mrkmcmrrs asked:

OH MY GOD SHUT THE FUCK UP I HAVE A GROUP OF INTERNET FRIENDS FROM LIKE 2005 BC WE WERE ALL ON STICKAM TOGETHER LMAOOO they're from like all over the us/canada though. i would just give u a number for imessage but i don't actually have a phone number anymore bc i'm a freaking loser whoops swag!!! and shhh don't judge me i still use aim omg

yeah like 99% of the group was from america but there was a girl from germany who i actually met in person in london which was p sick but also ridiculous because there’s another person from that group who literally only lives like an hour from me and we text etc but have never met lol but for real internet friendships formed in 2004/2005 last forever.

ALSO i only don’t use aim anymore because none of my friends do, it’s all texting and fb chat these days