Here are all 9 pieces from my first thesis project!

At the beginning of the semester, I read folktales from around the world and sought out interesting imagery and characters to develop into 9 full page illustrations. As I made each illustration, I did a ton of research into the clothing, symbols, patterns, and other related imagery from the each story’s culture.

I am fascinated by old stories and how they have been passed down and shaped future stories. I learned a lot from this project, but I feel like I’ve only scratched the surface! There is so much more to these unique cultures, and I’ll continue to draw inspiration from them.

For each individually, and some process sketches see the links below:

The Fisherman and the Gruagach of Tricks (Ireland)

The Giant Who Had no Heart In His Body (Norway)

The Firebird and the Horse of Power (Russia)

Sinbad and the Seven Voyages (Middle East)

The Magic Brocade (China)

Urashima (Japan)

Hats to Disappear With (Korea)

The Search for the Magic Lake ( Ecuador)

Oni and the Great Bird (West Africa, Yoruba Tribe)

All are available as prints on my inprnt!

Thank you everyone for your support over the past year! Here’s to a great 2014!


This is the star being from my game concept for my concept art class.

His character is a bit confusing since he is constantly evolving throughout the game. He begins as pure energy, taking the form of the white rabbit (yes) that leads you into the portal at the start of the game. The boy’s dog is drawn to it since she ends up being its final part.

In each of the eight worlds, your dog leads you to the next part that makes up this being’s armor. This can take the form of an object, creature, or other NPC that you interact with in some way. As each part is found, the star being takes a different form (as seen above). The first form wears the leg/hip piece like a mask.

This character actually represents the universe as a singularity before the theoretical ‘big bang.’ So, as the boy pieces it together, he is essentially bringing all of the energy and matter back to its center. This reflects in the worlds he travels to, and as he collects more of the objects, the worlds are increasingly simplified.


This semester I’m taking a class called “Maps, Places Real and Imagined” and this is my first project! The assignment was to create a map of a fictional place, and we were each assigned a point of view.

This is the front and back of a map for the story East of the Sun West of the Moon, which I did a character design for last semester during my folklore thesis. It was good to revisit the design and integrate it into my first illustrated map! The idea was that the map for the castle east of the sun and west of the moon is hidden in the pattern on the back since it’s on the other side of the world.


This past friday I had my final critique for my thesis class and presented my worldwide folklore spots in their final card form! Each has its title, description, and location on the backside.

I’ve posted each individually, if you’re interested in learning more about a specific card and where it comes from.

From the top -

My Joy - Haiti

BulBul Bird - Latvia

Bunyip - Australia

Anansi - Ashanti (West Africa)

Iyabomba - Yoruba (West Africa)

Manabozho - North America

King Frost - Russia

Manachar & Munachar  - Ireland

The Magic Kettle - Japan

The North Wind - Norway


More character work for my game concept, this time featuring the boy’s dog! (SPOILERS she turns out to be the final part of the star being you travel with)

The dog’s second form is actually the form she takes when the star being is controlling her. At some point in the game, the boy and the dog get separated, so she can be controlled when the star being becomes her collar.


Here’s some of the work I did fleshing out the main character of my game concept!

On the item page:

•the two in the top left are two forms of an object you receive that tracks and maintains the progress of the star being. As you progress through the game and discover the various parts of his armor, this object will get more and more complex.

•The brush and space bag work in tandem. Throughout the game you will find small star creatures (which are based on different classifications of stars). You gather them and collect them in this bag, which holds a sort of ‘star paste’ which you use to paint over areas of the world/universe that are beginning to disappear. For example, you will find a space of empty whiteness and by painting over it, a character or object that was once there will return to existence.

•the boy’s sketchbook is used as the game’s menu system. Data is logged and sketches record maps and other information of the places you have visited.

I’ll be posting more work from the project in the coming days.