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Age:  26 (27 in a few days)
Gender: male



Food: pizza, bananas, waffle fries
Drink: mountain dew. cheerwine.  fiji water.  
Book: i feel bad being on tumblr and saying this but I’ve never actually read a whole book to conclude on this
Favorite author: see above/lose respect for me
Movie: Memoirs of a Geisha or The Butterfly Effect.
TV show: Uhhh…Mad Men
Band: Trophy Scars
Solo artist: Cat Power maybe? Kanye West. 
Place: Charleston SC 
School subject: Just finished my last class to have a marketing degree 
Sport: Skateboarding 
Male actor: I’m bad with actors. Donnie Yen probably.
Female actor: I’m also bad with actresses.


Siblings: 2 younger sisters
Dream job: I’m working really hard these days to open up a clothing boutique, so that and al things associated
Fears: I’m not afraid of it, per se but not succeeding is a concern that looms over me 
Political ideology: I always say “as long as I don’t die” but I guess some sort of liberal thing? I don’t do politics at all.
Religion: I believe in being a good person.
Tattoos: I have a money cat tattooed on my forearm

Piercings: septum

Languages: American(this is America)


Reason behind URL: long time nickname. I’m black and my name is Dave.
Reason behind icon: that’s me
# of Posts: 462. I had an older blog that has 21,871 right now
Why you joined: internet
First URL: blackdave
# of Blogs: several but I only use this one: shotbyblackdave, blackdavesouth(old blog), itsthecomeback(clothing brand)

I tag: uh…  mrjpmorgan, hgibs, tedbaby, witchofthesouth, yuthdecay