11 Questions - Challenge

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I was tagged byxyaoi-dreamer

  1. What’s your current favourite fandom?

    hmmm I’m not sure but if I have to choose something, the last fangirling I had was for Kim Bum from the korean drama “the goddess of fire” owo

  2. What’s your favourite anime food? (I know this is stupid, but I would like to try at least one of those foods xD)

    damn! that’s hard :s they all look so good in anime xD but I think onigiri would be my favorite even though I haven’t eaten yet from one of those! :o

  3. If you were an anime character, who would you like to be?

    D: so many hard questions!!! urgh >w< mmm I’m not sure u,u they’re all so awesome! ;_ ; nnggg… X_X *died, brain overload*

  4. Where do you live (your country is fine)

    Belgium! :)

  5. If you had just one more day to live, what would you do in that last day? (such a sad question -.-”)

    I would spend my time with my loved ones ;_ ; ❤

  6. Favourite anime/manga so far?

    Definitely one piece! c: 

  7. Do you like cats? *-*

    I like anime cats? :D

  8. Have you ever done cosplay?

    euhmmm does half cosplaying count? :x 
    haha I once wanted to cosplay after seeying such awesome cosplays at an animecon and so I bought me a haku mask and forehead protector(from the anime naruto) I tried to do my hair the same but I didn’t buy the clothes so :p :D 

  9. What’s the most important thing in friendship?

    honesty, loyalty, respect and care for eachother :)

  10. Do you have any siblings? If so, do you get along well?

    yes! I have 3 siblings: an older sister(27y/o), an older brother(26y/o) and a younger brother(18y/o). hmm well to be honest I see myself getting along the most with my younger brother since way before when we were kids :) cuz he’s the closest to my age(21y/o) ^^ but I like my sister too even though I don’t think we have much in common:p and my big brother hmmm dunno :p they’re a bit older but still :D

  11. If you had a Death Note, what would you do? (Pleas don’t try to kill every criminal xD)

    omg!! :o >< I wouldn’t know what to do!! I wouldn’t feel safe o_o I think the longer I’ll have it in my possession, the more evil thoughts will seep into my head.. x_x

My questions:

  1. who would you like to marry from any of your fandoms? :)
  2. Are you a geeky fan? or an incognito fan owo
  3. are you someone who must see all the episodes of a series or are you someone who gives up after a while and doesn’t finish watching  all of it :D
  4. Do you have a celebrity or anime or fandom crush atm? :)
  5. do you cry a lot when watching dramas/anime etc.?
  6. what do you plan on watching soon after you finish your current anime/drama?
  7. If you could go anywhere you wanted, where would you want to go on a vacation?
  8. what is the most times you rewatched something? :D
  9. do you believe in real love?
  10. what work do you do? or what major are you studying at school? :)
  11. are you single? what kind of person are you looking for?
    are you taken? how did you guys meet?

I tag:

Thailand, Chang Mai: Don’t go chasin’ waterfalls.

Actually forget that subtitle. Do chase waterfalls. Find them, enjoy them. Get in to and under the waterfall. Be knocked breathless by their power or treated to a natural massage. Shocked by the cold or cooled the perfect amount. Slide down them. Jump into the pools they leave. Experience with friends or solo. Witness the majesty of water. 

Hue - Bonzai Tree Garden on Flickr.

You may not be as impressed as me by Bonzai Tree’s but this garden in the Imperial Citadel in Hue had a huge amount of incredible ones. There are lots of little treats hiding around the Imperial Citadels grounds but I think this one would often be overlooked.