mrs hanna

Grunwald has always been important to the story… and in 7x08 she says to Hanna there is a darkness surrounding her and Caleb. And what is around Hanna and Caleb? Spencer.
For the record, this is the episode where Spencer and Aria talk to the doctor who help Mary deliver ‘two of her babies’.
Spencer’s twin is coming.


In episode 7x08 and Mrs Grunwald visits hanna and they go the radley, I’m watching it now and thinking why have they gone all that way when they’ve could have stayed at Lucas’ loft or the brew????

Grunwald talks about a darkness and danger.

She says something interesting about HIM being linked to radley, and Hanna thought it was Noel and Noel was the one who they thought was A.D. But remember when it wasn’t a hotel - who worked there? WREN WREN WREN

Wren has something to do with it I can feel it


New video for The Julie Ruin’s “Mr. So and So,” directed by Kathleen Hanna!

Hanna's scholarship

Cece/Charlotte knows everything about the liars including Hanna’s issues with her dad.

She found out that Hanna’s dad decided to pay for Kate’s college instead of Hanna’s.

Also she noticed that when the liars escaped the dollhouse Hanna’s dad didn’t come see her once.

Mr.D never came to visit Cece/Charlotte in Radley, didn’t accept her as transgender, and was the reason she got sent to Radley in the first place.

So when she realized she loved the liars, she paid for Hanna’s college since her dad wouldn’t since they both have issues with their fathers