kitkasual  asked:

I don't think anyone should be apologising for celebrating Darren's life for any reason whatsoever. His birthday is just a great moment for everybody to do it at once. From Australia, to London, to Los Angeles (or Maryland...). And since a lot of countries are already on the 5th of February right now, that means a lot of people are already partying for Darren's sake. I sure am, whooooooooh!

Everyday is a reason to celebrate!! FORGET THE SUPERBOWL PARTIES TOMORROW. I’m turning them all into Darren’s birthday party.

kitkasual  asked:

I think you could just shop with Darren... He walks around in a lot of 'normal' clothes. The only really expensive things are the suits (obviously). There's a lot of Levi jeans, H&M and Urban Outfitters going on underneath those curls. Then again: he could buy you something...

What I really meant to say is that I have no money in general. So even then I can’t really afford anything. Le sigh.