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I just recently started using tumblr and I was wondering what are some of your favorite art blogs? I want to follow more artists but sometimes it's really hard to find good blogs

hi!! here’s like a million fabulous blogs for you! i’m positive i’m forgetting a lot of other really great people but maybe i’ll try and add to this post when i think of others/find others:

@pepoh @jxiaoo @spacecrumble @ororororog @hoppip @empartridge @hannakdraws @phyte @boshyboi @jennerallydrawing @foongish @robbiegeez @hillergoodspeed @stevensugar @bevsi @anitagaughan @valentinstoll @sarakipin @tudoujie @pixelp @alex-rimbault @choodraws @dannyducker @mrockefeller @alexandrediboine @alaflora @sparrf @fransword @repoghost @kianamaiart @lorhs @toucanparty @mattforsythe @akeussel @cosslemons @s-u-w-i @ooj @turndecassette @mobble @hakobore @ntamarit @milkmanner @jmfenner91 @notmusa @queenoftheantz


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@mrockefeller @boyasun @marksiegel

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who are your favorite artists on tumblr? 0-:

ohhh my gosh i have so many favorite artists on here haha! here is a long list for you:























there’s way more than this but here are just some of my favorites!! :’)


Reuploaded because my net is so weird.


My art inspirations have changed very often over the years, but now I am more inclined to a more cartoony style lately. These artists are my fav so far and seeing their work gives me the rage to draw on because their work IS SO GOOD.

There are many others but these peeps are my super fav! Shout out to you awesome artists namely seventypercentethanol, jigokuen, ryanlangdraws, mrockefeller, coryloftis, loish!! You folks rock!!

About the brainstorming ideas bit, research is your friend, the world is big and amazing. I am really glad that we can get a peak of it thanks to the internet!

Busy working on this and that. Writing a little thing over here and working on some zines for Linework NW (in May where I’ll be sharing a table with @dethpsun) over there. So creatively it’s great! 

Act 2 of Catalist: The Sage only has six more releases remaining. What comes next? This is the big question on my mind I love doing Catalist! I love working with people like @fox-n-brownsugar  @mrockefeller @rabbiting @fox-n-brownsugar @theveryworstthing @insidematthieu @mewblood @fulifuli agh!!! So many great people!!! It’s a struggle with limitations sometimes and scoring music so I’m work on how to make it more interactive. 

I hope everyone is excited as I am.


Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you’re having a great holiday and you get to spend some quality time with friends and family. I’m back in Arizona for winter break, and I realized that I’ve never celebrated the holidays anywhere else. For me, the desert landscape has always played a big part in this time of year, and I get so excited every time I see a Saguaro covered in christmas lights!


This semester I’m taking a class called “Maps, Places Real and Imagined” and this is my first project! The assignment was to create a map of a fictional place, and we were each assigned a point of view.

This is the front and back of a map for the story East of the Sun West of the Moon, which I did a character design for last semester during my folklore thesis. It was good to revisit the design and integrate it into my first illustrated map! The idea was that the map for the castle east of the sun and west of the moon is hidden in the pattern on the back since it’s on the other side of the world.

This was my final project for my advanced concept art class!

The idea was to create a promotional image for our game concept that embodies the entire project. I chose to create a long piece to show the progression of the worlds and how they simplify visually over the course of the game. As the boy gathers the parts of the scattered star being, he brings the universe back to its point of origin (which is represented by absolute white throughout the game). Only 5 of 10 worlds are featured here, but I tried to include details that alluded to certain aspects of the game structure and gameplay.


More character work for my game concept, this time featuring the boy’s dog! (SPOILERS she turns out to be the final part of the star being you travel with)

The dog’s second form is actually the form she takes when the star being is controlling her. At some point in the game, the boy and the dog get separated, so she can be controlled when the star being becomes her collar.