“We were playing to large venues. Eighteen… twenty thousand people a night. And to hear that many people singing… together, singing in unison or singing in harmony at that time. Or playing games, or interacting with each other in ways that I had yet to experience. I had seen it happen on coffee shop and club scale. But to see that… this type of interaction can also happen on a twenty thousand scale, THAT is what really put me at…at my highest place, at the most evolved I had ever felt in my life.”
- Jason Mraz (source).

“I remember how nervous I was packing for California without telling my family. I remember leaving my friends house that day not able to look back because I knew I would cry and possible shy away from the whole thing. I remember my first gig in San Diego, the night Java Joe let the nobody borrow a guitar and pretend he might be a star.” - Jason Mraz (16.12.02)