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List of movies you should watch

(In no particular order)

1. Fantastic Mr. Fox

2. Submarine 

3. The Fight Club

4. Howl’s Moving Castle

5. Moonrise Kingdom

6. Moon

7. Billy Elliot

8. Drive

9. The Grand Budapest Hotel

10. Princess Mononoke

11. The Fifth Element

12. The World’s End

14. The Royal Tenenbaums

15. Little Miss Sunshine

16. Cloud Atlas

17. Kill Bill

18. Amelie

19. The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

20.  Source Code

21. John Wick

22. Big Fish

23. Mad Max: Fury Road

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Don't know if you take headcanons but imagine Gaston being alive after the fall and when Lefou finds out he brings him back to health and they're living at the castle (bc Belle offered Lefou a place) but Gaston isn't the same anymore. He's so quite and doesn't boast about himself anymore. He's really insecure (many ppl don't know this tho) and he doesn't miss the way people tense up around him. But he's dating Lefou and has a close relationship with Chip who defends him bc he looks up to him.

Okay this is the cutest 

  • Belle can’t bring herself to refuse Gaston and Lefou, partly because she has a soft spot for Lefou and also because, just like that night in the woods with Adam and the wolves, she can’t and won’t let someone suffer without trying her best to help 
  • Lefou tries to bolster Gaston’s mood when his boyfriend is feeling down or possibly having a flashback, but instead of rolling in the praise and agreeing, Gaston just gives a small smile and shrugs in on himself
  • Lefou thinks it’s really cute and honestly, it saves him a lot of ego stroking time that is now used for stroking other things 
  • Everyone around the castle is slowly accepting Gaston, even though he led a mob into their home, but he’s changed, and they’re growing fonder of him by the day
  • Chip would try to look and act just like Gaston, puffing out his chest and clomping around in boots four sizes too big
  • Gaston almost gets another broken arm when Mrs. Potts finds him off the balcony of the east wing, teaching Chip how to expectorate “like a man” 
  • All their spit from above hits Cogsworth, who is minding his own business in the gardens below, and Lumiere nearly kills himself laughing 
  • I love this verse woww

anonymous asked:

Hi! Headcanon person here again. So Gaston is basically a second dad to Chip. He takes him hunting, playfully wrestles with him, and doesn't even mind when Chip accidentally falls asleep on his lap at the dinner table. And everyone thinks it's adorable, especially Lefou (bc they possibly want kids in the future). And Gaston is so in love with Lefou and tells him everyday. I sent this in like a couple of days ago but it might not of sent so I'm sending it again! Love you and your Tumblr! Bye!

You’re making me c r y with these I’m in love

  • Gaston would pretend to be the beast, and Chip would tackle him, initiating the play wrestling that would end in laughter by the fireplace 
  • Adam would be super offended by Gaston’s impersonation of his beastly counterpart, then would remind himself that Belle allowed Gaston and Lefou to stay there out of the kindness of her heart, so he maintains the friendly hospitality for her sake  
  • But he doesn’t roar that obnoxiously, it was always more of a sexy growl, dammit
  • The first time Chip falls asleep in his lap, Gaston is shocked- he’s never been a particularly gentle guy, so the fact that a young boy would feel comfortable enough with him to do that is so touching that it makes him tear up
  • Lefou DIES when he sees it, he would literally pay Maurice as much as Gaston spends on eggs to paint that cute shit and hang it above their bed
  • Chip insists on accompanying him hunting, so Gaston goes to town (with Lefou for confidence, since most people in the village hate him now) and has hunting clothes, boots, and a cute lil hat like his made for Chip’s size. He brings them back to the castle after he gets back from his “expedition” and Chip goes nuts
  • The boy’s so excited and when they finally go out, all Chip brings home is apple with a bullet hole through it, but it’s okay cause it’s better than Lefou ever did on their hunting trips
  • The way Gaston acts around Chip and vice versa helps Lefou finally realize how plausible his dream of adopting a kid with Gaston really is- his boyfriend is dad material af
  • Belle wasn’t the only one who got a happy ending; Lefou can’t stop pinching himself every morning when he wakes up in a totally not dusty bed in the east wing next to Gaston, who’s stroking his hair and whispering how much he loves and adores him
  • Best way to wake up tbh
  • Well, second best to Mrs. Potts bringing them tea in bed
  • Even though she stopped doing that after she caught them in a compromising position one morning RIP mom

//thank you so much for the compliments too xo

Let Me // Jeon Jungkook


the prompt: prince jungkook au where he always comes into the kitchen for late night snacks and y/n is new to the kitchen staff. soon they become friends and maybe something more. (definitely something more who am i trying to kid)(also request was rlly long so i summarized it)

words: 3820

category: fluff + once again, fond!kookie

author note: never apologize for long requests bc that is how i survive. also, someone seriously needs to stop me from writing about fond jungkook bc ya girl can’t get enough. anyway, please enjoy!

- destinee

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R.I.P. Chester Bennington

I will miss you!!!!

You was the most important Artist since my Childhood. I am very shocked that you knew no other way out except your death. Another young Man that had so depressing thoughts that he had to kill himself. I hope your Soul can find peace now….

This thought process begins with Mr Robot.

I don’t know all that much about this show, even though I’m a fan of Rami Malek and I love his work. I haven’t felt able to tackle Mr Robot because it just seems too dark, too cynical and very focused on the hundreds and hundreds of ways modern society sucks. I can find that whenever I switch on the news - or browse Tumblr. I’m sorry, but no matter how good it is, I’m sure that watching Mr Robot would make me miserable - and I won’t do that to myself.

Mind you, I’ve kept it on my radar, because I’m interested in what Rami’s doing. My understanding of it is limited, but there’s always been something that’s bothered me a bit. And it’s pure nitpicking on my part.

Rami Malek and Christian Slater don’t look like father and son.

I’m not saying I expect parents to look exactly like their kids. I look much more like my mother than my father, but there are still subtle hints of his on my face. And as someone who’s very interested in genetics and family resemblances, it always gives me a thrill when casting directors are able to cast actors who look like they could be related. Take a look at both sets of Baudelaires, for example.

I suppose it’s also because not only do Rami and Christian not look like each other, they look so opposite to each other.

Maybe that’s the point. Maybe it’s meant to be because Elliott is misremembering his dad. I do know that plot twist. Or it’s because they were picked purely on their acting ability and for no other reason. And star power in the case of Christian Slater.

This is just a personal nitpick. I mean no disrespect to anyone involved with the production of such a great show.

So why do I bring this up? Because I do know of an actor who alternatively could play Elliot’s dad - or a parent for Rami’s character in another project.

This guy:

Does he look familiar? No?

What if I told you he was in A Knight’s Tale?

Yup. That’s Count Adhemar.

This actor’s name is Rufus Sewell. He’s not well known in America, though he does do a lot of work there, but in Britain we currently know him best for his work in Victoria where he co-stars with Jenna Coleman from Doctor Who.

The film that actually got me interested in him though was Dark City. I’d not seen this film until very recently, but to those who haven’t seen it, I really recommend it. It’s one of Alex Proyas’ earliest films and one of his best: leaps and bounds ahead of I, Robot or Gods of Egypt. Its plot is very similar to The Matrix (which came out a year later), but it’s better in lots of ways, because the story behind the false reality is slightly more unique and clever, and it’s more subtle. They don’t beat you over the head with all the symbolism. Also the acting is much better. No gormless Keanu Reeves or overly-intense ship crew here!

That said, The Matrix does have an advantage in that it can still be enjoyed if your brain is switched off, because it’s got these fantastic action scenes and it is so heavy-handed with its philosophy. With Dark City, you have really got to pay attention to have any clue what’s going on. So neither is really better than the other; each just does certain things better. I still love The Matrix, but Dark City is my favourite of the two.

Anyway, as I was watching Rufus in the lead, I couldn’t shake the thought that, Wow, this guy looks like Rami…

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Like, this guy really looks like Rami.

(Or more accurately, since he’s younger, Rami looks like him.)

It’s not just physical appearance either; a lot of their expressions are quite similar, right down to where they both convey a huge amount with tiny subtle movements. It’s the eyes, I think. 

And they both have a similar intense stare. That’s a scary stare right there.

(Don’t eat me, Elliott, please!)

Apparently Rufus’ parents were Welsh and Australian, so I don’t know if he’s descended from the Middle East somewhere further back in his ancestry. Obviously they aren’t identical, but the resemblance between these two is still uncanny.

Most of the gifs above are of Rufus in the 90s as a younger actor - roughly the same age Rami is now, actually. Here’s what he looks like currently.

His face has slimmed down a lot too, so even his jaw vaguely resembles Rami’s. There’s only just over a decade between them in age, but I think these two would be great together as a father and son. 

What do you guys think? Should I be a casting director? Heh.

If you’re interested in Rufus’ work, I cannot recommend Dark City highly enough, especially if you’re a fan of The Matrix. Currently he’s left Victoria (as Lord Melbourne really has no place once Albert comes along), but he’s also doing some work for Amazon in a series called The Man in the High Castle. So go and check that out, I guess?

As for Rami, I hear he’ll be playing Freddie Mercury of all people quite soon. I wonder if that means we’ll hear him sing?

After Albert - Queen Victoria’s Second Love, John Brown

The idea that Queen Victoria was absolutely inconsolable and locked away in seclusion for the rest of her life after Prince Albert’s death is a myth. It is true the Queen took residence immediately after Albert’s death in her more rural homes of Windsor, Balmoral and Osborne, and refused to appear in public for some years. Concern for her health rose, and in 1864, 3 years after the death of Prince Albert, that it was suggested that the Queens outside attendant at Balmoral, John Brown, be sent to Osborne House encourage the Queen to ride out on her pony. He arrived in December that same year, and some time after his arrival Victoria made his position permanent, presenting him the title of ‘ The Queen’s Highland Servant’.

John Brown was born in 1826, in Crathienaird, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, his father being a tenant farmer. He first came into the queens service in 1848 as a Balmoral gillie to Prince Albert, and within the next 10 years he had become her regular outside attendant, leading her pony out on the highlands and helping the royal party with their needs out on the moors, from lacing Victoria’s tea with whisky to cooking potatoes.

Although Victoria held much affection for her brash highlander, others found him rude and much jealousy surrounded him due to his relationship with the Queen; the Lord Chamberlin called him a ‘Course animal’.

John would address Victoria as ‘wumman’, whilst Victoria looked past her Highlander’s faults, saying that his independence on whisky made him ‘bashful’. Her relative seclusion and easy relationship with John led to much rumour in the 1870s to their relationship, from a secret marriage to a secret child. The name  Mrs Brown was on everyone’s lips. However, the Foreign Secretary himself, the Earl of Derby did record that Victoria and John slept in adjoining rooms, contrary to etiquette and even decency’. Biographer A N Wilson claims they slept together in the same bed but never consummated their relationship. Controversially, Victoria also used John for séances where they, with close courtiers, would attempt to contact the spirit of Prince Albert. These séances would go on in absolute secrecy in small closets, such as the Blue Drawing Room at Windsor Castle (where Prince Albert died) and the Horn Room at Osborne House.

Despite the rumours they faced, Victoria remained unmoving on any removal of John Brown from her side, whilst he continued his loyal and faithful service. On at least one occasion he disarmed an attacker to the Queen (in 1872) and Victoria relied on him more and more, writing -

‘I feel I have here always in the House a good, devoted soul… whose only object and interest is in my service, & God knows how much I want to be taken care of.’

For all their closeness and love, be romantic or otherwise, for one another, a life-long relationship was again not to be for Victoria. In March 1883 he caught a chill but refused to go to bed, continuing his devoted service to Victoria. Thus, on the 27th that same month, John Brown died, age 56, at Windsor Castle. Once again, Victoria found herself devastated at the death of the man she loved. She wrote -

‘It is not only the loss of a servant but of a real friend.’

Whilst her private secretary Sir Henry Ponsonby wrote of Brown -

‘He was the only person who could fight and make the Queen do what she did not wish. He did not always succeed, nor was his advice always the best. But I believe he was honest, and with all his want of education, his roughness, his prejudices and his other faults, he was undoubtedly a most excellent servant to her.’

After John’s death, Victoria commissioned a life-sized statue of her Highland servant, and had it placed in the grounds of Balmoral. She remembered her faithful John until her death in 1901, leaving strict instructions that shy must be buried, among much else, with a lock of his hair, a photograph of him, and wearing a ring given to her by John, that had belonged to his mother.

Although this request had been carried out, upon her death her son the new King Edward VII destroyed much material written by Victoria about Brown, busts and photographs of him, in addition moving Victoria’s statue of John to a less conspicuous site in Balmorals grounds where it remains today. Not only did Edward destroy as much evidence of Brown’s relationship with his mother as possible, Victoria had left her many diaries to her youngest daughter Beatrice to transcribe and edit for publication. This, of course, means much on John Brown, especially if explicit or inappropriate, would have been edited and the originals all burnt.

It seems we will never know the extent of Victoria and John Brown’s relationship, but from what we can piece together Victoria took much comfort, reliance and friendship from John, whilst he was a most loyal and honest servant to her. 

Sources - English Heritage, A N Wilson


Ok @astargatelover and I were talking about the whole “what if it didn’t have to be romantic love?” theory, and we were wondering why the staff’s love doesn’t count and this happened

Now I have a reason as to why they were specifically turned into household items…

My mind just can’t control itself. 



  1. フリゲのコピー能力
  2. 霧雨が降る森
  3. 大乱闘2(妄想)
  4. 大乱闘開始!2(妄想)
  5. 大乱闘開始!(妄想)
  6. ターゲットをこわせ!
  7. 大乱闘(妄想)
  8. スマブラ参戦シリーズ 集合絵

by シャン・グリラ


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