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Chapters: 15/?
Fandom: Glee
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Relationships: Blaine Anderson/Kurt Hummel
Characters: Blaine Anderson, Kurt Hummel, Cooper Anderson, Burt Hummel
Additional Tags: Romance, Family, Friendship

Kurt Hummel is a hugely successful actor, who suddenly finds himself having to take care of three small children. Blaine Anderson is a struggling musician, hired to teach piano. Only, Blaine has never taught piano before, and Kurt has never had to be a parent before. It’s a voyage of discovery for all of them.

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I found another photo of Chester at the party, and it’s so cute I just had to share it! Look how happy he is with his paper crown! His brother can be seen in the background too. Just so we’re all clear, I do not advocate Crocs at all, ever. But we live by the beach and they’re kind of easy for kids to slip on and off. As Orson recognises them as beach shoes, and he was dressed as a mermaid, the two went hand in hand, apparently.

Why I love my unique Chester.

I’ve just posted this picture on Facebook with the exact same caption. Usually, when I post something vaguely antagonistic, someone involved with my husband’s job sends him an ever so polite and well meaning, yet completely hypocritical and judgemental message about me, just ‘letting him know’ what I’m up to, so he can keep tabs on me as if we were indeed, living in the 1950’s.

Mercifully, because he’s not a moron, my husband laughs it all off, usually reading the message and rolling his eyes, making a joke about how he can’t take me anywhere and so on. So currently, we’re sitting here in our own judgey pants, taking bets on who will contact him first and when that will be.

And that’s why I’m glad I married my best friend.

UPDATE: It took 17 minutes, then one text and one email was received, from different people. Both advising that he shouldn’t allow me to dress Chester in a skirt.
We are now laughing and drinking tea.
Wake Me Up Inside

Just a little story ‘what I wrote’.

Kurt Hummel is a shy, insecure fifteen year old. Blaine Anderson is a thirty one year old musician. When their worlds collide, Blaine discovers he’s powerless to resist the lure of Kurt’s eyes and his exquisite voice, and Kurt begins a journey of awakening. *There is a large passage of time in this story meaning no illegal happenings!*

Also, the sequel:

Sequel to 'Wake Me Up Inside.’ Kurt and Blaine embark on their new life together in Chicago as Kurt journeys into adulthood with the love of his life by his side. *You will need to read WMUI first if you haven’t already!*

Because what are Sundays for, if not to sit and read gay fanfiction all day?