mrs hanna

The gang’s chilling at the malt shop, as per usual. The Mystery Machine sits out front, minding its own business.

Oh noes, the bad guy appears!

He stretches out his spectacularly-long arms.

Ha, joke’s on you, bad guy! Freddy keeps the Mystery Machine locked, like any wise owner of a–


I, uh….

Well, then.

…the real villain of this episode isn’t Mr. Hyde after all.

It’s unsafe van security practices.

Mrs. Baker is so underrated she’s honestly probably one of my favorite characters. you really see her change from the past episodes to the present episodes. she’s so happy and she’s glowing but after her daughter dies not only her personality but her appearance goes to shit. she’s been through quite possibly the worst thing any parent could ever go through; finding your own son or daughter dead after they killed themselves. now all she’s gonna be thinking the rest of her life is what did i do wrong. hannah’s parents honestly deserved so much more then they got.


★ countdown to 7b ★
         ≈ “the talented mr. rollins” (7x03)

Teacher’s pet

Namjoon x reader

genre: professor!Namjoon, slight dom!namjoon, smut

word count: 6.1k

especially for @lonely-kitten-named-bambi and my other Boos out there

Your new literature professor, Kim Namjoon, decided to make you the teacher’s personal pet..

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“...Carl, get over here.”

Carl the Animator: “Is it important?”

Ted the Animator: “Yes.”

Carl the Animator: “…more important than opening my new Mr. Meeseeks socks?”

Ted the Animator: Very yes.

Carl the Animator: “Fine, fine, I’m coming.”

Ted the Animator: “Carl, can you explain this?”

Carl the Animator: “Oh. Uhh….”

Ted the Animator: “Well, what do you have to say for yourself?”

Carl the Animator: “It’s, uh… a glitch in their virtual world that just so happens to make them pop in exactly like when an animator forgets to pay attention to where the edge of the frame begins.”

Ted the Animator: “…and you’re ok with the scene staying this way?”

Carl the Animator: Definitely. The kids at home won’t notice.”

Ted the Animator: “Come on, where’s your sense of pride in your work? The satisfaction of a job well done? The honor inherent to the artistic craft?”

Carl the Animator: “At the moment, it’s tucked away inside my Mr. Meeseeks socks, which I’m gonna go open now.”

Ted the Animator: “This is why the show can’t have nice things.”


★ countdown to 7b ★
       ≈ “exes and omgs” (7x08)

Grunwald has always been important to the story… and in 7x08 she says to Hanna there is a darkness surrounding her and Caleb. And what is around Hanna and Caleb? Spencer.
For the record, this is the episode where Spencer and Aria talk to the doctor who help Mary deliver ‘two of her babies’.
Spencer’s twin is coming.

Bonnibel Bubblegum (Adventure Time)

And so here is the last of the first 4 episodes of Season 9 and this one in particular is a huge lore bomb and raises many questions about what’s to come with Uncle Gumbald and the rest of the series!

I’m glad that PB has an episode named after her, similar to Finn the Human, Jake the Dog and Marceline the Vampire Queen, which all have to deal with huge backstory and Bonnibel Bubblegum is indeed a ton of lore from PB’s character and the Candy Kingdom.

While swimming in a lake, Finn gives PB the silver cup that BMO & Ice King got from Uncle Gumbald in Always BMO Closing.

Princess Bubblegum gets reminded of how her uncle used that cup and decides to tell Finn, Jake and Marceline some of her history, like 800 years ago.

We see a young Bonnibel traveling in an abandoned house, finding a family photo which makes her create a gum family with Neddy.

She creates a cousin named Chicle, an aunt named Lolly and of course, Uncle Gumbald!

They help farm the area, however Bonnie’s family turns against her due to wanting to brand their family and turn the farm into apartments. Gumbald ends up cutting down taffy trees, building a cabin and creating a family crest symbol.

Bonnie ends up creating a lake, which becomes Lake Butterscotch, as well as creating the gummy fish, which appeared in The Comet. Gumbald gets angry that she micro-managed her and plots to re-brand her.

The family gives Bonnie a car with a boyfriend, being Mr. Cream Puff and while she comes back, Gumbald makes a juice that turns people into candy people, but also makes poison cupcakes that changes Chicle to be a cookie named Crunchy and Lolly into a talking piñata named Manfried.

Bonnie is shocked to see Gumbald turn against her and ends up pea shooting the juice, which changes Gumbald to be a Punch Bowl.

Bonnie titles herself as a princess to the candy people and back in the present, BMO reveals where he got the cup was from Gumbald, ending on a suspenseful cliffhanger.

This episode was filled so much continuity, depth and backstory that I did not expect to see make consequences in Adventure Time!

First of all, it seems that LSP’s anti-elemental effect from the end of Skyhooks II in Elements, made Crunchy, Lolly and Punchy change back into their original forms, which is why Uncle Gumbald is back and plotting revenge against Finn.

We even got to see a cameo of PB’s ex-boyfriend, Mr. Cream Puff, which was also created by Gumbald.

I even noticed how they were in the shot of that episode and was amazed they put them in the background on purpose and now it makes sense why there was missing Crunchy posters in the past 2 episodes.

I liked how we got to see more of Neddy and how PB herself created a family and had to fix her own mistakes.

Bonnie is a very flawed character, but she is one of my favourites and the writers for this episode, Aleks Sennwald & Hanna K. Nystrom gave her one of the best episodes, being Jelly Beans Have Power and this is another fantastic episode showing her flaws and what she had to overcome of her past.

As a young girl, she’s really smart and quite fun to watch.

Hanna & Aleks are some of the favourite storyboarders that came on the show and I can’t wait to see their last remaining episodes.

The continuity was incredible, as we got to see Gumbald chop down the taffy trees in a single night, which PB explained in Susan Strong all the way back from Season 2 and the cabin that Gumbald built that PB explained she used to stay in Hot Diggity Doom from Season 6.

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Even the beginning of the episode was pretty laid-back and it’s cool to see Finn, Jake, Marceline and Bonnie all chilling. More Bubbline too!

I liked the slight nod that Bonnie mentions that family is tricky and how both Finn and Marcy can relate, but Jake couldn’t, which makes sense as Jake doesn’t like to talk about his past.

Aside from The Wild Hunt, this episode was one of my favourites from Season 9, so far. I love episodes that give further detail and lore about the world and characters of Ooo and recognizing characters’ problems with past and what they had to do to get to where they are in the present.

I’m sad there’s such little time left of the show and I really want to know what exactly Gumbald’s plans are and what he hopes to achieve.

I’m hoping for the return of GOLB, as well as what’s happening with Betty and Normal Man on Mars, but it’s probably best to wait and see what the Adventure Time crew has planned for the end.

I cannot wait for more! These were a fun string of episodes.


Title: Hanna Barbera’s SCOOBY DOO - At The Zoo

Series: Tell-A-Tale 2570

Characters: Scooby Doo, Shaggy Rogers, Velma Dinkley, Daphne Blake, Fred Jones, Mr. Zupper the zoo keeper, various animals

Creators: by Stella Williams Nathan, illustrated by Adam Szwejkowski and Bob Totten

Year: 1974 by Hanna Barbera Productions Inc.

Publisher(s): A Whitman Book, Western Publishing Company Inc.

Story: Animals at the Zoo have gone missing and Mystery Inc. has been called in to help. Fred, Daphne, Velma, Shaggy and Scooby-Doo arrive at the Happy Days Zoo Park in the Mystery machine to lend a hand to zoo keeper Mr. Zupper.

Good/Bad: The art is awesome. The story is fine.