mrphypendletons replied to your post: i like following you because you’re funny and you also have a bunch of smart stuff to say, but your… attitude makes me really uncomfortable? like i recall you making fun of people who wear cheap stuff, complaining about having “just” 250$ to get some new fall clothes (if i had that much money to spend on clothes i’d cry with happiness) and giving the impression that going to a community college is the worst thing that’s ever happened to you? idk you just seem a bit snobbish?

that last part makes me kinda sad because going to community first might actually put you ahead? like, i went to a four year college right out of high school and i ended up failing all my classes and going to community college and changing my major

like i know you’d have done better than me because i don;t take you for a slacker but at least your doing it first and not doing what i had to

no no I totally get what you’re saying and I mean it’s possible that one of the four-year schools I got into wouldn’t have worked out

the community college thing was a totally logical choice for me because I just wasn’t ready to leave and decide on my future yet and if I had made the wrong decision I would have been stuck with a lot of debt 

it’s only unsatisfying to me on an emotional level 

witabif asked:

i’m scared shitless of bloody mary? like the bloody mary myth? until like…three years ago i couldn’t even use public restrooms.

there’s a reason for it though! when i was six or seven, at summer camp, these girls locked me in a bathroom, turned off the lights, and told my bloody mary was gonna come get me and no one found me for like half an hour and since then i just…yeah…

mrphypendletons replied to your post: like idk how schools work in other places but at…

i think that post was talking about the the SATs and ACT tests because your scores on those pretty much determine what schools you can get into even more than actual school grades and GPA

oh that makes more sense

but in canada, it’s still different because we don’t have the SATs or ACT

we just have the literacy test, and even then i don’t even know if that’s everywhere? i wrote the ontario secondary school literacy test, so i assume every province has something different/similar but different?