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Blog Crush: Humans of New York (HONY)

Have you ever stumbled upon something that just made your day? That’s precisely what happened when I found the HONY page on Facebook. It’s a street photography page that show people all over New York. Blog Crush is usually about blogs I love but I really couldn’t resist sharing this. It made me think of my little island and how much I crave to be surrounded by wonderfully unique characters. Being an artist it genuinely makes me happy when I see people just being authentic, even if means standing out.

Check out the page and let me know what you think because I think there are some really interesting. Leave your comments below.





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A few weeks ago a writer from reached out to me because she was writing a segment that featured Caribbean naturals. The feature is finally out and I can’t believe little old me made onto to this site. Like most naturals when transitioning I scoured CurlyNikki for topics from hair type to moisture and now there I am! Pretty cool huh. Here’s a little taste of the article:

S.H.: Let’s start out talking hair… How long have you been natural? 

MONIQUE: I’ve been natural most of my life. In 10th grade I got a relaxer, not out of pressure or the need to get a relaxer. Actually, I didn’t really consider it an option. But before I started 10th grade, I went to the hairdresser. I was going to get canerows– like I always do–and mommy said, “Oh, you want to get your hair relaxed?” And that’s how that happened. [laughs]

Read more here . These gorgeous photos were taken by photographer Gerald Gentles  for the feature. Who obviously worked some magic with these photos because there is absolutely no trace of my awkwardness ( I never know what to do with my hands). All the photos didn’t make it but I loved them all and just had to share.

Arm Candy: Beautiful Afrique & Market at the Lawn

Necklace: Grandeur

Earrings: Thrifted

Shoes: Forever 21

Hair: Fresh twist out with shea butter, collarbone length hair.

Makeup Artist: Sasha Marsh

Any naturalistas out there? Leave your comments below and let me know how much you love your natural hair!

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SHEro Inspired Challenge Day 21: Asses you relationship with money

Find ways you can improve your financial life-where is your most of your money spent? Is it on wants or needs?

Earlier this year I wrote a post F*** 2014, with my F-Bombs for 2014. On my list was being Financially Fit. Since last November I have been working on being more fiscally responsible. 

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M*RKologie Tees Now Available!

I have been teasing with these tees for awhile and I am proud to say you can finally place your orders for your favourite M*RKologie Tee. 

Also available in Pink with Navy Blue design and Heather Gray with Navy Blue design.

To order send an email to



Meet the M*RKologie Team

Sometimes, we can’t do it all and we need a fabulous team to help us reach our goals. The M*RKologie team, headed by me, is a group of amazing men who have offered their time and skills to allow me to achieve my dreams. I like to think of them as my knights in shining armour, (shhhhhh I haven’t told them that)

Jayson, a devoted husband and father is my go to guy for video, (remember my #shameless promotion?) He has a passion for personal development and currently works as a video editor at Enhanced Realizm Studios Ltd

Andre, is on his way to making his own mark on the world through social entrepreneurship, with his two endeavors Added Source and Driving Change. Andre is the one who helps me with expanding the MRK brand, he gives me advice and is also a great person to bounce ideas off.

Randy, is our photographer extraordinaire. Self taught he brings my visions to life and allows me to share snippets of my life with my readers.

The M*RKologie team members are all M*RK Makers in their own right. I absoultely love this group and I know we are going to do great things. For more about each team member, read their bios by clicking on the Meet the Team tab in the bar above. 


SHEro Inspired Challenge Day 20: Goal Setting

Write down a major goal you want to achieve this year and decide what steps need to be taken today.

For the past two years I have wanted to become an Image Consultant well more specifically a Style Coach. Style Coaching is a course that combines Image Consulting and Life Coaching. This happens to be perfect for me because it’s my two loves, personal development and fashion rolled into one. 

After the M*RKologie Camp for Girls this past Christmas, I knew that it was my calling to work with girls and teens. 

This year, I want to stop talking about becoming a Style Coach and make some real steps to achieving my dream. 

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SHEro Inspired Challenge Day 17: Get Organized

Choose one area of your life you’d like to get organized.

At the beginning of 2014 I finally decided to give in to my inner neat freak. Those who saw my room during my teen years could attest to the fact that I had a penchant for not putting things away. 

I wasn’t really a messy person because I hated mess. And it went deeper than just regular teenage laziness. The truth is, I knew that once I started giving into organization it would take over my life. I’m the type of person who wants to do the best and even better than the best. For that reason, I choose to ignore certain things to maintain my own sanity.

After living on my own for a year, I finally decided it was time to get my act together and organize my home life. After all, I’m almost 25 and I have to fulfill my dream of being a younger more vibrant Caribbean Martha Stewart somehow. 

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SHEro Inspired Challenge Day 8: Letting Go

Choose one thing you need to let go. How will your life improve once you let this go? What steps are you willing to take?

Letting go. There are so many things I’ve let go in the past, and isn’t it funny how things just seem to pile up. You ignore your personal growth journey for a minute and BAM, you have a brand new set of baggage you don’t even recognize.

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This is the second teaser for an upcoming project for M*RKologie |

::: Videographer: Jayson Moo-Young
::: Edited by: Monique R Kennedy
::: Motion Graphics: Monique R Kennedy
::: Music: DJ Maverick


M*RKologie Project Teaser 1

This is first teaser for an upcoming project for M*RKologie 

::: Videographer: Jayson Moo-Young
::: Edited by: Monique R Kennedy
::: Motion Graphics: Monique R Kennedy
::: Music: DJ Maverick

Sneak Peek: Upcoming Video

I thought this was a fun photo to share. Yesterday, we shot some footage for an upcoming promotional video. It was great fun and I can’t wait to share it with you guys.