So here it is in all its glory, my new Mapex Jazz Kit. 

18’’ Bass drum, i bought this because of its portability for busking and i have always loved the higher punch of an 18’’. The toms are perfect tuned high for jazz, but also low for more heavy styles with a rich sound. 

I was surprised that the  skins that came with the kit were of a good quality too. so i’m very happy. 

I also cracked out my new cymbal when playing this kit down at the youth club where my band practice (hence art work behind me) 

This makes my total amount of kits three…. i’m sure any drummer agrees, that is not enough…. 


Holly Moses!!! he gets better and better. i have just come back from the most amazing clinic run by the one and only Craig Blundell! ( if you didn’t guess by the title) He was demoing the new TD30 V-Drums and they were astonishing. I learn so much just from him talking about how he practices (posts to come on his great methods) 

I took very few pictures because i was just mesmerised, but pics will follow soon. 

Yet again thanks to craig for a great night, if anyone ever gets the chance to see him live with a band or on his own…. i say…. DO IT!!!!


In total i played 5 different kits down in london when filming, this is the penultimate one i have pictures of. A Yamaha Custom kit that was owned by Sarm Studios. I had played yamaha kits before and not been that impressed but this kit was gorgeous. It made me consider buying one myself. The other people with me are 4 of the 5 who were in the documentary we were filming at the time. Its called Tourettes Superstars and is coming out this September on BBC3. 

I’ve decided 



As you will know if you have visited my cymbal collection page i am a cymbal holic. So i went that extra mile, taking the Matt Nolan approach, and made my own cymbal. 

I call it mark one, i have taken inspiration from Sabian’s omni cymbals and Benny Greb’s signature sand ride. The result is good, i was amazed it sounded like it does. (video of sound recording coming asap)

I am beginning my next cymbal straight away to improve my skills, let hope it goes well. 

So to keep things going here is a picture of myself taken by my good friend Nikki, this was for the first recording for my audition for the band Disrupt the Skies. 

On that note i am sorry to say i did not get the position as their drummer, due to the distance between me and the band, my self being in stoke-on-Trent and them being in Greenwich. 

However i have a few other positions i have been asked to try out for so hopefully i will impress enough to snatch one of those.