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🎄🎁"Christmas with Cuphead”🎁🎄

• Grab yourself a mug of hot cocoa and a cozy sweater and celebrate Christmas with the Heroes and Villains of Inkwell Isle! •

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This is why you don’t want to challenge Rick Sanchez to a snowball fight. He will go and within five minutes have modified the family’s leaf blower into a snowball mini gun.

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Hello im like legit asking a question and not trying to be mean but what do you mean by the Spock is jewish thing? I have never seen it before and I would like to know more about it if you don't mind.

Yes! no problemo friend!

Leonard nimoy himself (along with William Shatner and a few other crew members) was an orthodox jewish man, and he incorporated many aspects of his life and religion into spocks character and Vulcan society as a whole. Most notably the LLAP hand sign that he borrowed from a Jewish benediction ritual. Vulcans were conceived of as cerebral, pacifist, and intellectual. it fits jewish stereotypes of being bookish, learned, scholarly, and smart x. 

Another thing is how spock is perceived to be an outsider and the only non human crew member, its based on his experiences growing up as a kid. Its a pointed ears= big nose kinda thing. he definitely faced his own kind of anti-Semitism on the enterprise. He’s even gone on to say that “everything I do is informed by my Judaism. A lot of what I’ve put into Spock came to me through my Jewish orientation” x . I’ve pretty much accepted that Amanda was jewish and passed it down to him. also side note: Leonard Nimoy used to do Yiddish plays in his spare time and preformed Shakespeare in Yiddish and if that’s not the cutest thing 

so ya, happy Hanukkah

Best Laid Plans

Properly late this time.

(Also posted on AO3)

“Alright!” Teddy said loudly clapping his hands.

Victoire rolled her eyes, “We’re all right ‘ere, Teddy. You don’t need to shout.”

“This is the very important first meeting of the-” Teddy hesitated and bought time by climbing up to stand on the empty teacher’s desk in the classroom they were meeting in, “The Cupid Club!”

Peter groaned.

“That is an 'orrible name,” Victoire frowned.

Daisy and Saanvi giggled, leaning into one another.

“Whatever,” Teddy said dismissively, “We can work out a better name later. The important thing is, we’re all here for one united purpose!” He paused to gesture dramatically and the other students stared at him, Daisy and Saavi giggled.

Teddy sighed, “You could show a little more enthusiasm, you know!”

“Should we clap?” Peter asked.

“Get on with it, Ted,” Victoire prompted with an exasperated smile.

Teddy said, “Fine. So, we’ve all seen my cousin and godfather, the illustrious Professor Potter and Professor Malfoy, flirting-”

“Insults really don’t seem like flirting to me,” Victoire said. To try and quell Teddy’s puppy dog expression she added, “They do look good together.”

Saanvi sighed, “Have you seen how Professor Potter smiles when Professor Malfoy talks with him?”

“He just lights up!” Daisy said with a giggle, “It’s the sweetest thing.”

“But what about Professor Malfoy?” Victoire said, “ 'E is always sneering and smirking at 'arry.”

“He stares at his arse.”

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“There’s no regret. You can’t regret. I mean, I’ve felt regret but I’ve also refused to allow regret to sow a seed and live in me because I don’t believe it. You feel it, it’s like guilt, it’s like jealousy, it’s like all those horrible things. You’ve just got to snip them and get them out, because they’re no good.“  

Jude Law

Sanctuary - Part 3

Genre: Hybrid! BTS, BTS AU, fluff

Pairing: Hybrid! OT7 x reader

Warnings: nope!

Summary: The adventures of living with 7 hybrids.

Authors Note: Here’s part 3! Thanksgiving celebration!

Post Date: 11/27/17

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The next morning you woke up alone. This was odd because Taehyung was usually the last to get up in the house. Before escaping the warmth of your bed, you stretched your neck a bit. As you entered the hallway, a delicious smell wafted under your nose. This scent led you straight into the kitchen, where you found the whole group making breakfast.

“What’s this?” you asked.

“GOOD MORNING Y/N!” Hobi said loudly, spreading his arms to the sky. You couldn’t help but wince at the sheer enthusiasm and energy he was exuding so early in the morning. Yoongi approached you, taking your hand. He led you to the dining room table, which was already set.

“We’re making you breakfast,” he said.

“Oh that’s so sweet you guys. Thank you!” Jimin walked up to you with a cup of coffee. He handed it to you before nuzzling into your free hand. The days since movie night, he had really opened up with the boys. He now easily fit in. You took a sip while scratching behind his ears. He purred and wiggled his head onto your lap. Such a cuddle bug.

“Jimin-ah,” said Taehyung, “Can you help me with this?” Jimin popped up from your lap. He quickly excused himself and headed over to Tae. The tiger was standing over the mixer with a confused look on his face. Jimin inspected it himself and mumbled a few things. The two looked like scientists discussing a new discovery. Jimin reached for the mixing button. Before the two could be coated in batter, Jin stepped in.

Breakfast consisted of pancakes, hash browns and bacon. The boys made sure to serve you before themselves. Eventually they all settled in.

“- and Yoongi-hyung showed me the best sun bathing spots in the house,” Jimin said.

Yoongi shrugged nonchalantly. You saw some of the non-felines shake their heads in amusement. They didn’t quite understand their love of high places and sunshine.

“Jiminie I could show you some cool places in the woods,” Namjoon said.

“He’d probably like to learn some tricks in the kitchen,” Jin offered, wriggling his brows.

“Orrr I could show him the best walking paths,” Hobi said once he swallowed his food.

“Hyung we can play video games together after breakfast,” Jungkook said.

Despite the bombardment of attention, Jimin was smiling brightly, nodding at all their suggestions. You were tickled pink to see him receive them well.

“We all have to wash up after breakfast, so don’t play too long,” you said. Jungkook nodded, stuffing more pancakes into his face.

“This is the first time we get to go into town all together!” Jin exclaimed suddenly.

“Yeah, it’ll be interesting,” said Yoongi. You could hear Hobi’s tail hitting the back of his chair in excitement.

“Jin do you still have that list?” you asked.

“Yes!” He pulled a well-worn piece of paper out of his pocket.

“Perfect. Thank you.”

Namjoon helped you round up the group once the Taxi arrived. He often took over as the pack leader. The role naturally came to him and even the older boys didn’t question it.

“Disposable bags?” he asked. Jungkook held up a handful of bags.

“Check,” said the bunny.

“List?” Jin waved the piece of paper in the air.

“Check,” the fox said.

“Cellphones?” Everyone rummaged through their pockets for the familiar rectangle. They all nodded in affirmation.

“Y/N?” Namjoon asked, turning around. You suddenly felt a pair of arms on you. Hoseok lifted you high up into the air, as if you weighed nothing.

“Check!” said the dog. You laughed as your feet met the ground

“Yes, yes, I’m here and so is the taxi, so let’s get going.”

The boys politely greeted the taxi driver, who seemed a bit overwhelmed with the number of hybrids piling into his car. Jungkook and Tae fought over who would sit next to Jimin. They finally settled on Jimin sitting between them. Hoseok sat next to Jungkook. Jin insisted he sat in the passenger seat, so you sat in between Namjoon and Yoongi in the front row.

The trip would take about half an hour. Namjoon settled into a new book he was reading. Yoongi looked out the window, immersed in his thoughts. Jin conversed with the taxi driver, who was immediately charmed. The four in the back were playing a word game. The warmth of the packed car, along with the rumbling of the engine began to take its toll on you. Your eyes slowly slid shut before your head fell over onto Namjoon’s shoulder. The wolf smiled to himself and wrapped an arm around your shoulder, holding your head in place.

The next thing you knew, Namjoon was waking you.

“Y/N, we’re here.” You inhaled and sat upright.

“Oh, okay.” The car was empty except for you, Namjoon and the driver. He gave you a kind smile over his shoulder. Shaking the sleepiness away, you handed him the money and thanked him.

“It was my pleasure. Your hybrids are so polite,” said the taxi driver.

The boys had waited for you at the entrance of the local grocery store. The small town wasn’t used to seeing hybrids, but after a few years and several hundred trips into town, they became well known members of the community.

Jin and Yoongi grabbed shopping carts while Namjoon consulted the list. You were browsing the produce when you heard a bit of a commotion. Mrs. Booth had spotted Hobi from across the store and quickly waddled over to him, her eyes crinkling in a soft smile.

“Oh Hoseok dear. So good to see you,” she said, patting his arm gently.

“Mrs. Booth! How are you?” Hobi asked, his tail wagging in excitement.

“Oh just dandy. I see you’re shopping with all your friends. What’s the occasion?”

“We’re getting ready for a Thanksgiving feast!”

“How wonderful. I should really introduce you to my granddaughter. A handsome man like you is hard to come by,” she said. Hobi’s cheeks heated and he laughed nervously. Mrs. Booth reached up and patted his head kindly.

“My, my I was just teasing you. You already have Y/N.”

“Oh yeah I love Y/N,” Hoseok said with a grin.

“So forward,” Mrs. Booth said with a laugh. Hoseok tiled his head in confusion but laughed along. “You’ll get separated with your group if I keep you any longer dear. Have a wonderful thanksgiving.”

“I will Mrs. Booth. Happy holidays!” Hobi bounded off to catch up with the rest of the group.

Throughout the trip, both Taehyung and Jungkook would come up to you with treats in their hands and the best pouting face they could muster. You tried to stay strong but ultimately you failed. Eventually Yoongi scolded them for taking advantage of you. He stood by your side to shoo away any more pleas for treats. You linked arms with him. His fluffy tail swayed behind him in contentment.

Jimin seemed a bit overwhelmed so Jin took him under his wing. He gave Jimin the grand tour of the store, pointing out the exotic foods and the best brands to buy from. He spoke of mouth-watering dishes and aromatics. If Jimin’s eyes could sparkle, they would. Jin seemed to turn the small-town market into a fantasy land of infinite possibilities. By the end of the trip, Jimin had fallen in love with the grocery store.

Several townspeople greeted you, noticing the new addition to your group. Jimin was still a bit shy with strangers. They gushed at how cute he was, causing him to blush and grab onto the back of your shirt. He would smile kindly at them and introduce himself. The other boys proudly talked about their new brother, bragging about his kindness and good looks.

 As you waited for the taxi to come pick you up, a little girl approached Taehyung.

“Tiger!” she said, pointing at him. Tae knelt to her level and grinned.

“Hello!” he greeted. Her eyes widened when she saw the soft ears atop his head. Noticing her stare, Tae tilted his head down, so she could pet him. Her pudgy hands cautiously touched the soft fur. A squeal of delight rippled through her. She used both of her hands to pet his ears.

The little girl jumped up and down, her excitement overflowing. Tae melted at the adorable sight. He gladly answered her questions such as do you live in the jungle and can you roar.

“Oh Nellie!” a woman cried, running to the little girl. “I’m sorry if she was bothering you.”

“Oh not at all,” Tae said, standing up.

“Mommy, he’s my tiger friend,” said Nellie.

“Wow, wait till you tell your friends at school,” her mother gushed.

Tae waved the two off before rejoining the group, a large grin never leaving his face.

You and the gang arrived home just at sunset. Jungkook showed off his bunny strength by carrying four bags into the house. The rest of the boys carried a bag each. It took only 15 minutes to unpack the groceries with all the helping hands. Jin checked off his list once more, making sure that nothing was forgotten.

When all was said and done, Jin noticed you were no where to be seen. With his sensitive ears, he honed in on the sound of your breathing. You were passed out on the couch, a particular black cat snuggled up next to you. Jin smiled and pulled a blanket over the two of you. Jimin came in and gave the eldest a confused look.

“She always get’s tired after going out,” he whispered. Jimin smiled as you snuggled closer to Yoongi. Even in his sleep, he was purring. Jin took Jimin by the hand and led him out of the living room. The rest of the boys were hanging about each other’s rooms. Hobi and Namjoon were looking up turkeys online while Jungkook and Tae watched an anime movie.

 The next day was the big day: Thanksgiving. You woke up bright and early to get the breakfast started. Jin would be doing enough cooking today so you gladly took over the first meal. Namjoon was nowhere to be seen, as he got up at dawn to hunt down a turkey. As the rest of the boys ate their fill and washed up for the day, you ventured into the attic. It was a bit unusual, but you like to decorate the house a bit for thanksgiving.

Jin, Yoongi and Jungkook were in charge of kitchen duties. The rest of the boys helped you put up the decorations. There wasn’t much, a few fall-themed wreathes, turkey dolls and a fake cornucopia. Jimin pulled out a banner from the box.

“What’s this?”

“Oh, that’s our little sign,” you said. The cat unfolded it to reveal a hand-made banner that read “Happy Thanksgiving.” All around it were handprints with names underneath them.

“Let’s add your handprint Jimin. You’re part of the family now,” you said. Jimin looked over at you and started to tear up.

“Really?” he said

“Awe, yes, really.” You wiped away his tears of joy with a smile. He put the banner aside to hide his face in your neck. He was embarrassed to cry in front of the others. Tae and Hobi found some paint and a brush. They helped paint Jimin’s delicate hand a deep red. The cat studied the banner intensely. Eventually, he settled on dotting the first ‘i’ with his hand print. Taehyung and Hoseok cheered dramatically, making Jimin smile.

With clean hands, Jimin signed his name by his mark. To some people it might seem like a childish thing. To him it was a moment he would never forget. Not only was it the first holiday he celebrated in earnest, but it marked his permanent place in this family. He had finally found his forever home. 

As it neared time to eat the Thanksgiving feast, Namjoon still hadn’t come home. You looked at the sun as it began to set. Hobi found his place at your shoulder, mimicking your gaze. He let out a small whimper, his ears falling to the side of his head.

“Hey, don’t worry. I’m sure he’s just being stubborn about catching a turkey.” You massaged his ears to reassure him. “I’ll call him in now.”

The cold air pinched at your cheeks as you stepped outside. You looked around for a moment before cupping your hands around your mouth.

“Joooooonnniiieee! Come in now! There’s always next year!” Calling out to him usually worked. His hearing was much better than a human’s. You stood in the cold, sniffling at odd intervals. Within two minutes a tall figure emerged from the forest. He was empty handed, but his expression didn’t reveal any sadness or anger. He quickly ushered you inside, chiding you about not putting on a hat.

“No luck huh?” you asked as you stepped inside.

“No. But it was nice to run around and hunt again. I could’ve nabbed us a lot of rabbits but…I think Jungkook wouldn’t like that.”

“Good idea.” As Namjoon leaned down the untie his shoes, you rubbed his ears to warm them up. He grinned at you, showing off his cute dimples. At that moment Hoseok ran in and tackled Namjoon. His tail wagged furiously as he smothered his best friend. The wolf looked a bit confused, so you mouthed “he was worried.” A knowing smile formed on his lips and he returned the hug.

As you walked into the kitchen, you were hit with a wonderful aroma.

“Jin it smells amazing in here. I can’t wait to try out your new dishes!” The fox turned around to reveal his comically feminine apron. He was as pretty as a housewife. His fluffy tail wagged lightly behind him at your compliment.

“Wait no more. Dinner is ready,” he said. As if a bell had been rung, the rest of the boys entered the kitchen, some running, some scrambling. They all quickly found their seats while you and Jin put the dishes on the table. The feast included a large golden turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, cranberry sauce, stuffing, roasted root vegetables and fresh-baked dinner rolls.

You stood from your seat and looked around the table.

“Before we eat, I’d like to go around and say what we’re thankful for.” The boys nodded their heads in agreement. “I can go first if no one else wants to.” There were no volunteers, so you continued. “I’m thankful for a lot of things. I have a beautiful house that costs nothing. I have a wonderful family that keeps growing. Every day I wake up I feel loved and appreciated. With the seven of you, everyday is an adventure. I would have never guessed that my life would be like this. It’s better than my wildest daydreams.”

Smiling gracefully, you took a seat. Jin stood from your right. “I’m thankful for food, the ability to cook and all of you. Before I lived here, my life was uncertain and dark. Now it’s bright and clear.”

Next was Jungkook. “I’m thankful for videogames, consoles and my brothers. And Y/N of course. I’m thankful for her too.”

Jimin stood. “This family is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Thanks to Y/N’s kindness and patience I’ve become part of your world. I’ve never felt so welcomed and understood in my life. I’m so thankful for everyone.” A chorus of “awwww” and “JIMINIE!” echoed throughout the dining room. Those closest to him gathered him up in a hug. The calico cat was smiling so widely his eyes turned into crescent moons.

Once everyone calmed down, Hoseok stood for his turn. “I’m thankful for walks, pets, and all of you!”

The rest of the boys briefly described what they were thankful for. Namjoon was thankful for the woods, his independence and his family. Taehyung was thankful for his garden, video games and being able to bite things. Yoongi was the last to go.

“A lot of what was already described are things I’m thankful for too. I’m thankful for naps, sun patches and Y/N. Without her taking me in, I would’ve never met all of you.”

Everyone clapped as Yoongi sat down. Without any more pretense, the feast begun. Jin’s dishes were a big hit. Compliments flew from every direction about the savory gravy and the perfectly cooked turkey. Plates were filled twice, some even thrice. By the end, everyone patted their full bellies, a food coma on the horizon.

You were cleaning up the kitchen while the rest of the boys hung out in the living room. You insisted you cleaned up alone, so they could enjoy the rest of their evening. Honestly, you wanted to work off all those calories you consumed. Once you finished you ventured into the family room. There you found the boys snoozing in a hybrid pile. Stifling a laugh, you turned off the television and laid a few blankets over them.

My first thought was a snow fort? Hahaha idk ╮(^▽^)╭
I hope you all like this, and I hope you all had a wonderful Smissmas/holiday/etc.
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