mrs hu


“Hnnnnn…Ah!” went the Cinnabunny as she stretched after finishing her 12 hour practice session with Road Battler 5. It was late but she decided she’d go into town and grab some food to cook before bed. Some Japchae sounded delicious, Chewy Stir-fried noodles and veggies! Just what she needed. So to town she went!

Upon getting to town, she saw a rather familiar face… not someone she knew but rather, someone she knew of! It was Joachim of Pluminescent one of her favorite bands! Not wanting to seem crazy, she quickly composed herself as she took a fast walk up to Joachim with starry eyes.

“Hello there Mr. Joachim! My name’s Hus . La its so nice to meet you! I’m a really huge fan your music, it really helps me get into the mood to kick alot of butt in Road Battler 5! Can I have your autograph?” she eagerly asked.

It was getting dark, but Joachim still needed to get some things before he headed back.

Flavian had asked him to get a couple things for him – namely, some kind of fish. He had to admit, he felt kinda bad for him – not having legs surely reduced ease of movement.

What would he do without his legs?

He momentarily drifted off into space, but was brought back to Earth by a short Lopunny with reddish brown fur.

Did she say autograph? She did, didn’t she? Joachim wasn’t famous, but maybe one day he would be. He didn’t get asked for autographs that often, so he certainly wasn’t going to let this opportunity slip by. He dug into his pocket and got out the pen he was using for notes on what Flavian needed.

“Alrighty, thank you!! Let’s do this – I got paper if you don’t have that either, no worries, yeah?”

Two police officers were killed after they were shot in their patrol car in Brooklyn on Saturday afternoon, according to a law enforcement official.

The shootings took place near Myrtle and Tompkins Avenues in Bedford-Stuyvesant.

“It looks like they were shot in the upper body,” Deputy Chief Kim Royster said.

She said that a suspect fled into a subway station after shooting the officers from the patrol car’s passenger side, and that the police had recovered a gun from the scene.

Chief Royster said the suspect opened fire on the police officers, ran up Myrtle and went into a subway station. The man died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head, Chief Royster said.

Fire Department officials said that a 911 call came in around 2:50 p.m. reporting that two people had been shot.

Charlie Hu, the manager of a liquor store at the same corner, said he saw two police officers slouched over in the front seat of their patrol car. At least one of the officers, Mr. Hu said, appeared to have been shot in the head.


Man and wife spend life savings on stray dogs and cats

A dedicated couple from Chengdu, Sichuan Province has dwarfed all other animal lovers in China, by pouring their entire life savings of the past 30 years to help stray cats and dogs. 

Over the past ten years, Hu Fengduan and his wife have been keeping and living with 51 stray cats and dogs in a 20-square-meter room they rent. 

In the past, Mr. Hu was once a well-off man working as a jewelry appraiser. After they saved a helpless stray feline from the top of a roof in 2005, their life took another trajectory. 

“After I saved the cat I profoundly realized that I could save a life in such an easy way,” said Hu. From then on he would pick up any stray dogs or cats he saw on the street. 

What he didn’t take into account, however, is that such animal charity requires considerable expenses: he spends an average 3,000 yuan ($490) per month on supporting the creatures, barely making ends meet by now working as a street vendor.

But Mr. Hu says he feels reluctant to give up his animals to others. “Last time I gave one of my dogs to an adopter, and the dog died just a month later…people just don’t know how to treat them properly. “ 

The Boy with the Pizza (A Joshifer Drabble)

I know it’s late for this but here’s a post-Oscar drabble from me. Enjoy!


“Did you receive it?”

I barely understand what Josh meant with his message when all of a sudden, the doorbell rings. It’s past midnight and I honestly have no idea who it might be behind that door except for aliens who probably came to abduct me or murderers who… well, we all know what they do.

I place my Iphone on the small table in front of the sofa and slowly, I make my way for the door. For a moment, Nick’s name almost slips from my lips but then, I remember he isn’t here. He’s still out drinking with his newly found friends he met at the after party. Damn him. I love him, I think I do. But damn him. So now I’m all alone. Here in my condo. In the middle of the night. And someone’s waiting outside my door, just counting the seconds before I finally reach and open it. And then… and then…

Cold sweat trails down my forehead. I close my eyes.

Dear Lord, please let it be the aliens. Please let it be—

“Pizza delivery!” a voice calls out, halting my movements. Although I do feel intensely relieved that it isn’t what I thought of, I find it odd that someone’s delivering me pizza even though I didn’t even order one. Or maybe I did. I may or may not have ordered it earlier when I was still anything but sober. After all, alcohol, phones, and I are never a good combination. But I don’t know. Really, I don’t know anymore.

“Excuse me! Pizza delivery!” the man repeats, breaking me away from my thoughts and I panic, opening the door without anything on hand that I can use as a weapon if ever the worst thing happens and aliens and murderers are just pretending to be delivering midnight pizzas.

It’s a waste of energy though. Because what awaits me outside is really just a normal-looking pizza delivery guy. And he neither has green skin and antennas nor seems to be concealing a gun on his pants.

“Ms. Law…re…nce,” he trails off and I catch his eyes moving up and down my body. It’s then that I realize I’m still in my dress, the sheer Tom Ford mini one, the one embellished with, now that I think of it, shattered mirror-like shards which probably makes me look like I’m literally shining in the dark right now.

Feeling uncomfortable, I clear my throat loud enough for him to hear and he instantly snaps out of his daze. “De-delivery from Mr. Hu-Hutcherson,” he stammers, handing me the box.

“Josh?” I frown.The delivery guy, however, doesn’t answer and instead, fishes out a can of Coke from his bag and gives it to me.There’s something bugging me in the back of my mind and then I remember Josh’s message. This must be what he’s referring to!

The man then asks me to sign some stuff and after that, bolts his way to the elevator as if I have a virus or something. I don’t know if I should feel offended or if I should laugh with what just happened but since it’s the dead of the night and I’m dead tired as well, I do the latter. I watch him trip a couple of times even though there is really nothing there for him to trip on. I shake my head.

Oh the effect I can have. The effect I can have.

When I get to be back inside again, I’m quick to grab the phone and dial Josh’s number. A few rings here and there and then I’m finally listening to his voice.


“Why the hell are you sending me pizza and softdrinks at midnight?” I demand, opening the box. A savory swell of mixed meat and cheese fills my nose and instantly, I’m in heaven. I don’t even know why I even try to sound angry at him when I should be thankful. It’s pizza and it’s free. “And why the hell is it only half?”

Oh, maybe that’s why.

“First of all, I know they’re not flowers but you’re welcome,” he laughs and he’s making this irritating chewing sound that he does when he’s eating. “Second, because I have the other half.”

“What do you mean you have the other half?”

“I mean I have the other half. Like I’m eating it right now.”

I chuckle, imagining him wiping his mouth with a tissue because despite what he says, he’s a messy pizza eater. And yes, I can tell because I’ve mastered the proper way of eating it. “I know you know I already had pizza today, right?”

“Oh, you mean when you stumbled over a cone? Yes, yes I think I do know that.” He’s teasing me and I know I should act annoyed like I usually do but he sounds so up and playful that I just can’t help but smile.

“The whole world knows that,” I correct him and we both laugh. It takes a while before one of us speaks again and it’s him who does.

“Well,” he begins and I find myself leaning in closer, hanging on to his every word. “I just thought you need more pizza… and someone to eat pizza with.”

“I told you I already did. With Laura and practically the whole Hollywood. We even broke the internet.”

“Yes, I know. But I mean like, now,” The sudden shift in his tone surprises me because one minute he’s so perky and then the next, he’s serious. “I know you’re not that happy as what you think you are. I know you wanted to win, Jennifer.”

“Y-You’re wrong. I don’t— I really don’t mind— I’m happy it was Lupita who won and— ”

I hate it when he does that. I hate it when he sees through my lies, sees the yes through my nos and my nos through my yes. I hate it when he sees through me. I really hate it. Not just because I don’t like feeling vulnerable but also for the fact that it’s only him who can do that and he’s not even my boyfriend. He’s just a friend, one of my closest. And I’m trying my best to convince myself there’s nothing more.

“I’m a bad person,” I confess, my voice shaking the way it does when I’m about to cry. He’s right. I’m not happy that I lost. Who the hell in the world does, anyway? Rejection is never a good thing. Well, it is when you know you can stand up again and move on. But most of the times, it just isn’t. And self-esteem isn’t something you can easily have back. Yes it’ll return to you but you can never ever look at yourself the same way again. “I’m a bad bad person. I don’t deserve their love and praises.”

“Hey, listen. You’re not,” he says gently, almost like a whisper. “And yes, you do. I know you’ve heard this many times but you are really the most amazing, talented, beautiful person I’ve ever met and believe me when I say you deserve everything.”

Usually, I find it hard for me to accept compliments but this time, I let his words cheer me up. I don’t say anything back though. He doesn’t either and I really appreciate it.

“It feels like you need a hug.” Like always, it’s him who breaks the silence and I hear myself laughing with his stupid statement. It’s true though. I do need a hug right now but I don’t give him the satisfaction of me acknowledging it. “And I know of a way to give you one.”

“Really?” I reply in a challenging tone.

“Yeah. Wrap your free arm around your neck.”


“Just do it!”

I hesitate at first but I do it nevertheless. “I did it. What now?”

“That’s me giving you a hug,” he chuckles with a hint of shyness which I admit I always find cute in him. “Feel any better?”

Okay, to be honest the idea is sweet but…no. Just no. “Tell me, just when did hugging yourself in an awkward position has ever made you feel better? I’ve never had much self-pity for myself until now!”

“Well, sorry for trying to cheer you up!” he snaps back but I know he doesn’t mean it.

“Haha. I can give you one more chance though,” I say and he snorts in return but agrees with me eventually.

“Fine. Do you have the can with you?” Josh asks and I tell him yes. “Good, now place it in your forehead.” I do what he says and my eyes close on their own as I feel the cool metal pressed against my skin. Damn, it feels good.

“And that’s me…” he pauses and I listen closely, waiting for him to continue. “That’s me giving you a kiss.”

I smile when he says that and I allow myself to wander a bit. Imagine him here with me where I can feel his hands caressing my shoulders, his lips touching my forehead softly for real. A warm, comforting sensation soon runs through me and I feel my heart racing which is weird because it has been such a long time since it last did.

“Good night, Jen,” he mutters and then without any warning, ends the call.

He didn’t even let me wish him back good night or say thank you. But I know we will see each other tomorrow. Maybe I will do it then. So just for tonight, I bring the can close to my lips and press it right there, right to the spot where it touched my forehead only minutes ago.

A cold kiss to the boy with the pizza.