Some were able to see the most of the series today, but here is one print from my new series.

D_es. 8 - 2012.

All manipulation done directly to film and through the camera. No post-production through Photoshop, No digital photography. Complete brief will be posted in time.

The full series will be up for sale by request only.

I fell asleep to the rain last night.

It reminded me of the rain storm Southern California had in Oct. of 2010 before I moved to Orange. As Fiona and I drove to breakfast this morning, I asked her if she’d ever seen these photos and she said she hadn’t. A lot of my older photos aren’t online anymore so I figured today is a great day to re-host some of them. I’ll be organizing some of my old series soon. Possibly even doing print packages of some, such as Distance and what not. I feel inspired today.