mrs foreman

Go for the Head

so, I was thinking about how human bodies can survive a great deal of damage, right? 

probably all the guides on humans say things like “if you really need to kill one, go for the head. that’s the surest way to kill a human.” 

but do you realize that even that might just not be enough?

please, allow me to introduce Mr. Phineas Gage. 

Mr. Gage was a foreman working in the construction of railroads. He is most famous because he survived an hideous accident where a 3.2 cm thick, 1 meter long iron rod was driven into his brain by an explosion. 

Let me repeat: an iron pole rocketing through the organ that controls the whole body was not enough to kill him

Just in case you need another picture to get the idea of just how serious was the injury. 

of course such a severe injury could not leave him unscarred: his personality changed completely, and he had moments of delirium. 

but he survived. not only that, but he went on having a relatively normal life. his speech, movement and intelligence WERE NOT IMPAIRED BY THE INJURY. 

aliens have all the more reason to be scared shitless of us. 

Bad For You | Chapter One

Genre: Angst, Highschool AU

Warnings: Swearing

Words: 1.7k

Summary: Phil is the new kid that just moved in next door to Dan but he is quite different from everyone else. He has tattoos all up his arms and piercings that litter his face. Dan isn’t too keen of Phil’s appearance and immediately takes a hatred towards him. Can Dan and Phil ever be friends or is Phil too bad for him.


I glanced at the new student nervously. I couldn’t tell which made me more uneasy; his tattoos or the piercings. The two lip rings taunted me and the neon green nose ring made me shift uncomfortably in my seat. Though the tattoo that inked the new kid’s body are more than interesting, I found people of his appearance unsettling.

“Mrs. Foreman,” I raised my hand tentatively. “Can I use the bathroom please?” The teacher nodded and I began to pack my stuff into my bag in fear they may be taken, shifting my bag away from the new kid I’d been seated next to.

“Don’t worry I won’t steal your stuff,” The kid whispered while giving a dirty look at me, making me sputter and become ultimately more terrified. “Don’t judge me by my looks, I have a personality too.” He whispered while rubbing his wrists tentatively. I walked out of the classroom, my head down to avoid anyone seeing my bright red cheeks.

I sat alone at lunch, wedged between the vending machines and the old art building.

“You never struck me as the eat lunch alone type guy,” A voice spoke suddenly. “Then again I don’t judge people by the way they look.” I looked up and was met by sparkling blue eyes, a black fringe that was straightened to near perfection, and tattooed arms.

“Well I guess I’m not alone on the whole solitary lunch thing.” I put my head in my hands, not letting myself face the new kid.

“Oh I’m actually eating with some other kids I just wanted to make sure you knew that even though my outer appearance seems a bit…rough,” He gave me a judgemental look. “I’m kind enough to offer you a seat at our table.” I looked over at the group of happy kids, than glanced at the edgy kid in front of me.

“Yeah sure,” I accepted, not wanting to seem anymore rude especially due to the fact I’d basically insulted the inked kid earlier that day.

“I was kinda hoping you’d say no because I don’t plan on befriending someone like you,” Phil rubbed his neck awkwardly.

“I revoke my yes, douchebag.” I picked up my backpack and walked off the campus, ditching the last three classes.

“Wait! I was just kidding!” A voice yell after me. Tattoo Boy rushed catched up to me. “Take a chill pill!”

“You know I don’t care how everyone perceives you,” I turned around. “Everyone keeps talking about the numerous fights you’ve been in, how bad you’re doing in school. I’ve honestly had enough with this, I’m not scared of you!”

“So why do you lock your stuff when I get near? Or watch my piercings when I talk, in fear they may pop off and stab you in the eye?”

“No, ” I defended. “But even you have to admit, your appearance can be a bit…”

“Unnerving?” He raised an eyebrow. “Well since we seem to be making judgments right now, I think you’re a pretentious, stuck-up, anal, posh kid that can’t stand something different from himself.” The dark haired boy jabbed a finger into my chest.

“Fuck off,” I muttered before walking the rest of the way back to my house.


I was sat at the dinner table next to my older brother, Alex, and was mindlessly scrolling through Tumblr under the table.

“Daniel? Are you even listening to what Alexander got on his French test?” My mom snapped a finger in front of my face. “And what did I tell you about using your phone at the dinner table!” I put my phone away begrudgingly.

“Have you met the new next door neighbors yet?” Alex gave a sly smile, as I was openly gay.

“Maybe this weekend, I’m not in a good mood so I don’t think I want their first impression of me to be pissy.” I twirled some more spaghetti absentmindedly.

“Heard their son is hot, his name is Phil.” Alex nudged me.

“That’s great I’ll keep that in mind,” I pushed that to the back of my mind, mentally filing it as possibly useful in the future.

“Can I be excused?” I grumbled.

“Fine but all I wanted was some family time,” My mom guilted.

“Yeah well maybe next time,” I put my dish in the dishwasher and walked to my room upstairs.


I plugged in my iPod in my dock and put on my favorite song on full blast.

“Hey!” A voice shouted. “I get that you’re loving the new Yeezus album but is 12am really the time to show your appreciation?”

“It’s a Friday! Live a little!” I screamed back. After a whole minute of silence I turned back up my volume and continued singing and dancing along to the songs. All of a sudden a clicking noise could be heard and my window slid up and in stepped Tattoo Boy.

“Oh,” He planted his feet on the floor. “Here I am going to meet the neighbors and we’ve already met.”

“Is this how you always introduce yourself? Climbing through windows and all?”

“Only the windows of people who have good music choice,” he pointed at my iPod which had begun playing a Fall Out Boy song.

“I think I would appreciate that comment more if it wasn’t coming from you,” I turned back towards the open window. “How did you even manage to get here?”

“My window is just across so I just hopped onto your ledge,” he shrugged and starting looking through my DVD collection.

“So I’m guessing you’re Phil,” I glanced at him. “My brother described you as ‘hot’ and I’m not gonna lie I expected someone else.”

“Oh I’m sorry I forgot my suitcase and tweed suit at home,” Phil rolled his eyes. “Why do you hate my appearance so bad?”

“I don’t know,” I admitted. “I think it’s because I’ve lived in this town for all my 16 years and not once have I seen something like this.”

“Do you still think I’m hot?” Phil winked.

“Um,” I rubbed my neck awkwardly.

“Hesitation! You could’ve easily have said no but you aren’t sure!” Phil laughed and did a little dance.

“God you’re adorable,” I whispered.

“What?” Phil stopped laughing for a second. “I’m sorry I was too busy celebrating to hear what you said.”

“I said you’re frustrating,” I lied.

“Oh Danny boy you just let yourself get frustrated,” Phil patted my cheek. “Well now that I’ve met the neighbor with good music taste and an even better movie collection, I have to go.” He climbed back out the window and hopped back onto his ledge and with a salute he climbed back into his bedroom.


“So he climbed into your bedroom!” Alex repeated. “In the middle of the night he just hops into your room and then leaves again.”

“Pretty much,” I cringed.

“Was he hot?” Alex smiled.

“I guess,” I shrugged, hoping Alex wouldn’t pry any deeper into it.

“You’re totally crushing! I’d know that look anywhere, you have a crush on the Lester’s son.” Lester that sounded very familiar.

“You mean Lester as in relation to Frederick Lester the senate?” My mouth hung open

“Yeah you didn’t know that,” Alex chewed on his breakfast. “Apparently Phil defied his parents so they moved him to our school to straighten him out.”

“Oh he defiantly defied his parents,” I mumbled.

“We should give him a ride to school,” Alex grabbed his cars keys. “Come on lets go.”


Phil accepted our ride happily, claiming the walk would’ve been ‘excruciating’. Alex had demoted me to the back seat.

“This is the senator’s son we are talking about.” Alex laughed and waited outside Phil’s house. His house was substantially larger than our own due to the fact that the Lester’s had bought the next lot over and expanding the house to twice it’s original size.

“I can’t wait to see your face when you see him for the first time,” I bounced happily in my seat as the front door to his house slowly opened.

“Oh my-” Alex mouth hung open slightly. “He’s even hotter in person and that’s coming from a straight guy!”

“What about the tattoos and stuff?” I gawked at Alex.

“Only make him ten times hotter to be honest.” he smiled. “I think I turned gay just for him only.” I swatted his arm angrily.

“What if his dick is pierced?” Alex wandered aloud. “Note to self, get my dick pierced.”

“I hate you,” I slouched back into my seat as Phil made his way to the passenger side.

“Good morning cuties,” Phil winked.

“Did you hear that Dan? He called you cute!” Alex gushed.

“Yeah, and I would prefer if he didn’t.”

“Woah sorry, I didn’t know you were some homophobe,” Phil grumbled.

“Oh Dan’s quite the opposite,” Alex laughed. “He’s gay.” He raised an eyebrow while looking me up and down.

“Definitely a bottom,” Phil said after some time. Alex broke into a fit of laughter while I turned beet red.

“Can we actually start driving?” I sighed. Being a bottom was nothing I was ashamed of, but the fact that Phil had so easily (and publicly) pointed me out as one, made me question how I came across.


“Do I look like a bottom?” I asked PJ and Chris during my free period.

“Kind of,” Chris pointed at my shirt.

“You wear a lot of black as if to compensate for something. Make yourself seem rougher around the edges so no one thinks you’re soft though we both know that’s a bunch of bullshit.”

“Okay woah that is not true!” I became defensive.

“Well it’s the only logical explanation for why you hate Phil so much, you can’t stand the fact that someone who seems more hardcore than you is putting you to shame. Essentially, he makes you look like a pussy.”

“That’s true,” PJ laughed. “He said you’re a bottom in front of your brother and it kinda made you feel vulnerable for a second.”

“I was not and will not be vulnerable, okay?” I looked them both in the eyes. “This whole thing would’ve been better if you hadn’t ditched me yesterday at lunch to go makeout with eachother.”

“This lunch we’ll sit by you and maybe Phil will leave you alone!” Chris thought aloud.

“Whatever,” I rolled my eyes. “See you at lunch.”


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Another picture of Tom posing with ex-underworld enforcer Fred Foreman on the set of Legend. Ron & Freddie, that is.

Adding the intense earlier pic shared by Steve Wraith.

Source: TheSun / photo: Ray Collins

Add: excerpt from a DailyMail story about the story in TheSun (a kind of desperate, Penrose stairs situation)

Former villain Freddie ‘Brown Bread’ Foreman, 83, has been sharing tales of the east London violent gangsters with A-Lister Tom Hardy – who is set to star as both [Kray] twins in a new film.

He claims that although Ronnie admitted his homosexuality in his mid-teens, his brother Reggie was also gay and his marriage to Frances Shea was a sham. […]

He also revealed for the first time the gang members, known as The Firm, had plans to execute the brothers just before their arrests. ‘The twins were a nuisance and causing grief for everyone else. Some people felt they had to go,’ he said. […]

Mr Foreman, who was convicted of disposing of the body of Jack ‘the Hat’ McVitie, also offered first-hand advice to actor Tom Hardy on Thursday during filming for the new movie. He told Mr Hardy that Reggie often had a ‘quizzical look’ while Ronnie would ‘stare into space’.

The pensioner admitted that Hardy had ‘nailed the part’ and said it was like being with a Kray twin in the flesh.


A very Happy Birthday to the worlds raddest bass player, h**r flipper, and truly one of my biggest role models; Mr. Tim Foreman!
Tim is truly one of the best guys out there, and I am truly completely grateful for how God has used him (and his bro.. I think his name is Jon..) to make such a huge impact on my life.
Thanks for everything, Tim. I hope you have the most wonderful day!