mrs coby



 i’m getting organized (very last minute) to go to Anime Expo in 3.5 weeks! owo i didn’t think i’d be able to go, but its real close to my birthday so my family is making it happen for me x3 yay!!!

what i need help with is deciding on 3 (or 4) cosplays to bring along with me. because of my career change i will likely have to cut my hair and go blonde again :( but this does open the opportunity to bring some old cosplays from the closet! i rarely use wigs (weird, i know) so i have the option to use my real hair for some cosplay(s) and i will get wigs for the other(s). IF funds work out i may be able to make Buggy’s 3D2Y outfit in time, but otherwise i just want to use cosplays i already have (i have a lot owo)

here are some photos of one piece cosplays i’ve done before. please help me narrow down which ones i should use!


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