You deserve to be loved. Not liked, not lusted after, not settled for, but loved. You deserve for someone to be so enamored by you that they can’t focus on anything else. You deserve for someone to be so lost in your eyes that they don’t even notice your body. You deserve for someone to want to kiss your face just as much in the light of the day as they do it in the heat of the night. You deserve someone to want nothing from you but to know you. You deserve someone to listen to you for hours, just trying to crack the code that is your heart. You deserve someone to love every little piece of you, not just your face or your body or your availability. You deserve to he held by secure arms and kissed by familiar lips. You deserve security, you deserve respect, and you deserve to be swept off your feet. Don’t settle for less.

I swear that I sometimes feel like I was born as 30-year old man. I don’t belong in this era of bullshit music without a meaning, people who have opinions but only about bullshit matters, or people who are simply to afraid to stand for what they believe in. Or, and this is the worst of them all, people who are ignorant about what they ACTUALLY believe in and refuses to even research it. Racism. “I’m better than you because my parents have money”-mentalities.. etc. Yikes. This quote usually soothes me. If you are a standout, don’t try fit into the mould, remember that you are only responsible for yourself.