mra bingo

A Draft Happens.
  • MRAs: It's completely unfair that, while women have the unconditional right to vote, men [in the United States] are required to sign their bodies away to this archaic compulsory military service called The Draft, or Selective Service. Either everybody should sign up for it, or nobody should.
  • Feminists: We agree, The Draft is clearly a fossil of a bygone age. That's why we're going to mock your every attempt to change it.
  • MRAs: Wait, why? I thought that traditional gender roles and things being seen as "men's jobs" needed to die out as quickly as possible! Surely if nothing else, we agree on that?
  • Feminists: Don't worry, the last draft was like forever ago, the likelihood of it coming back is minimal. It's not a REAL issue or anything.
  • MRAs: But it COULD come back at any time, because despite it being a fossil, nobody got rid of it.
  • Feminists: Lol, MRAs. Always complaining about the littlest things that don't even matter.
  • *Women may be required to sign up for the draft*
  • Feminists: *panicking* Oh my GOD, this is AWFUL. Women's bodies will literally be regulated by the government!
  • MRAs: Well, we told you so.
  • Feminists: We must get rid of it immediately!... for women.
  • MRAs: Exa- wait, what? You don't seriously mean that after having the very real prospect of the draft forced on you, you still can't see why we want to abolish it for men??
  • Feminists: Well, men are stronger than women!
  • MRAs: But you... actually, keep talking.
  • Feminists: And women give birth to people, so they're more important in that respect, and really they're a lot better off staying at home...
  • MRAs: Keeeeep going...
  • Feminists: And men and women aren't REALLY equal!
  • MRAs: Bingo.
  • MRAs: We've known that you've thought this way for YEARS, but nobody ever listened because "it's literally about equality!" was somehow a more convincing argument. But you don't want equality - perhaps you once did, but not anymore. What you want is all the benefits and freedoms for women that society can afford them on the assumption that women are capable and independent, but all the protections society can afford them on the assumption that they're the weaker sex. You are gender traditionalists with a shiny new "this benefits women"-coloured coat of paint.
  • MRAs: ...are we at least going to abolish this thing now, or what?

I dislike talking to guys about topics like violence against women. In a way, I hate talking to clever, academic types of guys about it even more than I do with your run of the mill ignorant prick. I don’t know what I hate the most - the devil’s advocates, the ones who treat it all like a fascinating philosophical quandary, the tone police, the “I’m with you right up until you reach something that challenges me specifically” dudes, the “superior because I’m neutral” dudes… It’s very tiring. Usually when I’m talking to a guy about politics for the first time, I am just waiting, I have my mental bingo card out and my dobber poised, ready. It rarely goes undobbed.