This Thursday see’s the opening of the “Loading" exhibition. Over 30 artists worldwide have contributed pieces for the show, including, Joshua Andrew BelangerCraig RobsonKiller NapkinsPitchgrimMichael Shantz and more. 

As well as the display of awesome art, myself and Nils NVasion will be painting 2 huge canvasses live, there will be live music from Chipzel, a live Street Fighter Tournament, cake and more. 

The show is working closely with The National Autistic Society to help bring awareness and raise money for the charity.

For more info on the show, click here, or check out the Facebook page here.

there are way too many cool people on tumblr so i have to make a list of some of my FAVORITE BLAWGS. listed below are amazing blogs that post things that get me super inspired AND ALSO SUPER GOOD FRIENDS THAT I LOVE FOREVER. thank q all for being so rad.

8-bitty, apollo-pop, april-liu, aspiralgalaxy, astrejlaubaraphile, baruyon, bigbigtruckburniikay, cacoethic, chiliconcarnage, d3-14, de2, donworks, eorii, fabien-mense, garama, genmaa, glitterghoul, gobi-baptiste-gaubert, godzillabreath, goknights, gooddaymonster, gorillaprutt, hattiestewart, holagatosaurio, iamalsohere, ich-liebe-dicks, intesto, ithew, jacobin, jaymamon, jdprocrastinates, k-szk, kidmographkikiface, lavenderpie, lecrcr, lewsey, littledesolateboy, mizby, mrgauky, mrhipp, notmusa, ohpsshaw, paexie, paintednumbers, pilot-star, pinxiedustplanetdestroy, plushbones, qeti, quesozombie, repoghost, royalboiler, rvsa, schumie, scrawlvitusscrotumnose, skoptsy, soulkarl, stonelions, teiknu, usagiiya, verticalartyouandneru, yougotvexed, yug0, ziggyzagz, zoroko

A simple man is turned into a genius through the application of computer science.

Oh wait… that’s #TheLawnmowerMan plot, but just like Jobe I’m up on’t cyberspace again. My new websites online and for the first time ever, there’s now a shop!

If that don’t get you excited, watch the virtual reality sex scene from in the movie. Everyone already knows you got a chub on the last time you watched it, so you don’t have to be ashamed anymore.
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