I met Bertrand Russell at one of them and we went to tea with him as we had a letter of introduction from the poet-singer, Dilip Kumar Roy. Extremely slender, with sharp features and a shock of white hair, his sense of humour, and the lovely smile in his eyes quite enchanted me. In one of his lectures which I attended Russell said that philosophy was a necessity of life and mental life was composed of knowledge and desire. A philosopher sought new ways of life and tried to find out how much desire and fact could be harmonized.
He said that though man had increased control over natural resource that science had to be supplemented by wisdom and that could only be done by the study of philosophy, of learning how to think, or else man would utterly destroy himself. People accused philosophy of making no progress but it was because as soon as progress was made, the subject was taken over by science.
Dance is my breath, my passion, my self….it was not to meet the current desires of the audience that I began to create new works. But to meet an innate need to express my involvement with the world around me-the world I live in. Breathed in, the world of constant dualities, joy-sorrow, life-death, love-death, lobe-hate,creation and destruction…