Hi everyone! To celebrate the #TBT today I decided to create some patterns for backgrounds on TUMBLR with my illustrations of Marina and The Diamonds. This is the first post of the day. Will post 3 different images with two FROOT os the Month together. This one is IMMORTAL (BlueBerry) with FORGET (Green Apple). Keep tunned for more backgrounds today! Feel free to use as a background in your TUMBLR or Webpage but please remeber to link to my page! <3


One of the many designs I created using my illustrations inspired by the Amazon Forest. This one is a detail from a pattern. This pattern was supposed to be part of a contest but it didn´t make it though. I still loved what I created though, and definitely using for another creative project.

Illustration and artwork by Mr. Gabriel Marques

#TBT [3/3] - Pattern Number 3 of my @planetfroot illustrations - The two final #FROOT - #Happy(Lemon 🍋) and #IMARUIN (Cherry🍒) - All of these images were created while studying on how to create Patterns, and the first time using portraits, hope you guys liked it, in time i will come up with more ideas and keep posting here :)