Not only did I grow up with the Adventures of Tintin, but my father grew up with them; he started reading them at the age of 6 and is probably Herge’s biggest fan.  He has all versions of the books, all paraphernalia, anything you can think of - so, of course, I’ve known the stories of Tintin all of my life.  And I’ve always loved them.  While I wasn’t terribly satisfied with the movie that just came out, I’m still glad that the stories are finally reaching a larger audience in the States.  Here’s my little MrrrCat tribute to Tintin! Go Tintin and Milou!

Gam [GAb] [:v] - To have a visit or friendly conversation.

MrrrCat gams with yams.

Gam is an interesting word I found on Merriam-Webster, as is not to be confused with “gab” which means to chatter or jabber lively (although both work for this MrrrCat picture).  Specifically it means a friendly chat between whalers after they’ve docked their ships next to each other, but since that’s not really applicable anymore, MW just considers that the etymology.  "Gam" can also mean the shapeliness of a woman’s leg or a school of dolphins or whales.  All very different usages of the same word! Funny little language we have.