I tested out my acting chops in PJ’s new short film!

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One of your best memories? :)

Dancing with my friends Conor and Sofia in the kitchen at our friend’s house for over an hour while everyone else drank and hung out upstairs. It was exactly what I needed and I love them.

mrjattski replied to your post: Currently listening to Chance the Rapper, finally….

I’d go as far as to say that Acid Rap is my favourite album of the year so far! Perhaps ever and ever and ever and ever!

It’s really cool so far! I think I’m on… Lemme check… “Cocoa Butter Kisses” right now. I can already tell that this album is gonna be replayed a superlative amount. Sooooo good. I can’t believe I’m just getting around to listening to this.

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What does the standard Conor Jatter day entail? With improv, art making and the like, how do you fit it all in?

It’s currently pretty hectic! It kind of feels like I have two jobs: my day job doing graphic design and RH. RH tends to take up a lot of time, what with YouTube, gigs and the weekly radio show. So I tend to work at the desk in the day, then head home for RH admin, or some artwork stuff, or head to perform instead!

A big aim for me this year is to learn a lot more too, so doing a lot of workshops, mainly for improv and comedy. So currently I don’t have a day off - boo (but yay)!

I’d love to be putting out a video a week on my own channel, or working on all the other projects I’ve got going, but focusing on RH and my boys comes first, right?! :^)


ON a roll tonight!!! Check out George’s video and see if you can’t spot me for a third time this evening!!! Say hi from me!!!