About Charlie Hebdo again

Since yesterday I made a post about Cabu, I wanted to make other informative posts about the other victims of the tragedy.
Once again, even if we must all strive to fight against hate and with the full knowledge that Charlie Hebdo was very far from flawless, I do feel people need background information.

Non-french people should take a moment to educate themselves on the cultural significance of these death to us as a nation.
A nation currently mourning 12 of it’s citizens.

So this is Charb also known as Stéphane Charbonnier

He was the director of Charlie Hebdo at the time of the attack.

Charb was not only an artist but a political activist, with ties to the PC (french communist party) and the Front de Gauche (french leftist alliance)

He was also one of the official artists of the MRPA (Movement against Racism and for the friendship between nations)
Participating in campaigns of sensitization to racism in the workplace.

Let’s break the silence ! Discrimination, lets open our eyes !
“I would love to hire you but I don’t like the color of your..err…cravat !”

Charb was also a vocal defender of the Palestinian state 

“And now ? Can you still recognize Palestine ?”

“Soon ! A Palestinian state !”

A UN seat for Palestine ?”
“That’s all we have left.”

“The Hamas is taking the population hostage !”
“So we kill the hostages.”

“What we produce illegally in Palestine we sell illegally in Europe.”

This is Charb’s life partner

Jeanette Bougrab

She is a French doctor of Law,  was junior minister for Youth and Community Life  and former president of the HALDE,

 The French High Authority of action against discrimination and for the promotion of equality. 

Charb was a human person, and in such, flawed and problematic, but I hope this bit of additional information and context will help the in the understanding of who he was, why he was important and why he will be missed. We do not excuse of condone his offensive positions, but this is a time of mourning, and it is the french people who should be the ones to discuss internal problems.