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Body Positivity Win! Pinnacle Foods’ CEO Just Pointed Out That Mrs. Butterworth Isn’t Exactly What You’d Call Thin

In a world saturated with unrealistic beauty standards, it’s heartbreaking to see the effects such limited portrayals of the female body have on women’s self-confidence and self-worth. Though many companies seem content with merely paying lip service to the cause of body positivity, Pinnacle Foods is actually walking the walk: Its CEO, Bob Gamgort, just pointed out that Mrs. Butterworth isn’t exactly what you’d call thin.

So. Much. Yes! Other brands, take note, because this is how you do body positivity.

“Let’s just say that Mrs. Butterworth has definitely got a bit of meat on her bones,” said Gamgort, subtly raising his eyebrows as he seemed to intimate that reporters understood exactly what he was talking about. “She’s more what you’d probably describe as…“curvy,” if you know what I mean.”

Wow. It’s so nice to see a CEO who just gets it.

Taking a stand for all the women out there who are sick of seeing stick-thin models in advertisements and on billboards, Gamgort remarked that Mrs. Butterworth isn’t going to be walking down any catwalks in Milan any time soon, and left it at that. And as for impressionable young girls who may compare themselves unfavorably to the size-two actresses they see on TV, the CEO said that it’s pretty hard to imagine any girl going on some sort of a crazy crash diet because they idolize Mrs. Butterworth.

Simply amazing. Major kudos to Bob Gamgort and Pinnacle for showing other companies what it means to celebrate people of all shapes and sizes. Body positivity FTW!

X-Files Orientation Programming: Season 11

August, 2017

Welcome back to Vancouver, everyone! It feels like we just did this two years ago. Haha! Listen, I know this feels a little more old hat this time, but we still want to get you back into the swing of things, so we’ve planned a comprehensive two-day program that we hope you will all find interesting, informative – and fun! The truth is out there, everybody!

Please enjoy your official orientation tote bag with David Duchovny’s 5th-grade school picture on it and no other information, which includes:

  • Dog costumes of varying sizes for all your dog costuming needs
  • Unmarked baggie of (probably) granola
  • Single flip-flop once worn by Gillian Anderson (signed)
  • Copy of that book WBD wrote where he complains about everybody
  • Piece of gum that was in someone’s mouth but is still perfectly good
  • Anonymous note reading “Are you good at resolving cliffhangers? Can you write really fast? Meet behind the dumpster at dawn”
  • Stunt bee that will lurk in the bag until you open it and then sting you and then receive a hefty union salary because it has a great agent
  • DVD of The Crown
  • Coupon for one (1) personal acoustic concert by David Duchovny ($30,000 value)
  • Brownie


Breakfast: The old crepe truck

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Guys…I keep almost FORGETTING (??!?) that we are about to get an XF panel with David and Gillian (and Mitch and Chris). We are going to see a PREVIEW OF THE NEW SEASON. That’s going to be awesome. But also, we’re getting an XF panel WITH DAVID AND GILLIAN.

What excitement is in store for us? 

  • Will David again dare to go with an all-white ensemble despite Labor Day being well behind us? 
  • What stories will Gillian tell that are highly inappropriate for children, and also adults? 
  • Will Brick livetweet (or insta-snap-story or whatever you kids and dogs are doing these days) the panel? 
  • How many times will Gillian summarize the plot of an episode when asked a question about the making of the episode? 
  • What innovative ways will David find to disagree with anything implied to him in the context of a question?
  • How many questions about their favorite episode will they get? How many will be stuff like “Is CSM in the new season?” “Is Skinner in the new season?” “What time is the season premiere going to air on my Fox affiliate?”
  • How many inaccurately recalled set memories will Gillian and David delight us with, and how many of those will it be apparent that they only remember because they read about it in People magazine? 
  • Will we, at long last, be told the elusive story of the guy who fucked Mrs. Butterworth? 
  • And when, WHEN will David and Gillian finally announce that they have been cast on a celebrity season of The Amazing Race, thus fulfilling all my dreams and causing me to ascend to a higher plane of existence?

I can’t wait to find out.

Suggested questions for those lucky enough to attend the panel:

  1. Gillian’s driving. Thoughts?

  2. How’s Brick doing? (No agenda, I just want to know how Brick is doing.)

  3. So, if I’m not mistaken you guys uh, almost got eaten by a bear recently? Please elaborate


A Compiled List of All Names (So Far) from Markiplier Makes

(This totally isn’t in order lol)


“The Sausage”

“Mr. Butterworth” Fischbach

“Sandy Vagina”


“The Crust” Nestor

“Quicksand” Neth-sster


“The Cheese” Scheid

“The Apocalypse” Scheid

“The Castle”  Scheid 


rokato said:

A man that is scared that inanimate objects are making fun of him behind his back

you can never be too careful

How to Introduce your best friend to your boyfriend for dummies

Your comments and likes gave me life, thank you so much! Your interest literally kickstarted me into a 5-days long writing haze, from which this fluff was born. This is the fastest I’ve ever came up with a story and then WROTE IT!
The usual warnings. Un-betaed, all mistakes are still mine, do not own Marvel, etc. I was trying to post it as quickly as possible, so there might be some mistakes I’ve missed.
I hope you enjoy it!

This is a sequel to this

Bucky just wanted for Tony and Steve to meet. He imagined numerous times how this could go, the two of the most important people in his live chatting a little, getting to know each other, preferably in a cozy hipster coffee that Tony would hate on a principle and Steve would love for the same reasons.

You have to be careful what you wish for, because it might just happen. Just not the way you imagined.

“Damn, Barnes, you went all out for lil’ ol’ me today. Is it a special occasion?” Clint gasped mockingly. “Did I miss our anniversary?”

Bucky didn’t grace him with a verbal answer and just flipped him off. He looked damn good so fuck ‘em. He closed the door in the Birdbrains face, but he could still hear his cackling outside. Why were his friends such assholes? OK, he WAS one of the asshole friends, but still.

“Don’t pay attention to Clint. I accidentally let him drink too much wine. It’ll wear off,” Steve called out from the kitchen. A few moments later, he appeared at the door separating their living room from the kitchen. His cheeks an the tips of his ear were a rosy red colour, which could only mean that he had been drinking the cooking wine along with Clint. Steve was nearly impossible to outdrink and Bucky could count on the fingers on one hand the times Steve had actually gotten drunk. Nevertheless, his pale Irish skin was always sure way to know if he was “cooking” with wine. The blond stared at him and he could see the moment the switch flipped in Steve’s mind.

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anonymous asked:

How would bakugou react if his s/o woke uo from a nap and told him about their dream of basically alice in wonderland exept instead of playing cards it was evil pancakes and the only way they had to defend themselves was with mrs butterworth syrup

he’d probably just get confused and be like “what the fuck??? you have some weird dreams”