mrkibbles answered your question: hey tumblr! Should i work on the next part of…

please write another chapter for mostly harmless, you don’t know how much i need it in my life. in return i’ll draw you whatever you want.


casually posting before running off to work

(That’s Mostly Harmless, parts 45 and 46 by kink meme count. I will probably combine parts 42-46 for an AO3 update.)

god I think this update contains one of the best thing I’ve ever drawn.

(most of the stuff in gray I did with my left hand [I’m right-handed])

(and mrkibbles you don’t actually have to draw me anything, I just thought this made a nice transition for an update notice XD )

(though if you wanted to)

(i tend to request that people draw Karkat wearing Jade’s clothing, because it is hilarious and also the best way to protect yourself from Bec Noir!)

(but only if you felt like it)

( ♥ )