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some Real Talk™ outsiders head canons

-Ponyboy has woken up with boners more than a few times after some intense dreams about Ursula Andress while next to Soda. Out of embarrassment, he usually ends up sleeping on the couch the next night.
-Soda has left condom wrappers in the back of Darry’s truck once or twice, and Darry really lays into him when he does it
-UNTILLL one day Darry did the same (!!!) and Soda- heck, the whole gang- had an absolute field day teasing him about it
-Darry blamed Two-bit when Ponyboy got drunk for the first time after their parents died and Darry only laid off when Ponyboy told him that he did it out of his own will and that it was his own choice that had nothing to do with Two-bit
-Steve sometimes gets embarrassed over how often his dad kicks him out of the house, and instead of sleeping at the curtis’s, he spends the night in his car. Soda knows this and it drives him nuts that Steve won’t let him help.
-Dally is honestly just as forgetful as Ponyboy; always losing his keys, wallet, sometimes a shoe in places but he’d never admit that he had miss placed something
-Dally is Mr. “I knew it was there/ I meant to put in there”
-Johnny blasts his radio in his bedroom when he’s tired of hearing his parents fight and yell
-Steve once walked in on Johnny and Ponyboy practicing kissing girls on stuffed animals and he just slowly backed out of the room and none of them ever spoke about it again

Angsty Conspiracies

WARNING - Most of these are vv sad.

- What if Sodapop is obsessed with cars because of his parents? They died in a car accident, and he feels like he can prevent that from happening to anyone else by fixing them.
- What if Steve doesn’t like Ponyboy because he reminds him too much of Mr. and Mrs. Curtis? Hinton writes that Mrs Curtis took Dally under her wing because he was reckless. What if she did the same with Steve because they both didn’t have mothers to point them in the right direction and she knew that? But when they died he was angry, and Ponyboy acted too much like his mother. However he was already too close to Sodapop to do the same
(Bonus!! - Imagine a hidden box in the closet of the master bedroom full of photos of the boys, including photos of Steve and Ponyboy.)
- What if Darry couldn’t look in the mirror for months after his parents’ deaths because he looks too much like this father, to the point that he would sometimes think it was actually his father in the mirror before he made eye contact with his reflection?
- What if Ponyboy was so angry with Darry all the time because he never got to bond with his father and that’s how Mr. Curtis acted?
- What if Mrs. Curtis took care of the reckless greasers because they clearly didn’t have functional parents and she wanted to give them that?
- What if that’s how Dally came into the gang? He was found by Mrs. Curtis. His dad had kicked him out during yet another drunken stupor. She found him curled underneath a flickering streetlight, cold and drenched from the rain. He was bruised because his father had hit him and he had a sprained ankle from falling down the porch steps. So Mrs. Curtis took him home, tended to his injuries, gave him new clothes, fed him, etc. But most of all she made him feel what it was like to have a mother again.
- What if before he got jumped, Johnny was happy and was also reckless, he would smile freely and show every emotion on his face, but afterwards he felt like he couldn’t show his emotions clearly because it made him vulnerable, and he would hear certain noises that reminded him of the sharp rings and how he was beaten within an inch of his life, which would nearly send him into a panic attack?
- Imagine Johnny having memories of his parents before they were abusive. Of them being real parents. Dinner at the dining table, Mr. Cade pushing him on a swing at the park.
- What if Mr. Cade became abusive first, after becoming an alcoholic due to unknown issues such as possibly losing his job? But Mrs. Cade and Mrs. Curtis were friends, and Mrs. Cade snapped because of marital problems and the accident?
- Imagine that before his mom died, Dally and his father were really close, and as a kid, after his mom died, he didn’t understand why his father would drink and beat him until one day, while it was happening, he broke and asked him, and all his father said was, “You look like your mother. I hate it.”
- Imagine Dallas having older siblings in New York, and he was staying with them because of his father, but he had to go back because they couldn’t afford to take care of him.
- Imagine Dallas having younger siblings, too, who couldn’t escape their dad and him feeling incredibly guilty because he had to leave them behind for his own sake
- What if Two-Bit never cleans because his father did quite frequently and he didn’t want to take over the position of his father and accept that he’s gone?
- What if Two-Bit’s father used to also drink, and was like Steve and Dallas’ fathers, and it terrifies Two-Bit that he might be becoming like him? But the stress makes him want to drink more, creating a vicious vortex.
- What if Steve became angry after the accident, which caused him to lose patience with his alcoholic father in which led to more frequent fights?
- What if Dally’s father regrets everything, and wants nothing more than to apologise, but he knows that he can’t because Dally wouldn’t trust him enough to believe him after everything he’s done?
- What if Tim never wanted to be a gang leader but he does it to scare people away from messing with Curly and Angela?
- What if (after the book) Darry blames himself for everything and thinks it’s his fault because Pony only ran away after Darry hit him, but he never tells anyone that he feels it’s his fault because he thinks that the others already blame him?
- What if Darry doesn’t want to be so strict with Ponyboy but he feels he needs to act like his father to make everything feel normal?
- What if Dally had planned his suicide years earlier, and that he was always suicidal and depressed, but the only thing that was keeping him from actually killing himself was Johnny, and that Johnny was his anchor and his whole reason for sticking around?

(Written by: @someweirdotaku and @karatemcgee)
Hear me out this is long (kinda) but it's what I want for Johnny Cade

What if Johnny lived, but in order for him to breathe on his own again he would have to have a series of different surgeries that costed way too much.

Darry and Soda were out of question for paying, they loved Johnny but they loved staying together more and had to use any money they could get to keep the state happy.

Two-Bit would give Dally all the money that his mom gave him whenever he babysat his sister. The first time he gave money is when he crashed into the Curtis’s house, stood in front of Dally and gave him 85 dollars, two weeks worth of babysitting. Dally had never been so grateful for Two-Bit, and Two-Bit noticed Dally’s hesitation in taking the money so he said “who needs money when you got sneaky hands like these?” Adding jazz hands to show he meant it.

Steve and his dad fought, it got so bad that he got kicked out and in the mornings when Steve came back his dad would beg for forgiveness and gave him money, for a little fight it would range around 10 to 20 dollars if it was a big one it would be 50 to 80 dollars. Steve didn’t want the money, so he put it all in a jar and every month he’d give the jar to Dally.

Ponyboy, despite his overprotective older brothers saying no, always went around town looking for paying jobs, he didn’t have time for a real job due to school and track meets so he went around looking on notice boards and stuff for people who needed their lawn mowed or something and paid fairly. Ever since Dally told the gang the news of Johnny needing surgery Ponyboy didn’t have time for movies or reading or hanging out with Curly Shepherd. He spent all of his spare time looking for jobs. Tim Shepherd always offered him a few hours at the stables, fully paid. He always accepted because money was money. Buck had also caught him on the street and offered to pay him to help out at the bar and he accepted. Even though when Darry found out he and Dally stormed over to Buck’s and gave him a beating he’d never forget, Buck was a little petty about it and lowered Pony’s pay from a huge amount of 5 dollars an hour to 2 dollars every two hours. Bastard.

Dally worked double shifts every day and night, he had hid it from the gang pretty well until Ponyboy was checking what shifts he’d like at the stables and saw Dally had snatched them all, he immediately went over to Dally and scolded him about how important sleep and self care was. When he knew Dally stopped listening he put on the fake waterworks and Tim had snickered, knowing the trick from Angela, and shouted to the other workers “hey guys! Dallas is makin Baby Curtis cry! Quick get Sodapop and Darry on the phone, I’m taking bets on which one arrives under 2 minutes” Dally had grumbled something under his breath and told Ponyboy that he wasn’t going to work himself to death, then let it slip that Johnny didn’t deserve to stay in that hospital where the nurses were mean and the only noise at night was people crying, Ponyboy had frowned and nodded, and Dally gave into Ponyboy’s outstretched arms. The moment Dally’s head hit Ponyboy’s shoulder the sudden memory of Mr Curtis gently placing a tiny, green eyed wonder in his arms came into his mind and he teared up, but if you ask him he would say he had been awake for 72 hours and didn’t know what he was doing.

It took about 4 months but they had all the money in front of a shocked Doctor, who quickly adjusted his glasses and coughed, he said they’d get started as soon as they could and Johnny would be able to go home after 5 different surgeries.

Johnny, who was on the second floor on his hospital bed, heard Two-Bit singing “Johnny is gonna be my bitch, he owes me so much money, I could afford to go to Disneyland, after my bitch Johnny pays me bbbaaaaccckkkk” from the first floor, he raised an eyebrow and peeked his eyes open, shaking his head he thought he imagined it before he heard the familiar voice of Ponyboy Curtis cry loudly “FINALLY THE SWEET SENSATION OF SLEEP WILL BE UP-” for silence, a minute or two, than there were nurses and doctors wheeling Ponyboy past Johnny’s room, Ponyboy peeked one eye open just in time to grin at Johnny.

Headcanons for Dally and Mrs. Curtis’ Relationship

A/N: Some of these are so sad but I hope you guys enjoy them

Word Count: 373

Headcanon Count: 26

Warnings: Death mention

Pairing: Dally Winston x Mrs. Curtis 

- You better believe she adored that boy
- Dally loved her almost as much as he loved his own mother
- Mrs. Curtis fixed his jeans when they ripped at the knee
- She made him soup when he was sick and made him lay down and rest
- “Alcohol and tobacco will not get rid of your cold!”
- “You ain’t my old lady. I’ll do what I want, got it? You can’t boss me around.”
- Dally might have said that, but he didn’t mean it
- Mrs. Curtis knew he didn’t mean it because while he didn’t apologize, he hugged her
- Mrs. Curtis made Dally celebrate his birthday every year with cake, the gang, and a couple of presents
- It’s the first birthday he’s had since he was in New York
- Even then all he got was a hooker and a lost virginity
- Mrs. Curtis bailed Dallas out of jail one time even though Mr. Curtis told her he needed to “learn his lesson”
- Mrs. Curtis could always make Dally smile
- Mrs. Curtis was the only one allowed to ruffle Dally’s hair
- When a hood yelled something particularly obscene at Mrs. Curtis, Dally beat them worse than he had ever beaten almost anyone
- The first time Dallas caught Sylvia cheating on him, Mrs. Curtis was there to comfort him
- Mrs. Curtis was the one person allowed to visit Dally when he was in the cooler because she always put him into a good mood and convinces him to cooperate
- Overtime, Mrs. Curtis convinces Dally to get into less trouble
- The whole gang is miserable when Mr. and Mrs. Curtis die
- Dallas is both sad and infuriated
- That night, he gets so drunk that he almost dies from alcohol poisoning
- Dally doesn’t go to the funeral
- Afterward, however, he goes to their graves when it’s dark out and sobs
- Dallas stays in the Windrixville church for a month after the Curtis parents death, causing the gang to be worried sick on top of grieving
- When he finally does come back, the gang all hugs him
- Bitter, furious, hurt Dally Winston hugs back and decides to stay because he knows that’s what Mrs. Curtis would have wanted

Curtis Family Photo Album

((this is nerdy as hell, ignore me))

A rare photo of Dally that Mrs. Curtis managed to get

Darry, Soda, and Ponyboy at Soda 7th birthday

Johnny and Ponyboy on their first day of school

Darry and Soda during summer break

Darry, Soda, and Mrs. Curtis picking flowers

Dally’s 10th birthday party with the gang

Ponyboy and Johnny playing together (age 2 and 3)

Darry and Soda on Halloween

Mr. Curtis and Soda

Darry and Soda before just before school

Dally trying to hide from the camera (with Ponyboy in the background)

Darry, Soda, Ponyboy, Steve, and Angela hanging out

anonymous asked:

can you do hcs or an imagine with dally being sick with an upset stomach and mrs curtis takes care of him :,)

I was going to make a fic out of this but I just don’t have the energy so here’s some headcanon stuff!!!!!!

-Mrs. Curtis is usually a pretty hands off “take a nap take some aspirin” kinda mom but whenever she’s dealing with someone else’s kind she feels like she’s kinda gotta step it up a little.

-She can always tell when Dally is sick. He’s usually a gigantic smartass but when he doesn’t feel well he doesn’t talk at all. Like at-all at-all.

-If he or Steve or Johnny has anything worse than the sniffles/a hangover she’ll take the day off to watch them.

-Mostly the day consists of Dally and Mrs. Curtis making fun of daytime television.

-Classic plastic puke bowl every family has.

-Unlimited ginger ale and cool cloths. Like a spa except it’s the ghetto and it’s your friend’s mom sponging puke off your face.

-Makes him some Campbell’s soup because that’s just what you do.

-She’s definitely the kinda person who kisses your forehead to see if you have a fever.

-He pretends to hate being doted over but honestly it’s a refreshing experience.

-Somebody usually has to fork over their bedroom for the sickie.

-She disinfects everything and he pretends to sneeze on things just to fuck with her.

-He’s always trying to antagonize her. She can usually tell when he’s feeling better because he’ll slowly stop being polite and meek and go directly back to his jackass self.


As absolutely weird as it sounds, in the 1990s, Muscular Development magazine, usually dedicated to articles like “6 Ways to Build Bigger Arms,” had a running comic strip by Lyman Dally about bodybuilding in space, Max Rep: Mr. Astro Titan. Lyman Dally probably got the job because he designed the NPC logo. Max Rep was to bodybuilding what Speed Racer was to car racing. Crazy characters, and subplots about jewel smugglers. Lots of coaches who say things like “Max, if you get on that stage tonight…you’re going to die!” There was a metaphor about the dangers of anabolics, where they transformed people into xenomorphs.

Max Rep was a very working class guy, very Stallone. Never have I been so sure that a fictional character has a Harley Quinn-style Long Island accent. His girlfriend was basically Zarya from Overwatch: a cute muscular gal with an unusual hair color. She’s the one thing people remember, I guess for the same reason that the only thing most people remember about 1,000,000 BC is that Raquel Welch was in it.

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Whole Gang/More Than One Person

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Can I have some sad jally Hc pleaseeee

-Sometimes after Dally gets locked up, Johnny wonders if he even thinks about him or care at all before doing something so stupid. 
-After Mr. and Mrs. Curtis died Dally sat in the lot with Johnny and looked at him and said “We ain’t got nothin’ but each other now, man” 
-Sometimes they get into long shouting fits and they both wonder if they’re going to end up exactly like their parents
-There are days where Dally can’t get Johnny to talk to him and it hurts whenever he feels like Johnny is pushing him away
-There have been time when Dally has gone into drunken rants over the shit he went through as a kid, and Johnny cries listening to everything he went through. 

So I was watching Wayward Pines and throughout the whole hospital scene every inch of me wanted Matt Dillon to point at the nurse and say, “I’m doing it for Johnny”. But then I realized something:

His character is trying to escape so he can see his wife and son again.

His son is played by Charlie Tahan.

Charlie Tahan also plays Jonathan Crane on Gotham, or “Johnny”.

So throughout the whole episode, Matt Dillon is trying to escape to see his son, Charlie Tahan, aka Johnny.

He’s doing it for Johnny.

And now I’m crying.

affectionate!Ponyboy and Dallas

- Dallas Winston isn’t affectionate
- buT he’ll mess up Pony’s hair when he gets outta jail after a couple months

- younger Dal, Pony and Johnny had a secret handshake

- Ponyboy taught Dallas how to have a good, honest handshake
- Darry and Mr. Curtis taught Ponyboy

- Dally will tease Pony about being younger every once in a while
- so he’ll hold Pony’s hand as they cross a busy street

- playful punches

- he might give Pone a cigarette when he asks for it
- but this is only sometimes
- because Pony tries to have his own and be responsible :)

I know this was short but Dallas and affection don’t really go together

Mr House: Don’t dally. The Legion could attack at any time.

The Courier: *gets abducted looking for the treasure of the Sierra Madre*

The Courier: *goes on an expedition to Utah*

The Courier: *goes to the Big MT*

The Courier: *goes to the Divide and confronts Ulysses*

The Courier: *dallies*

Masterlist as of 08/26/17

I hope all of the links work and this is organized perfectly, because I spent a large chunk of time on this Masterlist! Also, requests will be open soon and I would love to see more requests for less popular members of the gang (namely Darry, Two-Bit, and Steve), the Shepard family, Outsiders girls, and even Socs! I love every single one of you guys and I really hope you all enjoy this! 

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Neighbors - Curtis Brothers (Part 4/Request)

Part 3

“Hey,” you’re in the doorway of the Curtis home, your greeting gets Soda’s attention as he’s lazily stretched across the couch, the TV droning on in front of him. “You doin’ anything right now?" 

He looks to you, to himself on the couch, and back to you, "I could spare a moment.”

“Good," you move to the end of the couch as you talk, batting at his feet, "I need your help with something.”

“Oh, really?” He sits up, curious, “And what would you need my help with?" 

"You’ll see,” your mischievous smirk has Soda off his feet and following eagerly behind you out of the house.


The shed out back of your house is stuffed to the point of no entry. Boxes soar half-hazardly across the yard as you make your way through the shed, Soda dodging the hail of cardboard.

“So what are we doing?” Soda asks behind you.

You fling a miscellaneous shoe over your shoulder, “We’re gonna prank the gang." 

"Oh!” He’s absolutely delighted at the prospect, “How can I help?”

“Hold this,” you immediately shove a box of glitter into his hands.

Startled, Soda stumbles back trying to regain his balance, “How do you just have this?”

“Hush,” you lay another box on top of the one already in his arms. “Hmmm,” a finger taps your lips, eyebrows furrowed in concentration.

He sets his boxes just outside the shed, “What’s the matter?”

You look to him with squinted eyes, considering him, “Do you have a bucket?”

“Uh,” he glances around him as if he’ll find a bucket at his feet, “maybe.”

“Good,” you push him towards his house, picking the containers up as you shove, “We’re gonna need that.”


“Can you set this on top of the door?” You struggle with the heavy bucket, spilling little bits of water on the carpet.

Soda easily takes the pail from you, “What’s wrong? Can’t reach?” he taunts.

You reply with a glare, “I will murder you.”

“Bad choice. How would you get this up there then?” His smirk turns to the door, propping it open slightly to give enough room to balance the full bucket between the ledge and top of the door.

“I’ll set up the rest. Just leave the door alone.”

“I’m not dumb.”

You pop a hip with attitude at him, “I’m not bankin’ on anything.”

He ruffles your hair as he passes into the kitchen, “Your faith in me is inspiring.”


“Steve, don’t be stupid. There’s no way you could win in fight against Tim.”

“What was that, Two-Bit?” Steve flexes his muscles at the other boy, “Sorry, I couldn’t hear you over the gunfire.”

“You’re such a dope,” Ponyboy rolls his eyes, ducking a slap from Steve only to catch a hand to the back of his head from Dally.

“You’re not one to talk, Pony.” Ponyboy huffs at the gang’s laughing, even Johnny snickers behind them.

Two-Bit hits the porch first, seeing the cracked door, “Hey, Soda! You in there?”

The door creaks open, the boys crowding around Two-Bit as he steps in, and then the house is full of gargled shouting.

“What the hell?!” Voices yell out, “The fuck-?!”

You kick on the fan from within the living room, the air blowing violently, and Soda tosses the contents of his boxes. Glitter and feathers fly, covering the first few guys that enter.

You’re howling with laughter at the sight of Two-Bit and Dally spitting glitter, Steve at the door frame wiping glitter from his eyes, and Pony and Johnny in different states of being soaked. There’s barely a pause before you and Soda are booking it to the back of the house and out the backdoor, the guys angry on your heels.

“You’re gonna to die for this!” Dally’s voice is shrill, glitter sparkling off his leather jacket.

Steve and Two-Bit are close behind, shouting, “Get ‘em!” Johnny and Ponyboy laughing as they follow after.

You and Soda exchange a glance as you haul ass down the street, faces bright and hearts pumping. 


Dally/Mrs. Curtis Headcanons

*Requested by anon*

•Dallas accidentally called her ‘mom’ once and he was as embarrassed as Dallas Winston would ever get. She just smiled and didn’t say anything. But whenever he came over and was drunk or stoned, he’d usually call her ‘mom’ or ‘ma.’

•When Steve got his tattoo, Mrs. Curtis said she was surprised Dallas wasn’t the first idiot among them to get one. He took that as a challenge and came back the next morning with three tattoos.

•When Soda and Two-bit got arrested for their gymnastic bullshit, she went to pick Soda up in jail and noticed Dally in the same cell. Soda told her that he’d gotten picked up the night before but his parents never showed up so the cops wouldn’t release him (after a few times of that happening, they gave up and would let him go on his own) and Mrs. Curtis argued with the police chief for fifteen minutes before he let Dal go with her.

•Mrs. Curtis used to drive him to school because it was the only way she knew he’d get there… even though he usually left as soon as she drove away, anyway.

•Even though the door stayed locked before Mr. and Mrs. Curtis died, Dally still ended up on their couch most mornings. She’d gotten three extra keys made, one for Dally, one for Steve and one for Johnny.

•Mrs. Curtis was bringing in groceries one night when he came over, so he helped her carry them in. Darry, Soda and Pony all just sat there slack-jawed because they’d never seen Dallas help anyone with anything.

•Mrs. Curtis is the one who got Dally into rodeos. Soda mentioned something about going to one and Dal scoffed about how he really was in the south. She told him she thought he’d have a good time, and he ended up going along with them and when they got there, she convinced him to sign up to ride.

•When Dallas was running towards the lot after calling the boys the night he got killed, Mrs. Curtis popped into his mind. He was struck by how disappointed she’d be that this is how things were ending for him, but by then he’d already made up his mind.

•Darry expected to be told their parents didn’t want them hanging around someone like Dallas Winston when they met him. He was the most surprised of anyone when his mom told Dally if he ever needed a place to stay, they would always have a couch available for him.

•Not even Mr. Curtis could really get through to Dally. He’d lean back in his chair, and listen to his wife talk to the kid in awe.

•Dal skipped out on the Curtis’ funeral. He couldn’t deal with it. Darry, Soda and Pony were all pissed at him, but they got it. Especially Soda. 

•Mrs. Curtis bought Dally his leather jacket with the sheepskin lining. 

•Darry would often wonder if Dallas would have lived longer if his mom had never died. He never could quite figure out if his mom could have actually turned Dal’s life around, but he knew if anyone could, it would have been her.