mraz birthday


June 23rd, 2014.
Hello, and happy birthday.

Dear Mraz,
To be honest, you’re the one person I’ve always admired. Thankyou for being such an inspiration towards me, and others. Through you and your music I discover new things. And you’ve been such a great figure to me not just the music, but for what you do. For me, you’re not just a public figure, you’re a true artist. I appreciate your works and I do think they’re beyond amazing. Exactly two years ago today (which you probably wouldn’t remember), I was watching your concert live in Jakarta. That was the closest I’ve ever met you! Time flies and now you’re 37 already. You probably would never notice this but here it goes… I just wanna wish you all the best, and all the greatest things in life. I love you so much!!!

- A.

Happy Birthday, Jason!!

Thank you for sharing your awesomeness, Thank you for sharing LOVE, Thank you. You f❤❤❤n’ did it. Hell yeah, It’s your 36th birthday!! …and it’s a Supermoon day!! Let’s sing ” Bella Luna “… ;)

” Life is like an onion: you peel it off one layer at a time, and sometimes you weep. ” - Carl Sandburg


I got to face time Jason Mraz on my birthday and i’m still not at all okay.

I don’t know where to start but i think i should begin by telling you that everything that you’re going to read about in this text post happened because of Evie Suzie and Genevieve and i’m beyond grateful to have them as my friends and i know i’ll never be able to thank them enough for making this happen. (but i’m gonna try so stay tuned for the huge thank you that’s coming up).

On the 20th of June i found out that Evie Suzie and Genevieve had just bought tickets to see Jason at Royal Albert Hall on the same day as my birthday (26th of September) and i was so so happy for them but i couldn’t help but feel a little sad because i couldn’t be with them, especially that i have never ever seen him live. 

When they saw how sad i was (not just because of the show, i literally felt so hopeless because i thought i’m never going to get my chance to see him or talk to him and they knew how sad it makes me and they would always try to cheer me up and tell me that it’s gonna happen but somehow i never believed it) they said ok, we’re going to do everything we can to try to get him to face-time you even if it’s just for a little bit, and they got the whole thing planned out.

……26TH OF SEPTEMBER 2014…… (the 27th if you wanna get technical)


Genevieve:Shows over be on your phone

Me:omg okay 

-12:50am: Evie practice face times me and tells me they’re waiting at the stage door and that there are a lot of people.

-2:04am: (this is where the madness begins) Evie face-times me the first time and i freak out because i literally thought Jason was gonna pop up on the screen and talk to me but no, Evie tells me that Jason won’t come until an hour and her mum won’t let her stay that long(at this point i was starting to tell myself that okay it probably won’t happen and started to calm myself down) but they spoke to his tour manager Matt and he told them he’s gonna try to get him out for like 5 mins and we closed the call a few minutes later she face-times me again and she tells me that he came out and that i’m gonna talk to him soon and that i need to stay calm, i panicked and put my hand on my mouth in shock i started crying and shaking hysterically and breathing heavily like i had just escaped a mental hospital and Evie told me to calm down about 100 times and i wasn’t able to i kept crying so  hard and she started turning the camera and showing me Jason from afar (like 2 meters away from them) and i was begging her to turn the camera around and yelling and crying because i wasn’t ready to see him and it just made me sob so much harder and i looked like a mess and was basically one, and everyone was either laughing or asking if I’m okay because i was breathing so heavily and they started getting closer to Jason and my reaction was: “Evie oh my god do i have booger in my nose from all the crying" and Evie just started laughing and i heard other people laughing too and at this point i realized that over 20 people witnessed my mental breakdown.

(this was my reaction along with hysterically sobbing and heavy breathing and screaming whenever they showed me Jason)

 ANYHOW everything happened so fast and evie handed the phone to jason and told him:"Jason! Jason! this is Mona it’s her birthday!" and he grabbed the phone and took it from Evie and was like "oh yeah!”  and he waved and said hi and i was sobbing and stuttering jas jas jason jassoonnn and he was like looking at me and smiling waiting for me to say something and i started talking with a voice shaky and squeaky like you wouldn’t believe and sobbing and i told him that no words could ever describe my love for him (the fans went AWWH at that point) and he joked and was like “i think this should be a private conversation!”   (i didn’t realize he said that until Evie and Genevieve told me) and i carried on talking and said that he has saved me so many times and that i’ll never be able to thank him enough for that and burst into tears and told him i loved him again and he said “I love you too Mona!” and smiled. then i pulled myself together and wiped my eyes but kept crying and told him that he’s the most important person in my life and that i love him more than words could ever describe and i thanked him and you don’t understand how concentrated he was he was listening to every word i had to say and he thanked me as well and said something really long that i do not remember because i was too shocked but he said something about love being inside me (u know the usual Jason) then there was a slight moment of silence and i was wiping my eyes and crying and meanwhile he turned the camera to him and the fans standing behind him and they all waved at me ( they were amazing, i am still in shock by how brilliant this little family of ours is, about thirty people went completely silent and listened to every word i had to say and didn’t interrupt this whole thing even once) and i was like “please come to israel!”  and i swear i sounded like a little girl begging her mom for a lollipop and him and the fans laughed and then he wished me a happy birthday and blew me a kiss and waved me goodbye and i told him i loved him again and that was it and i make it sound like eternity when it was only 2 minutes but they were the two minutes i’ve been waiting for for that past 5 years and i’m still in shock and grateful that this all happened and Jason was the sweetest human being you could ever imagine, he was funny, kind, and concentrated (seriously he smiled and listened to everything i had to say) and i love him even more now and i didn’t even know that was possible.

i don’t know how i managed to screenshot but i’m happy i did 

after the face-time Evie and Genevieve face timed me again and we all started sobbing from joy and talking about what happened and it was everything i could ever wish for. 

after we finished face-timing i phoned about half a city at 3am to let them know that this just happened and i would get sudden waves of realization and would cry and shake a lot and i spun around the house about 20 times with excitement and my mascara was running down my cheeks and my pajama shirt was wet from all the tears but i didn’t care because I just talked to the most important human being in my life for the first time and he smiled and told me he loves me.

if by now you already forgot here is a reminder that everything that happened yesterday was because of my 3 amazing friends that i love to the moon and back 

Evie surveythestateofyoursoul

Genevieve oncewerock

& Suzie jason-thomas-mraz

i don’t know what it is that i did to deserve you but whatever it is i’m happy i did it. and i can’t begin to express how grateful i am for having such amazing friends in my life. you made my dream come true and you made me the happiest girl on this planet, i have been smiling for two days and the corners of my mouth hurt from happiness. this is the happiest i have ever been and ever will be and it’s all because of you, thank you for being the amazing people you are and making me the happiest person ever. i can’t tell you how grateful i am and how much i love you but i have a lifetime ahead of me to try.

Thank you.

(also if you are still reading this, you deserve a huge hug. ily)