It is not your LABEL that’s important. It is your BEHAVIOR. Your actions are not free from criticism just because you happen to identify as a feminist, anti-feminist, SJW, anti-SJW, MRA, egalitarian, democrat, liberal, conservative, republican, or any other label you identify with. You can’t hide behind your labels to excuse your bad behavior. The things you do are what matter most, what people will be judging on, not what you call yourself. I’ve seen both feminists and anti-feminists guilty of hiding behind labels, and it needs to stop. Labels don’t protect you from anything. They don’t automatically make you a good or bad person. Your ACTIONS do. Take responsibility for what you do or say. That goes for everyone.

Let’s get one thing straight: men, as a group, do not face systematic oppression because of their gender. Am I saying that literally no men out there are oppressed? No, I am for sure not saying that. Men can and do face oppression and marginalization for many reasons – because of race, class, sexuality, poverty, to name a few. Am I saying that every white cishet dude out there has an amazing life because of all his amassed privilege? Nope, I’m not saying that either. There are many circumstances that might lead to someone living a difficult life. But men do not face oppression because they are men. Misandry is not actually a thing, and pretending that it’s an oppressive force on par with or worse than misogyny is offensive, gross, and intellectually dishonest.

MRAs believe that feminists are to blame for basically everything that’s wrong with their lives. The Men’s Rights Movement is a reactionary movement created specifically to counter feminism, and most (if not all) of their time and resources go towards silencing and marginalizing women.

Most powerful American feminist organization kills another shared parenting bill: N.O.W.'s crusade against actual gender equality slips into the limelight

N.O.W. (National Organization for Women) is likely the largest, oldest, most reputable and most powerful feminist NGO in the United States (except for the U.N.). N.O.W. is mainstream American feminism. That’s why it may surprise those who believe the popular lie that feminism is “just about gender equality” that N.O.W. has carried on a decades long campaign against men in divorce law, especially against allowing men equal access to their children following divorce.

This time N.O.W.’s target was Florida’s SB668 bill that would have eliminated lifetime alimony following divorce and created the “premise” (not even the presumption, just a weaker “premise”) of 50/50 equal shared child custody between parents following divorce. After 3 years of setbacks for similar legislation, the bill passed through the Florida State Senate with 24 Yeas/14 Nays and the Florida State House with an impressive 74 Yeas/38 Nays. The bill was then suddenly vetoed by Florida Governor Rick Scott after an intense opposition campaign by N.O.W. and several other women’s organizations.

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Why do MRAs and anti SJWs act like a large chunk of physical labor isn’t done by women, specifically immigrant and third world women? This isn’t even a new phenomenon. Most mill workers in the Industrial Revolution were women. In the late 19th/early 20th century the labor movement was started by Jewish immigrant women who worked in sweatshops. This whole “The wage gap isn’t real because it doesn’t take into account that men do more dangerous jobs” (which is also bull because the highest paying jobs are the least dangerous) is not true for today’s society nor was it ever true at any point in history.
How do you stop online harassment? Try banning the men.
The past two years have seen a proliferation of invite-only listservs, private Slack channels and secret Facebook groups with names like “Girls Night Out” and “No Boys Allowed.”

LMAO!!! This is some brilliant satire coming from the Washington Post! Can you imagine if it was actually…

oh no