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The Five OTP's Challenge

I was tagged with @letitrainathousandflames (thanks a lot, bud) so here we go:

1. Angeline Fowl x Artemis Fowl Senior (Artemis Fowl) AND Sherlock x Molly (Sherlock) (I can’t choose, I’m sorry I don’t make the rules, also Mr & Mrs Fowl are relationship goals)

2. Pope Pius XIII x Any happiness in his goddamn life (The Young Pope) (Also with his first girlfriend who I secretly imagine to be the new POTUS but that ain’t happenin folks)

3. John x Mary (Sherlock) (I love Warstan - FITE ME) AND Jim Moriarty x Sherlock (Sherlock) (Again, I don’t make the rules)

4. Jim Moriarty x Sebastian Moran (Sherlock)

5. Gina Linetti x The Psychologist Who Met Her At Holt’s Birthday Party (They’re canon for me)

I tag @adelinehatter @geeklychic1012, @markwatneyandensemble, @a-not-so-amazing-disaster and @drinksomemoriartea along with @a-good-ol-fashioned-villain. Have fun peeps!

topp dogg as jimmy neutron characters
  • yano: jimmy neutron
  • hansol: goddard (the robot dog)
  • b-joo: carl
  • kidoh: sheen
  • a-tom: cindy
  • gohn: libby
  • xero: nick dean
  • p-goon: jimmy's dad
  • sangdo: jimmy's mom
  • jenissi: mrs fowl
  • nakta: bolbi stroganovsky
  • hojoon: betty
  • seogoong: the "hi im paul" monkey

I had a dream last night that I was Artemis and for some reason I had like eight older brothers (all of them were ‘geniuses’ but since I was Artemis, none of them were as smart as me). Anyway, for some reason all of us had written these incredible and super sappy romance novels and we had them laying around all over the mansion because Mrs. And Mr. Fowl weren’t home.

It was at this moment, when I was in the middle of reading my brothers book, that Holly called me on the communicator thing and stated “Hey mudboy. I’m just about to head up there, apparently the LEP got a warrant to search your mansion. Just thought I’d warn you.”

So I thanked her, hung up calmly, and then slowly turned to my brothers who had all turned deathly quiet, some even rather pale.

“Well, it is obvious what we must do, is it not?” The eldest brother stated calmly, all of us gravely nodding our heads.

It was then that we all stood up and then made a mad and rather panicked dash through the house, grabbing drafts and books and hurling them into the fire, or shredder as quickly as possible. Because if one thing was for sure, I would not give Fouly, or anyone for that matter, the pleasure of knowing that the Great Fowls wrote sappy romance novels.