mrs butterworth

So March 8th was International Women’s Day as well as National Pancake Day.  
Earlier in the day I made a quick sketch to celebrate both things at once, then later decided to clean it up and bring the art to completion. Even though the special observations that inspired the piece are now over for the year, the piece is finally posted! And it’s never a bad time to celebrate women or pancakes!

This also happens to fall under the March 8th Sketch Dailies topic of Rosie the Riveter.

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Holy flip flops my boyfriend notified me that I am actually pansexual. I feel like I know more about myself now. No wonder everyone looks so darn cute. I love them all. Oh gosh golly. (unicornpops-refreshed)

(( Oh! Well uh, welcome to the club my bro! @unicornpops-refreshed, @brusslesproutsofficial, @mrs-butterworth-official, and I should really form a club. Maybe make a fort out of pans and eat pancakes and gossip about boys, girls, and everyone else. ))

(( So Mun Wolf is gonna draw… Not exactly this; the characters will have the costumes but will be posed differently. So reblog this with a reference for your character and tell me which costume you want them in

Scout is Danny ( the one with the Wolverine claws and floofy hair)

@mini-laffytaffy is Jack (The one in the cape)

@slurpeetime is Ninja Brian

@trapperssushi-offishal is Ryan (one of the guys behind Jack)

@mrs-butterworth-official is Matt (The other guy behind Jack)

@unofficial-baskin-robbins-fuck is Mark ( The one with red hair )

Ok but The first Saturday of junior year Bitty’s making pancakes and everyone in the Haus crowds the kitchen and starts grabbing plates and stuff. And Ransom goes to the fridge to get the syrup and dead stops.
“What the FUCK is this??”
He pulls out a bottle of Mrs Butterworths or something and slams it in the table, demanding to know who is responsible.
All eyes shoot to Chowder.
Ransom’s eye twitches. Holster says something about upsetting the coral reef. Lardo asks Bitty how he let it slip past him.
Chowder is TERRIFIED. He didn’t know what he had done wrong. Bitty had just asked him to get syrup and he had grabbed whatever his mom had bought when they were kids. He didn’t know.
Ransom looks like he’s so upset he’s going to cry. He storms upstairs and Chowder hopes that’s the end of Syrupgate 2016 but he returns a minute later. With his stick.
He grabs the bottle and takes the cap off. Everyone follows as he walks silently out the door.
Ransom sets the bottle of the thing-that-calls-itself-syrup into the middle of the street, facing the LAX house. And wails on it with his stick.
The bottle more or less explodes, sending sticky liquid all over the LAX front stairs.
He runs, grabs the bottle, and heads back inside the Haus, slamming it into the trash can without another word.
Bitty pats a shocked and scared Chris Chow on the shoulder, “I made the same mistake my first year too.”


Anchorman 2 gag reel