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JDotRome Im cool like fans,winter,ice cubes, freezer packs, opposite sides of pillows, ice house beer, polar bears, Air condition, when you dont have hot water and ya shower cold, unthawed ground beef, icy hot before it gets to the hot portion therefore leaving it cool. yeah..thats me

Amanuel Richards Well im hot like a heater, summer, hot water, hot pads, the same side of the pillow, hot ass beer, blow dryer, when u take a hot shower after a hot sh*t, grilled hamburger, fire in hell therefore im leaving you dark and burned…yea…thats stupid

Chaz C.Diddy Miller Well i’m luke warm like left out food, room temperature, between the other side and same side of the pillow, defrost in the microwave, tumble dry, keri hilson’s performance at birthdaybash, like Oj the juice man’s career, like a fart under the covers, in between heaven and hell, water with no ice, between summer and winter….Yea that be me