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} Just a bit of sneak peek at what I’ve got typed up for a thing so far.

(Just some parts taken entirely out of order, one part does not immediately follow the next. The fact of there being other parts to the story in between will be shown via a single line of ellipses “…” )

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“What’s wrong, baby? I’m not teasing you~

Liza lifted her lip in a snarl, trying to ignore the fact that she was trapped, back against the wall, his arm bracketed next to her head, hands bound. She could feel her heartbeat in her fingertips, trying not to panic, though in truth she was long past that, her body almost numb with fear. Her mind was racing to try and find a way out, but nothing was going to be of any use– she couldn’t reach her wand and even then, the village wand wasn’t enough to repel him, and she was bound, unable to shove him away. She tried to squirm away from his wandering hand, to at least shift them off of her. “Get off of me,” she hissed, venom laced in her voice. 

Elliot tried to be sneaky, he really did. But when your blind and you have to rely on sound waves to get around. It’s impossible. The second he heard someone walking in, he straightened up and ended up banging his head on the fridge. “Ow, shit.” He groaned as he moved away from the fridge and smiled sheepishly in the direction he assumed the person was. “Hey, quick, completely random question, can you help me find something that a puppy would eat?”


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hello happy 2016 here are a few selfies from this year

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