and daughter were tucked away in a corner, mouths fused together. He tapped Karen’s shoulder. “Look,” he said pointing to where they were.

She gasped but laughed along with him, slapping her hand against his chest. “Stop, honey. Let them be in love.”

“I bet you that twenty minutes from now, they’ll be sneaking off,” Gary said. Karen shook her head.

“You might be right,” she sighed resting her head against his shoulder. “And we will pretend to not notice and occupy everyone else like the wonderful parents we are.”


“Josh,” Jennifer said, lolling her head to the side as they once again swayed on the dance floor, but Josh’s hands were anywhere but Jennifer’s hips, his lips suctioned to her neck. “I think you seem to be forgetting we are at our wedding, in the middle of the dance floor.”

“Am I now?”

“Quit trying to seduce me with your smartass replies. You already got a ring on my finger.”

“Oh shush,” He grinned, spinning her in a circle before trapping her in his arms once again. “You love it.”

“That I do.” She pecked his lips but he held her there for a longer, more passionate kiss, letting their tongues touch for the shortest second. Her lips hummed against his in approval. “Is it rude to leave your own wedding early?”

Josh pulled away, catching Gary and Karen’s gaze, who both held grins. Gary angled his head towards the exit. “Go,” he mouthed. 

Josh turned back to Jennifer with wide eyes. “Your dad just told us to get out of here.”

“Josh, we can’t. Who leaves in the middle of their own wedding?”

“It’ll be easier to avoid the paps if we leave earlier than everyone else, right?”

“I guess,” She cracked, “but let’s at least thank everyone. They flew out for us.”

After bidding their goodbyes, Josh and Jennifer snuck out from the back entrance of the venue into a car that would drive them back to their hotel. They were only staying overnight. They had planned for their honeymoon only two days after the wedding so having a wedding in Nevada meant they would also have to go back home to get their packed things.

Their lips met as soon as the privacy window was up in the limo. Hands roamed. Lips did too. “Jen,” Josh moaned. “Who’s idea was it not to have anymore sex until we got married?”

“Who knows,” She grumbled, tugging at his tie impatiently to loosen it, “But we’re married now.”

He got the hint and helped Jennifer undo the tie completely. “I think it was your idea,” he said, nibbling on her earlobe. “Oh my God.” Jennifer’s hand begun to tease his waistline, grazing his excitement.

“Shh. We have a chauffeur remember?”

“He drives wedding limos for godsakes he must be used to it.” He took advantage of the low neckline of her dress, placing open mouthed kisses on her collarbone, trailing down her chest.

Jennifer’s breath hitched. “Josh,” she breathed. “What are you doing?”

“Giving you preview of what’s to come.” He stopped when he reached the fabric that made up the neckline, giving a pout with his lips. “Your dress is in the way.”

“Too bad, so sad,” She taunted, “I guess you’ll just have to wait.”

He shook his head and wrapped both of his arms around her. “I love you.”

Jennifer looked up at his hazel eyes. “I love you, too.” And their lips met again, this time their kiss was gentle and passionate. Not rushed and hurried like their last one. They had all night so there was no need for rushing.

They arrived at the hotel and scurried in hand in hand. They had already checked in before so there was no need to stop by the front desk again.

In the elevator, Jennifer rested with her head on Josh’s chest. “I’m nervous.” She admitted. “I don’t know why, but I am.”

“You’re crazy.”

“No, it’s weird. I’m just nervous for no reason.” He placed a kiss on her forehead, eliciting a sigh from her lips.

“I think I can take your mind off things for a while.”  Josh murmured against the shell of her ear. Pleasure shot straight through her veins, igniting the fire underneath her skin once again.

“Not in an elevator, Joshy.” She moaned when he began sucking on the column of her ear. The elevator dinged loudly, making them both jump in their places.

“Saved by the bell,” He smirks, beckoning her with his hand, “Come on, Mrs. Hutcherson. We have a long night ahead of us.” Jennifer fought a blush. Wait. Why was she blushing in the first place? She ignored her frivolous thoughts and took her husband’s hand, letting him lead her into their room.


“Come on, Joshy,” She dragged out with pouty lips, “It’s fun.” He couldn’t resist her so he hopped up onto the bed. She jumped up and down, taking advantage of the bouncy springs of the mattress, holding onto him for some support. He began jumping with her and laughed with her at every delirious giggle that spilled from her lips. Her dress moved with her body, lifting the smallest bit each time she hit the bed again.

“Be careful. You don’t want to rip your dress,” Josh commented. She let a sly smirk play on her lips as her jumping ceased.

“How thoughtful of you to remind me.” She rotated so he was facing the side of her, where the zipper to her dress was placed. “A little help?”

“My pleasure.” He slowly pulled down the zipper one by one, thinking of all the ways he could take her tonight. She squirmed as he passed her hips, his fingers leaving feather light touches on his way down. He finally reached the bottom to find her naked, save a white lace strapless bra with matching barely-there panties.

“You’re killing me,” He groaned, already unbuttoning his own shirt to give them a head start. He looked up to her obviously admiring his bare chest and leaned into her lips, only to be met with the soft skin of her cheek.

“Now if I remember we were having some fun.” She began to jump up and down once again, letting her bra fall a little just to tease him.

Josh stood there, his jaw agape. “You’re not getting away with that, Lawrence.”

She stopped jumping to walk over to him on the bed, letting her fingers dance on his chest. “And who’s going to stop me?” Her tongue slipped to lick along her bottom lip, driving him even crazier.

Josh’s jaw tightened. “Jennifer.” He growled. “You need to stop.”

She shook her head, amused at her control over him. “Besides, I’m not a Lawrence anymore. I thought we made that official today.” She cupped his hard-on over his dress pants, stroking it just a couple of times to make him moan in her ear. Every noise he made was her weakness.

Josh swiftly unhooked her bra, tossing it to the other side of the room. “How long has it been since I’ve seen you naked?” He asked, mouth moving over her left breast. A moan fell from her mouth, open in pleasure. Her hands held him there, only letting to let him continue the same on the other.

“Too. Fucking. Long,” She stated with a shaky breath. She tried to pull him closer but only succeeded in pulling both of them onto the mattress, now lying on top of him.

“God you’re beautiful,” Josh said, continuing his path down her chest. Jennifer sighed, rolling them so that Josh was hovering above her. His fingers tickled the insides of her thighs. She quickly became impatient, dragging him back up to indulge in the sweet pleasure of his lips as his fingers continued their journey.

Hushed whispers of I love you’s and chants of names filled the room as they moved together as one. Her hands gripped at his back, leaving angry red marks in their tracks.

“Josh!” Jennifer cried out loudly.  Josh sped up his movements, sending her over the edge. He followed right after, collapsing on top of her in a heap of sweat and pleasure.

“Oh my god,” Jennifer said, trying to catch her breath. “Worth the wait.”

“Agreed,” He smiled, pulling her in for a sweet kiss on the lips, “But I believe we have many days to make up for, don’t we?”

She giggled against his lips, swinging a leg over his hips to straddle him. “Let’s get to work.


JOSHIFER: The Self Fulfilling Prophecy - a Very Intense Relationship (British GQ, Dec 2024)


Please, do tell how intense does it get ?? The fandom is chock full of ALL the VERY intense moments you and Jen get into. So, for heaven’s sake…COME OUT ALREADY, WHY DON’T YOU ???!!! *my own intense love/hate relationship with Joshifer* *sighing deeply*

Alarm Belles... (Joshifer one shot)

I’ve been working on this for a while, hopefully I’ve finally edited it to something worthwhile! Just wanna take now to say thank you so much for all the love/reblogs/comments on Say Something - actually one thank you isn’t enough, you guys had me smiling like an idiot at my laptop/phone so… THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU…you get the idea :)

hope this one is also to your taste (“to your taste”? what am i? an 80 year old waitress?! haha) anyway…

Alarm Belles…


Her voice was a quiet whisper in the blackness of the night, but I could hear the fear laced within it.


I had been barely awake, but now, with my heart pounding in my ears and no doubt fuelling my body with adrenaline, my eyes were wide.

“I….we need to…” she stopped, took a long exhale and started again. “Drive me to the hospital.”

I bolted upright and looked to her. The only light we had was from the gap in the curtains, allowing the moon to peak in, but even in the faint light, I could make out the hand pressed to her raised stomach and the screwed up expression on her face, contorted with confusion and pain.

“I think I’m in labour,” she whispered into the room.

“What?! But you’re not even thirty three weeks yet! Are you sure?!”

I had already thrown myself out of bed and hastily pulled on my jeans from the day before.

“Well, I don’t think I pissed the bed,” she snapped, then looked down. “Sorry.”

I rubbed her arm and handed her a pair of sweatpants. “It’s okay,” I whispered, pressing my lips to her hair, still messy from sleeping. Once in the sweats, I helped her into her trusty Ugg boots in silence – an act so well-rehearsed since she had been unable to see her feet for so long, let alone bend in such a way to put on shoes -, quickly stuffing my own feet into my boots.

“Can you walk?” I asked unsure.

“One sec…” Her hands grabbed the sheets and screwed them into balls in her fists, her jaw tight and her teeth clamped together. “Fuck…” she breathed.

“Contraction?” I questioned.

She nodded. “I think so…”  I slide my hand up and down her arm until she nodded affirmatively. “Okay, I can walk. Your car?”

She pushed herself off the bed and, with one hand gripping my arm for support and the other clutching the bottom of her stomach, as if trying to make our baby stay there, we made our way quickly to the car.

The drive there felt like forever. I got edgier and edgier with every red light we hit and I had to restrain my feet from pushing on the gas and ignoring their stop signal entirely. Jen was silent the whole way, all but for a few squeaks she made in her throat when more contractions hit, knotting her sweatpants in her fist and hugging her stomach tighter.

“She’s in labour; her waters broke while we were in bed.” I spoke to the nurse calmly despite how anxious I felt inside. I held Jen by her waist and her arm wrapped around me too, fingers gripping my shirt when she needed to.

“Okay, can I take your name and date of birth…”

Jen spoke for the first time since leaving the house to give the nurse her details, who nodded with each piece of information, typing as Jen spoke.

“Okay, we’ll get you through to a ward and examine you properly. Do you want a chair?”

“I’ll walk,” Jen replied quickly and I tightened my hold on her, to which she gave a small, grateful smile, and we followed the nurse.

“How far along are you?”

I answered; my panicked thoughts all rushing to be reassured.

“Only thirty two weeks. This shouldn’t be happening now, should it? Will everything be okay?”

Jen looked at the nurse’s face, who we could both read as one of worry, quickly masked.

“We’ll look after both of you, I promise.” It didn’t feel like enough for me, so I pressed on.

“But will they both be okay? Why is this happe-“

Jen stopped dead in her tracts. I turned to her without letting go.

“You okay Jen? Contraction?”

She shook her head and looked to meet my eyes. She and her voice shook as she managed to whisper. “I’m scared, Josh. Please, just…” from each of her wide eyes, a tear spilled out and although she hadn’t finished her sentence, I knew what she meant: shut up, Josh. I know this shouldn’t be happening too, I know it’s too early, please, please stop reminding me.

Jen got hooked up to loads of different machines and tubes. She was great – petrified – but she held it together, following all the advice from the medical staff while I stood beside her, holding her hand and feeling helpless.

It was too late for the anti-labour drugs (there was a long, fancy name, but I do well to decipher all the medical jargon around me into something slightly comprehendible without the Latin and drug names). When the time came and they asked, she refused the epidural, as she always said she would, and it made me proud that she stuck by her principles even when she was hurting, breathing, almost rhythmically on the gas and air. When her contractions were stronger, she filled the room with swear words a sailor would be both proud and impressed with, between little moans and whimpers – though she never screamed; she was determined.

“Okay Jen,” the midwife spoke clearly, making sure Jen was listening as she let her head drop back against the pillows and a shaky sigh escaped her lips. “I think you’re ready to push, so on your next contraction, push for me, okay?”

I looked to Jen. She looked exhausted, sweat glistening on her skin, little beads at her hairline, ready to fall, but her eyes were wide open and she worried her bottom lip in with her teeth. She nodded and looked up at me. She was scared. I could tell within an instant, though she was still trying to cover it up and be brave. Leaning down, I used my hand that wasn’t viced in Jens and tilted her head towards me, softly dusting my lips across hers.

“You can do this, Jen.”

I saw her nod slightly.

“Everything’s gonna be alright.”

I expected her to nod again, but she didn’t, she looked worried.

“You…You don’t know that,” she said sadly.

“I know that no matter what, I love you and that, means everything will be alright,” I said simply. I was worried too but I needed Jen to know that we would be together through everything. I would be strong for us now, while she would be strong in a different way.

“I love you, Joshy,” Jen spoke softly, taking the gas and air tube from her mouth, then gasped, resuming her concentrated face as another contraction hit.

“Push, Jennifer, that’s it!” the midwife encouraged. “Brilliant, I can see the head now! You’re doing great!”

The contraction passed and Jen relaxed, panting. There wasn’t much time before the next and possibly until our baby was born. I let go of Jen’s hand in the moments that followed the next contraction ending and started massaging her shoulders. She leaned into me and moaned appreciatively. “Lower,” she directed, leaning forward now to give me access.

“Yes, ma’am!” I mock saluted, granting me a strained laugh.

My massage didn’t last even a minute before Jen stilled my hands, taking one in her grip again and squeezing as she pushed for what would be the last time that night. Through her encouragement, the midwife pulled the tiny bundle out and away from us, her hands making deft work cutting the umbilical cord. Jen drooped briefly back then bolted upright, her back never reaching the pillows.

“Where are they taking our baby? What’s happening? I want to see them, hold them. Josh?”

She looked frantic, trying to work out what was going on. The medical team grouped around a small station, saying things I didn’t understand, doing things I couldn’t see to our child.

“It’s-it’s okay…they’re helping.”

I perched on the bed and wrapped an arm behind Jen’s back. She clutched me tightly and leaned her head on my shoulder, both of us staring ahead, silently willing to hear the sound of soft cries enter the room.

They didn’t.


A nurse we hadn’t seen before approached us and we turned to her fully, needing information.

“Your daughter isn’t quite breathing on her own, a consequence of her being premature. She has a reasonable heartbeat, if a little fast, and she is taking in oxygen – just with our assistance. We’re going to transfer down to the neonatal ITU and monitor her progress there.”

I looked to Jen before I spoke, who looked stunned to silence as her lips moved forming the word “daughter.”

“Will she be okay? Is she going to…will – will she make it?”

The nurse’s face was hard to read, but her lips pressed together in a thin line before she answered carefully.

“I can’t answer that Mr Hutcherson, I would be lying if I could guarantee that. You need to know that she is very unwell, but we will do everything we can.”

Mine and Jens eyes looked up as the team started to make their way out of the room.

“Can we go with her?” Jen asked quickly, straining to keep our daughter in her view, eyes not leaving the trolley.

“I’m sorry, Jennifer. You can’t just yet. We still have to treat you, make sure you’re okay, deliver the placenta.”

Jen turned to me, eyes determined and boring into mine. “Go with her. Don’t let her be alone.”

I opened my mouth to argue, to say we can both go together, but I was cut off before I could even start.

“Go with her, I’ll be fine. Come back and tell me everything about her if I’m not there in the next half hour.”

I closed my lips and nodded, kissing Jen as forcefully as she had ordered me to go. She pulled me close and we held each other in a tight hug, both of us needing to be held, even just for a moment.


She was tiny. They said she only weighed four pounds and three ounces – not even a bag of sugar – but if she’d made it full term she would’ve been a big baby. She lay in an incubator, tubes attached to her nose and mouth, helping her breathe and giving her food. Wires dangled out of the glass and ended on flashing screens. I couldn’t touch her, not yet they said, so I pressed my hand to the glass and didn’t move from my spot, while people came and went checking on her. It allowed me to study her – her little tufts of light, thin, blonde hair, the way her face was round like Jens and, after lots of careful scrutiny, I concluded her mouth looked like mine, but with a bottom lip as full as her mother’s. She hadn’t opened her eyes, but in my head, they had always been the exact shade as Jennifer’s. She was perfect.


The voice spoke softly behind me and I turned quickly, averting my gaze from our daughter for the first time since she was placed here. Jen sat in a wheelchair, gown on and a blanket hugging her legs, a cannula protruding from her right hand. Her hair sat in a messy nest atop her head, patches looking darker from her dried in sweat. Her eyes were heavy and her lip had made its way back between her teeth again, but I have never seen her look so wonderful.

The nurse pulled the chair beside me and I took Jens un-injected hand in mine.

“I’ll give you guys some family time,” she smiled softly, patting Jens shoulder. “If you need anything or have any questions, I’ll be just outside.”

“Thank you,” we spoke in unison.

“Hey,” I replied to Jens earlier greeting with a squeeze of her hand, to which she smiled.

“How is she?” she tried to sound calm, but I could hear the tension, the edginess in her voice.

“Stable, is what they told me…she needs the tubes for food and to breathe and they’re monitoring her heart too,” I said pointing to the wires. “But she’s perfect,” I smiled.

Jen hadn’t stopped looking at our daughter, her eyes taking everything in. Her hand reached forward and then hesitated. She wanted to hold her so badly; I could see her fighting with her instincts. Instead, she settled for the glass as I had.

“Hey baby,” she spoke quietly. I felt a surge of emotions all at once and found myself unable to speak through the lump formed in my throat. I smiled again and squeezed her hand again.

“She looks…she’s tiny.”

“Four pounds and three ounces.”

She took her lip back into her mouth and I could see the tears well in her eyes.

“Do you think she’ll be okay?”

How was I supposed to answer that? I wanted it, more than anything in the world, I wanted her to just breathe on her own, but wanting something isn’t enough – especially when there is literally nothing you can do to help.

“I hope so…if she’s anything like you, she’ll be strong, she’ll be a fighter.”

She smiled gently and shifted gingerly in her chair to look at her from a different angle.

“How are you?” I asked realising I hadn’t before.

“I’m okay…achy, tired, sore,” she shrugged, “but I’m okay…”

Her voice started to sound thicker as she tailed off and I decided to take over the conversation. If this had happened the right way, the way it was supposed to, I know Jen would’ve been wittier in her response, making me wince as she would remind me of childbirth being the equivalent of me peeing an orange. But instead, she was sombre, only just managing to speak past the lump I could hear in her throat.

“She looks like you,” I told her.” Blonde hair, those cheeks – that platypus lip.”

Jen laughed and sobbed at the same time.

“Shut up about my platypus lip, puppy face,” she retorted, wiping her cheeks fiercely. “What about her eyes?”

“She hasn’t opened them yet for me to see.”

She nodded faintly as she continued to drink in everything about her. “She looks like you too – but it’s something I can’t quite place.”

“I think she’s your mini me.”

Jen laughed and I could see her trying to come up with a witty comeback, but she gave in and looked on at our baby, proud, but so scared for her.

“Hey baby girl…sorry we don’t have a name for you yet, but we’ll think of one, we promise. I’m your…mom,” a huge grin stretched across Jen’s face as she said those words and my heart swelled. “And me and daddy love you so, so much, so just you keep it up, you little monkey. Don’t you be going anywhere.”

I moved closer to Jen and put my arm over her shoulders. She let her head drop to my chest and I caught her reflection stifling a yawn.

“You should go rest.”

“I don’t want to leave her.”

“I know, but you’re exhausted…did I tell you how proud I am of you?”

“I don’t believe you did,” she teased and I placed a kiss to her hair.

“Thank you. You are the best, most beautiful, wonderful woman I have ever met.”

“You’re not bad yourself,” she said through another yawn, grinning.

“I love you,” I smiled, rubbing her arm soothingly.

“I love you, Joshy.”

She placed the back of her hand on my stomach, the other still on the side of the incubator, sighing. Her eyelids were heavy, but they didn’t dare drift from the glass box directly in front of them.

“Hey!” she sat up quickly. “Look! She’s opening her eyes!”

We both leaned closer to get a good look.

“Hey baby, come on. That’s it,” she encouraged.

Her eyelids fluttered open and her eyes whizzed around trying to focus.

“I knew she’d have your eyes,” I whispered to Jens ear, her hand finding mine again. “Now she definitely is your mini me,” I smiled.


I woke with a start; my head lulling forward and snapping quickly back up. I gathered my bearings, the hospital, the machines, the incubator in front of me still encasing my little girl. Jen sat beside me, turning her gaze away from our daughter and smiling gently when I met her eyes.

We didn’t say anything; we didn’t really need to. It had been three days now. Jen had been discharged two days ago, but she’d yet to go home. “I’m not leaving her. We came here together, we’ll leave together,” she had said as she pulled her chair as close as she could to our daughter.

So, I had gone home, updated our families, allowing our publicists to announce only that Jen had given birth to our daughter early, refusing any interviews or photo-shoots that would come our way (this was all we would allow the press to have) and returned the next day with a change of clothes packed for us, amongst other things. Jen sat now, wearing one of my light blue shirts, the sleeves rolled up and the top few buttons undone. A darker spot had begun to form at her chest.

“You’re leaking,” I smirked and she looked down quickly, chuckling lightly. She bent to the bag at our feet and dug around, pulling out the breast pump contraption again and attaching it to catch the liquid from her breast.

“How are you?” she asked, concerned, brushing her other hand through my hair. “You were mumbling in your sleep.” It trailed down my face and cupped my cheek lightly, her thumb rubbing the stubble on my jaw.

“Fine, just…y’know.”

“I know.”

“How long was I asleep?”

“About an hour,” she answered thoughtfully.

“Did I miss anything?”

She shook her head. “No change.”

There was a pause and Jen checked how full the bottle was, deciding she could still fill it some more.

“Jack and May went home.”

They were one of the other three parents taking residence in the neonatal ITU. Their son had been growing stronger and even managed to be held out of his incubator for nearly an hour two days ago.

“Everything –?“

“He was fine; so much stronger.” She paused. “They named him Oliver.”

I nodded. It was good news, great news for them. It made it feel like there was a chance that could be us too. But at the same time, you wished it was you – and then you felt guilty for thinking that.

Jen seemed to know what I was feeling and slipped her hand into mine. “I hope we’re next.”

Day five

I had to get out, get some air. I don’t know how Jen done it sitting in there all this time, taking some sort of vigil at our daughter’s beside. She refused to leave, even when I begged her.

“No. I can’t,” she’d whispered.

“Jen, please, come home, sleep properly for one night! We can come back in the morning, first thing, I promise!”

She shook her head, and I noticed the few tears that slipped down her face.

“Why, Jen?”

“You…you hear stories, don’t you?” she whispered. “Of how the parents leave them for like an hour or two – the only time they have ever left them. And then, when they come back, they’re….gone.” she shook her head back and forth. “I know it’s stupid, but I can’t – I just can’t.”

I knew what she meant. But I was trying to be rational. So I left again, but I had no intention of leaving for long. More clothes, more things we need – more bottles since Jen was like a tap, filling them up and dutifully giving them to the nurses to be saved for if (when?) when our daughter would need them.

When I got back, Jen was still in her spot, though she pouted her lip in an expression I recognised instantly.

“Hey, what’s up? Is everything okay?”

I looked to our girl, who was sound asleep. “Jen, what’s wrong?”

She stood and wrapped her arms around me and I held her steady. “She’s okay, it’s okay…” she whispered in my ear.

When she had calmed down, we pulled apart and sat. She took a breath and spoke slowly.

“Tina and Scott…their…Harry…he didn’t make it.”

My mouth formed a perfect “o” shape, but I made no sound. They had arrived the day before us here. They had been so hopeful.

“It was awful,” Jen whispered. “I feel awful for them.”

I nodded numbly. Just yesterday we had all been talking about what it would be like when we brought our children home.


“Okay, Mom. Are you ready for cuddles?” the nurse asked cheerily, detaching the wires and tubing. I couldn’t believe it was happening. She could come out; we could hold her.

Delicately, she placed her in Jen’s arms, smiling down. “There…I’ll go grab that bottle in case she’s up for it, okay?”

Jen nodded, her eyes huge orbs of wonder gazing into the face we had already memorized. “Hey you,” she cooed softly. “Better late than – “ she cut herself off, not wanting to jinx anything, not wanting to think that this could never have happened. “Oh baby. I have wanted to do this for forever.”

Our little bundle smacked her lips and nuzzled in closer to Jen. She grinned and bent down to lightly kiss her head.

“Oh, looks like mom is raining on you,” I smiled as Jen’s tears dropped right off her face. “Take note, kid – you’re probably gonna have that same platypus face.”

“Daddy’s a big meanie isn’t he,” she teased, looking up to meet my eyes.

“Smile, for the camera – I won’t have tears!” I held up my phone, snapping pictures of Jen holding our baby, smiling at me. But my favourite was of the one where they were both just staring at each other, their bond seeming greater than any visible thing.

“She needs a name,” Jen stated as I got to hold her, now in the final five minutes we had been granted, before she had to be put down again. She was doing great they said – even extending the time we had with her because she was doing so well.

“I know,” I replied without looking up, watching her big blue eyes droop with sleep.

“I was thinking Belle,” she said quietly, looking at her hands, fingers fiddling in her lap. “It means beautiful.” She looked back up at me, smiling at the sight of the two of us cuddling. “I wanted something that meant fighter or something, but the only one I liked enough was Drew – and then I couldn’t stop thinking about Drew Barymore,” she mumbled, laughing once at the end of her sentence.

“No, I like it. Belle. It suits her.”

Jen leaned over, gently running a finger across our now not quite nameless daughter’s cheek. “What do you think, baby. Do you like Belle?”

Her eyes, which had been closing, flew up and met Jens perfectly. Jen gasped, smiling – it was scary how similar they were to her own. She smiled wider, looking much more relaxed than she had for days.

“Belle; it is beautiful.”


It was finally here. After a week and a half in ITU and mine and Jens nerves having been shot to bits completely in that time, we were all going home.

Jen held, still tiny Belle in her arms, snuggled in close as I packed up all of our stuff. She stood talking quietly to Bill and Sarah. They had had twins about three days ago and, like it had been for us, things seemed touch and go, one step at a time.

“I’ve left a book there, take it. Read to them or yourself. It helped me keep calmer,” I heard Jen insist as I picked up the cool bag of the bottled milk given by Jen to the nurses and now back to us. In the last few days, Belle had gotten through most of what Jen had pumped and saved for her, so with only a few bottles to go, Jen couldn’t wait until they were done and to at least have the chance to properly breastfeed. I guess this whole…experience, made us appreciate the little things from an entirely new perspective.

“Ready?” I whispered to Jen’s ear.

She turned and nodded. “Yeah.”

Looking back at Bill and Sarah, she gave a small smile and pulled them each to a one armed hug, balancing Belle in her other, while I shook their hands. “Good luck,” I heard her whisper to Sarah and squeeze her just a little tighter.

Right as we were leaving, Belle woke and started to cry, soft at first but getting quickly louder and more aggressive.

“Oh come on now, you were being so good,” Jen soothed, pulling her closer and rocking her a little. We quickly said our goodbyes and thank yous and left, Jens cooing turning to soft shushs as Belle drifted back to sleep.

We walked down the familiar hallway a few steps in silence before Jen spoke.

“No one ever said anything to us when they left – no goodbye or good luck,” she observed. “I hope their two will be okay.”

I nodded. We were lucky, we knew that. What we had felt, I would never wish on anyone. The not knowing was the worst part, the balance, the waiting, the helplessness – it was the worst I have ever felt, mixed with a love for our daughter so strong, everything was bittersweet.

“Nervous?” I asked lightly. She knew what I meant; we had a whole new human being to be responsible for.

“Fucking petrified,” she laughed nervously.

“We’ll need to watch that potty mouth, mom!” I chided and she removed a hand free precisely enough to hit me on the arm before slipping it back into place.

“I’m just glad that we’re all leaving here together.”

“Yeah,” I agreed, pulling Jen by the shoulders into

my arm.

“But you’re on first round tonight when she wakes!”

This was gonna be fun.

March Madness

Hey you guys! So, as promised, here’s the next story I wrote…

I’m sorry it’s four days late, but there was an incident at my Uni that knocked the network and everything down for a few days, but it’s back now, thank god.

Remember, all stories in this series are rated M, and only continue reading this one if this doesn’t bother you (seriously, the following story contains a little bondage; I wanted to spice the story up but I think I may have MAYBE, just maybe gone a little OTT…)

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Anyway, here’s the story, and again, I’m sorry that it’s late, but just think. There’s only three more days until the next one goes up!

You can read my other Joshifer stories here.

*Disclaimer* I don’t personally know Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson or any other person included in this story; it is all a work of fiction, and in no way do I wish to infringe upon any of The Hunger Games franchise or anybody included in my stories.

“Why don’t we make this exciting?”

I look up at my husband as he walks into the living room, a beer in each hand, wearing his blue Kentucky t-shirt.

“Josh, it’s basketball. Anything would be more interesting than this,” I huff, taking the drink he’s holding out for me and setting down my phone.

“But it’s March Madness!” he cheers, as if that means anything to me. He sits down beside me on the sofa and drapes my legs over his. “Look, if you aren’t interested, you don’t have to watch. You could always take a nap; I know you’re tired after Ava and Penelope kept you up all night.”

It’s true. I’m exhausted. Our two youngest children are suffering from Scarlet Fever, so I was up with them half the night while Josh was on set directing his new film. We’d promised to take the boys and Hope to watch the game, but with their sisters as ill as they are, we thought it’d be better if Josh’s Mom and brother took them instead. Luckily now, our babies are sleeping, out cold after the effects of the medicine have kicked in.

“But you were up most of the night as well.” I announce, “Plus, it’s my team against yours, and since we couldn’t be there with the kids, I want to see if we see them on TV!”

I rearrange myself on the sofa while taking a swig from bottle in my hand. The game hasn’t even started yet and already Josh is focused on the TV, his jaw tense with concentration. I giggle, and he looks over to me.

“What?” he asks, his lips curling into a smile.

“Nothing. I was just admiring the view.” I take another drink. “Anyway, what were you saying about making this more exciting?”

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Open at the Close

For the anon I had earlier who requested I type up the mini fanfic I hand wrote for Marie for the handwriting meme challenge.

November 2015 – New York City – Mockingjay Part 2 Premiere

Josh let his head fall back onto the limo seat’s head rest as the car turned onto 54th Street, headed towards the Ziegfeld theatre.  This was the last pit stop, the last hurrah, the culmination of more than 5 years of work.  New York City was the last stop on their whirlwind 8 city premiere circuit, and then everything would be over.  No more going to set every day.  No more looking forward to the next one.  No more familiar faces.  This was it.  It was the beginning of a new chapter in his life. 

Josh extended his hand to rest it on the leg of his companion.  Usually the trip to the premiere was made solo or with his publicist in tow, they usually wanted the cast staggered so as to hold the appeal of the audience online and in the streets.  Today would be different.  Today was the day where they could finally be together out in the open.  Grasping her hand he brought it to his lips, pressing a gentle kiss there and simply stated, “Ready to shock the world, Mrs. Hutcherson?”

Jennifer looked down at the diamond ring and wedding band that sat delicately on her ring finger and a broad smile crossed her face.  What had been a secret courtship followed by a secret wedding a few weeks prior, just between them and their immediate families, was about to blow up on a national stage.  Leaning over to press a kiss to his lips she uttered a simple, “Ready.”

Do You, I Do Chapter Three

~Hi everyone! I’m so sorry this chapter is a day late! I just had to get the flu, lol. But here it is. Thank you all for being so patient. ohmyjoshiferr and I thank you so very much for reading it!~

“Josh, do you have anything planned today?” Jennifer groaned.

“I was thinking about this aquarium place. You can pet stingrays or something. I know you liked the one in Georgia so I thought you would like it.”

She smiled in appreciation but shoved her head into the pillow more, rolling away from Josh. “That sounds nice.” She tried to find her voice but it cracked as she said it.

“Jen.” He scooted over to her, spooning her from behind. “Are you okay?”

They had been in the Bahamas for the past week and a half their last few days of their honeymoon. Jennifer shook her head. “I feel terrible, Josh.”

He placed a peck to her temple. “Do you want me to get you anything? Advil? Some water at least?”

Jennifer shook her head. “No, I think that fish I ate last night was bad.”

“Are you sure?”

She nodded, wincing at the pain in her stomach. Of course this would happen to her on their honeymoon.

She rolled over, burying her head in his shoulder. “Can you grab a trash can? Please?”

He rushed to bring over the small trash can from the bathroom which she immediately used to empty out what was left in her stomach.

He sat beside her on the bed while she emptied her stomach. “You go ahead to the stingray attraction,” she mumbled wiping her mouth. “I’ll stay in bed and rest.”

“Oh hell no,” He rebutted, “I’m staying right here with you. And taking care of you.”

“I’ll be fine, Josh.” Jennifer mumbled. “Go have fun, please.”

He shook his head and put a hand to her forehead. “You’re not hot. Probably just food poisoning.”

“Josh, I’m already feeling a little better. You don’t need to stay.”

“You’re crazy and of course I’m staying. It’s our honeymoon remember?”

Jennifer sighed. “Alright. But I’m going back to sleep,” she said turning back over.

“I think I’ll join you,” He yawned.

Josh pulled her into his arms. “I love you,” he said. Jennifer smiled, unknown to both of them that their day was about to get worse.


“I’m actually feeling a lot better,” Jennifer stated making her way to the kitchen in just a pajama shirt and panties.

Josh followed behind her, carrying a trash can just incase she felt like getting sick again. “I know, but I’m trying to be cautious.”

Jennifer rolled her eyes and picked her cellphone up off the counter. Her eyes widened when she saw eight missed calls. Four from her mom and four from Liz.

“Josh,” She said cautiously, “Has Melissa called you today? For any reason at all?”

She immediately dialed back her mom’s number, pure fear coursing through her veins.

“Mom? What happened?”

“Honey, turn on E News. Now.”

Her hands shook. Jennifer grabbed the remote and nearly fainted when she saw what was on the screen.


“Hunger Games Stars Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson caught skinny dipping on the Bahamian beach, along with racy photos from Hawaii where it was rumored they spent several days. Stay tuned later for more details!”

She couldn’t speak. She couldn’t breathe. Her phone dropped from her hand probably shattering on the floor but it didn’t matter in that moment.

Josh cursed from behind her. “We’re never gonna be safe,” Jennifer whispered. “Never.”

She felt nauseous again but not in the same way from this morning.

“This can’t be happening. This can’t be happening,” She chanted in a breathless whisper letting tears run down her cheeks. But it was and neither of them could stop it. It was already out and everyone knew.

Josh’s arms were around her within seconds. “I’m sorry, Jenny. It’s gonna be okay. Liz and Melissa are great at fixing this stuff.”

“Josh, everything is already fucking out. Everyone fucking knows.” Her voice raised but she clung to him like a lifeline.

He rubbed her back, trying to soothe her, even though he felt like his world was crashing down. “It’ll be okay, sweetheart. Plus, we wanted to go public. It just happened sooner than we wanted.”

Jennifer closed her eyes, trying to stop the room from spinning.

“This can’t fucking be happening.” She buried her head in Josh’s shoulder, willing reality to just pause for them. Jennifer could hear someone trying to call her, probably her mom. She couldn’t pinpoint when she actually hung up on her in the midst of everything.

Her heart thudded in her chest and the room spun. Again, closing her eyes didn’t work. “Josh.” Jennifer could feel her knees beginning to weaken. “I think I’m gonna to faint.”

“No, no, no Jen, please don’t. Everything will be okay.” He tried to calm her with his words but he couldn’t even believe them himself. He held her up in his arms pulling them both on the couch. He didn’t even trust himself to remain standing at this point.

“Josh, I don’t feel good.” She said, before throwing up all over the floor. She stood, trying to make her way to the bathroom but lost her balance.

“Holy fuck,” Josh hissed, picking Jen up from the floor, now unconscious to the world. “Jen, wake up. Honey, please wake up. Please, Jen.”

He could barely hold himself together with everything crashing around them. How their honeymoon could go from amazing to this in less than a day was beyond him.

He grabbed his cell phone, dialing the emergency number that was given to him when he purchased the house weeks ago.

“Emergency center, how can I help you?” A lady spoke over the line, in perfect Bahamian dialect.

He panted as he tried to speak, still trying to slap Jennifer awake. “Um, hi yes my um…my wife just passed out and she was feeling sick before and I don’t know what happened.”

“Can I have your name sir? And your address?”

Josh wondered if he should give his real name or not. Not that it mattered anymore. Everyone already knew he and Jennifer were together. He was too distressed at this point to even think any farther into things.

“Josh Hutcherson. 57 Hyslip Road. Please hurry.” His voice cracked and fell at the end, at the verge of tears.

“We’ll be right there, Mr. Hutcherson. We just have a few questions. Does your wife have a pulse?”

Josh’s hand moved frantically to her chest, her wrist anywhere he could find a fluttering heartbeat. He found the sound of her steady thumping heart more comforting than ever before. Feeling her heart beating, allowed him to breath a little easier. “Yes, she has a pulse.”

“Does she feel hot? Cold?”

“A little bit warm but um…” He could possibly tell her what had just happened. “She didn’t have a fever or anything this morning but she was sick with food poisoning.”

The woman paused. “Do you know when her last menstrual cycle was?”

Josh froze. He didn’t, couldn’t possible know that. Jennifer kept that part of her life private, even if they were married.

“N-no. Um, we’re on vacation. I don’t-”

“It’s fine, Sir. We’re on our way,” She calmly stated.

Josh nodded, even though the lady couldn’t see him. “Thank you.”

She responded and the call ended. Josh then called Karen, who said she would be getting on the next flight to the Bahamas as fast as she could.

He laid Jen on the couch, continuing to attempt to wake her up but she didn’t budge. He managed to clean her up along with the floor in a matter of seconds. He held her limp body against him, resting his forehead on his chest.

“Please wake up, Jen,” Josh whimpered, choked by the silence. “Please. I’m begging you.”

The medics stormed through the door in seconds with stretcher ready and rolling for her. He had managed to slip some shorts on to her to prevent her own embarrassment. They pried her from out of Josh’s arms, placing her carefully on the stretcher.

Josh managed to grab a change of clothes for himself out of his suitcase, his wallet, keys, and cell phone. When he tried to hop in the back of the ambulance, one of the paramedics told him he wasn’t allowed, but to follow in his own car.

He was a wreck driving but he eventually made it, following directly behind the ambulance.

He followed the EMT’s into the small hospital, his eyes never leaving Jennifer. He prayed, to God, Buddha, whoever was out there, that his wife would be okay.

They brought her into a closed off room but he wasn’t allowed in.

While he waited, Josh called Liz and Melissa, promising to keep them updated on Jennifer when he heard something.

He tried to stop his leg from nervously bouncing up and down but it wouldn’t stop, his wories clouding everything else in his brain. It has felt like hours when a doctor finally spoke to him.

He only became more nervous as the time went by but hearing the words, “You’re wife is awake,” made his heart stop in the greatest way.

Josh followed the doctor to the room, ignoring all the strange looks he got from other employees.The leak was obviously still a major issue but he was more worried about Jennifer’s health than anything else.

Josh’s breath left his lungs when he stepped inside the room. Jennifer looked paler then she did when they first arrived to the hospital.

“Did I scare you?” She asked with a smile.

Josh ran over to her, immediately cupping her cold cheeks into his hands, kissing every inch of her face.

Jennifer laughed. “Hey,” she said pulling away. “I’m okay.”

“Don’t ever do that again,” He sighed, “Oh God, Jen. You scared the shit out of me.” Fear laced his words, remembering holding her limp in his arms less than an hour before.

Jennifer placed her palm on his cheek. “I’m fine, Josh. The doctor said he would be back in to explain in a few minutes. I just can’t get a break, huh?”

“Don’t worry about anything. You rest. I’ll worry. And Melissa and Liz will do their best to fix it.”

He leaned in for a gentle kiss but was interrupted by the sound of a man clearing his voice behind them.

Josh turned to see a man in his late thirties, with kind eyes. “Jennifer, Josh, I’m doctor Kapu.” He turned to Jennifer. “How are you feeling, and be honest?”

“A little dizzy but I’m not nauseous anymore.” Josh squeezed her hand beside her.

“We got your blood work back. The fainting was caused by dehydration and your blood sugar was low. The nausea on the other hand,” Dr. Kapu paused before continuing.

Jen and Josh waited patiently for him to explain the rest.

“This may be a surprise for you, Ms. Lawrence but you are pregnant. It’s a little early to know for sure; you should probably make some appointments one or two weeks from now. It’s a miracle we were able to detect it actually. You’re about two weeks in.”

Jennifer’s eyes widened. “Pregnant? I’m on the pill…”

Josh’s hand dropped from hers in shock. He hadn’t said a word yet but his mouth hung open at the announcement.

The doctors face formed into a frown. “Were you sick recently? Or on an antibiotic? Because they can cause the pill to not work.”

Jennifer thought back to a week before the wedding when she had a small sinus infection and the doctor put her on a zpack.

“Uh…I think some cold medicine a while back but how does that mess up the birth control?” She asked with a shaky voice. A million scenarios ran through her head, good and bad but they both knew the last thing they needed was a baby.

“The ingredients in the antibiotic can make the pill inactive,” Dr. Kupa said. “Like I said, you’re only a few weeks along. You need to check with your regular doctor when you get back to the states.”

Jen looked up at Josh, the color completely drained from his face.

“Could you…uh give us a minute? Please?” The doctor nodded and promptly headed outside.

“We should have been more careful.” Josh mumbled.

Only then did she become overly nervous.

“We can’t turn back time, Josh. There’s a baby inside me.”

He placed his head in his hands. “I love the idea of children with you but not now. We can’t now.”

“I know,” She whispered.

Josh stayed silent. She closed her eyes, blindly finding Josh’s hand, reminding her that her rock would always be there.

“I want to keep it.” Josh’s eyes opened and stared at her.


“I want to keep it. I can’t do that to our baby.”

He shook his head. “I need some air.” Josh stood, leaving the room.

“Josh,” Jennifer whimpered softly, but it was too late. He had already left.

Jennifer pulled her knees up to her chest and buried her face in them. How was it possible that only three days ago their lives seemed perfect and now it was falling apart.

She heard a soft knock and the doctor walked in once again.

“Sorry to bother you, Ms. Lawrence. I would just like to tell you that you are free to go. Just call in a nurse when you’re ready.”

“Mrs. Hutcherson,” She said on instinct, “But okay.”

Jennifer shakily stood from the bed and grabbed her phone and purse. She was thankful Josh had thought to bring them. She was just going to leave him alone to think. He would be able to find her at the house later.

After she had been officially discharged and ready to walk out the door, she bumped into Josh as he was coming back in.

Jennifer acted like she didn’t notice his blood shot eyes. “Why the hell aren’t you laying down?” He asked, wrapping his arms around her.

“Maybe you would know if you were in there. I was discharged.”

“Oh.” His eyes trailed to the floor. “Well I was making arrangements for us. Your mom will be here soon and then we’re going home tomorrow. You need to be resting.”

She froze in his loose embrace. Did she really think he would just leave her like that? Or a better question: was she really just about to leave him too?

Jennifer blinked back tears. “Oh.” Her voice broke. “I thought…”

“Jen.” He cradled her jaw, rubbing her cheekbone with his thumb. “I would never to that to you.”

“I know,” Jennifer mumbled. “Everything is happening way too fast, Josh. I’m scared.”

People were beginning to walk in and out so he pulled them both outside to prevent traffic.

“I’m terrified. But we have each other. Right?”

Jennifer nodded, pulling Josh closer. “We have each other.”

“I’ll always be here.”


“Are you sure you’re okay? I don’t want you doing all of this if you don’t.”

He followed behind her, ready to catch her fall this time. He was nervous that she was still drowsy from everything.

Jennifer faced Josh. “We’ve only been home from the hospital for an hour. My mom will be here any minute. Please stop hovering, Josh.”

She was in the middle of packing, moving the clothes from the closets back to the suitcases but he was worried out of his mind.

Soon there was a knock on the door and Josh nearly jumped out of his skin. How could Karen be there already?

“Who is it?” Josh called through the door. They couldn’t take a chance with everything that was released.

“Your mother-in-law!” Karen chirped from outside. “Now let me inside. I haven’t seen my daughter in three weeks!”

He opened the door, pulling Karen into a quick hug before she ran off to Jennifer.

“Momma!” Jennifer erupted into tears when she saw Karen. After everything has happened over the past several hours, Josh understood how much Jennifer needed her mom. He was wanting his too.

Josh stayed back, letting them enjoy their moment.

Jennifer buried her head in Karen’s neck. “Oh my sweet baby,” Karen crooned. “It’s gonna be okay. I talked to Liz when I landed. Hopefully all of this will be cleared up in a few days.”

Jennifer shook her head. “No, mom. That’s not it.”

Her heart began to beat a little faster. Would she be mad?

“I’m pregnant,” Jennifer whispered.

Karen noticebly stiffened, her grip on Jen’s arm just a bit tighter.

“Jennifer, are you serious?” Jennifer nodded, her lip quivering. Josh came next to her to try and ease her nerves but he was just as scared of Karen’s reaction.

Karen closed her eyes and took a deep breath. “I’m trying to decide if I’m happy or disappointed.” She said warily.

“This was not planned at all,” Jennifer added, “Trust me.”

Karen sat on the small sofa, resting her head in her hands, elbows resting on her knees. “You’re both adults. I know that, but these past few weeks you’ve been careless with your actions. I’m not mad at you, but a tad disappointed. Josh, you need to call your mother. I spoke to her before I took a jet here. A part of me is excited about becoming a grandma again but when you both get back to LA, it’s not going to be smooth sailing.”

“We know,” Josh nodded along with Jennifer.

“You two need to prepare for the worst.” Jennifer knew her mother was right. Going back home was going to be hell. And this was only the beginning.

“It was a wake-up call that’s for sure.”


Jennifer buried her nose into Josh’s chest later that night. “I’m so scared, Josh.”

“Me too. People aren’t just going to forget.”

He ran his fingers through her short blond locks.

Her eyes met his. “So, what are we going to do?” She asked.

“I have no fucking clue.” She bit her lip to keep it from quivering again. There was really no way to fix it. Of course the pictures could always be deleted but Josh was right, people aren’t just going to forget.

“We have to keep her, Josh.”

“Her?” He asked warily, his voice cracking on the word.

“It’s better than ‘it’ for right now.”

Josh closed his eyes, a picture of a blonde haired, hazel eyed baby girl entering his mind. A little girl with Jennifer’s personally and Josh’s patience. Then a grin formed on his face. “I wouldn’t have it any other way, baby.”


Their trip back did not go smoothly, as planned. All she could remember was being bombarded by flashing lights and rude comments. Josh and her couldn’t even hold hands; it was too risky with everything going on.

At least that part was over. Jennifer looked over at her sleeping husband, his arm thrown over his face, soft snores coming from his mouth. She smiled thinking of the way they had made love earlier, almost as if nothing was wrong. No one knowing about their relationship. No racy pictures. No unexpected pregnancy. But wave after wave crashed over Jennifer while Josh slept.

Nothing would be the same no matter what they did to fix it.