We’ve completed the baes! (A.K.A: the male & female Avatars) Male Robin as Jonathan Harker and Female Robin as Prof.VanHelsing! ShadowCatz never fails to disappoint! I know they look similar but if it was colored you would see there are SOME differences between them. Now for the tough part… Who to design next? Henry, Lon’qu, Chrom, Ricken (we just added him to the crossover yesterday), or the three brides (prisoners) Olivia,Cordelia,& Sumia?

Voice Actors

So, as the credits apparently do not list who the respective voice actors worked on, I figured I could list the ones we know worked on Awakening to help narrow down the possibilities for the new voices.

Laura Bailey (Lucina, may just be credited for voicing the Amiibo Lucina)

Gideon Emery (Gaius.)

Matthew Mercer (Chrom)

Stephanie Sheh (Tharja, Kjelle)

Karen Strassman (Anna, Olivia)

Kaiji Tang (Owain)

Julie Ann Taylor (Cordelia, Severa)

David Vincent (MRobin)

Travis Willingham (Brady, Lon’qu)

Liam O´Brien (Inigo)

A lot of these we already know the roles of, and it’s not hard to deduce some of the returning folk may be voiced by the same actors as their Awakening counterparts, but it’s very much not out of the realm of possibility that some would voice multiple characters (Karen Strassman voiced both Anna and Hana, for instance).

Which narrows down the list of new voices to:

Jason Adkins (Ike)

Sarah Blandy

Cam Clarke (MCorrin)

Rosie David

Ben Diskin (Saizo)

D.C. Douglas (Gunter)

S. L. Draven

Stephanie Elle

Walley Hollis

Lizzie Hunter

Danielle Judovitz

Conner Kelley

Brianna Knickerbocker (Sakura, Charlotte)

Yuri Lowenthal (MCorrin)

Marcella Mozdy (FCorrin)

Mat Mittelman

Cole Noelle

Nigel Oakenshield

Otis Paul

Marisha Ray

Sara Pippin

Kris Salter

Laura Faye Smith

Rena Strober (Azura)

Angela Marie Volpe

Holly Wallace

Imari Williams

Now I know only a few of the new voices listed above, personally (D.C. Douglas, Rena Strober, Brianna Knickerbocker, Marisha Ray and Yuri Lowenthal) and they’re very talented and generally good at acting. Many others are either first-time actors or up-and-coming talents in the industry. Which does NOT mean they’re bad. in any way. Worthy of note is also Kris Salter, who’s been a prollific Voice Director for quite some time, I do not doubt her work.

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Chrom marrying FRobin, and then going to the Outrealms and seeing MRobin, and Chrom being like "I have the most confused boner right now"

I feel like “I have the most confused boner right now” describes a lot of Chrom’s life tbh

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Putting the 'I don't sleep enough and school is a bich as always' aside- Any chance you know anyone that ships MRobin with their OC? Cause so think I'm the only one...((My baby~))

nope idk anyone that does that, besides people that ship MRobin with FRobin (in a way isn’t Rufurufu kind of an OC ship? I mean it can be I guess)

I think some of my followers might have noticed I haven’t been putting out much fanfic lately… I’ve been really busy dealing with the fall out from the car accident I was in at the beginning of January, and I’m wrapping up the second weekend of vehicle shopping from that mess.

I should be back to posting fanfic more regularly soon… I’ve just gotten literally an hour to myself over the past three days, and I was too exhausted to get much productive writing done. And if you know my writing style, you’ll know it takes a decent amount of time to edit each piece to my standards.

The next items in my queue are:
Prince and the Dragon AU
A mRobin/Frederick explicit one-shot
Protected (the final chapter)

I appreciate your patience and understanding while I deal with everything, and I’m not very active on tumblr over the next few days.