When I was making Finch I chose brown hair ‘cause i thought the blue undertones were part of the colour hahah

okay so bc of heroes i have a crackship now

Ryoma x mRobin

Reason: due to a lack of HECTOR Ryoma is acting as my main tank bc he’s the least likely to die
mRobin has spur def, boosting ryo’s survivability
Ryoma also has hone spd
guess who really needs that

Also Ryo can protect Robin from anything green and Robin can nuke blue armors out of existence for Ryoma this is hella good

Earlier this week I ended up getting destroyed by an idea for a Frederick/mRobin story, thanks to this post by @f0ffff​. Here are a couple of scenes on the following premise (Space Cadet AU): 

Robin is found by the others in the wreckage of a spacecraft. He doesn’t recall what happened, and doesn’t speak their language. Robin is probably carrying some tracking device on his person that will lead something bad (Grima) to their spaceship, but they don’t know it yet, and those secrets are locked on Robin’s memory. 

I don’t know if I’ll be continuing this, as I have a TON of other projects to complete, but I liked the way these snippets flowed, and thought I would share. (There’s a "Keep reading” below, for those of you on mobile)

Part 2 - a Chrom/Gaius scene from the same AU can be found here.

Frederick glances down at the man sitting beside him, surprised to find his cheek resting against his shoulder. His white eyelashes are down over dark eyes, and the tilt in his neck suggests he is sleeping. One hand is curled around Frederick’s forearm, that strange symbol peeking out beneath his heavy cuff. A surge of something warm runs through Frederick as he looks at the sleeping man, and he resists the urge to put his arm around him and draw him closer.

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Here’s another scene from that Space Cadet AU by @f0ffff - featuring Chrom/Gaius. 

Part 1 of the AU (mostly Frederick/mRobin) can be found here - the scene below happens before the other two scenes. (There is a “keep reading” below, for those of you on mobile.)

Chrom finds his feet moving faster through the hall, Frederick falling easily into stride beside him. He forces himself to slow the pace. He is not moving faster because he wants to see the pirate. No, he’s not looking forward to the witty repartee or the way Gaius seems into him - no. He is the Captain of the SCS Shepherd, and he wants to see the prisoner with his own eyes. Gaius is a crafty man who has escaped Chrom several times now - but this time, Chrom won’t let it happen.

They sweep into the holding area, and there in the first cell, beyond the force field, stands the orange-haired pirate. He has his hands behind his back (presumably in handcuffs) and his eyes are closed. He looks as toned and fit as always, maybe a little broader through the shoulders than he had been the last time.

Part of Chrom knows he is going to lose, as he’s lost to Gaius every other time. Part of him doesn’t really care. 

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anonymous asked:

Just wanted to say thank you for all those scribbles and tiny stories, ever since I've lost my only friend with whom I could talk about FE and roleplay it, I felt terribly lost and empty but thanks to you I'm now okay :') I'm going through some rougher times right now and both mRobin and Grima are super important to me, playing Grima in front of myself helps me fight my own weaknesses irl and I JUST. I can't even explain properly how important your art is to me. Just, thank you. THANK YOU.

Hey, I think this is one of the reasons why it’s great being a creator. If I’m able to stir something within you, that’s great! *clenches fist* Haha. But seriously, I’m glad to have affected you in such a way. Keep your head up high.