contains 22 random textures

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link to texture pack #1


so throughout my years of participating in, creating and joining rps, and going from creating shit graphics to still shit decent graphics, i’ve collected my fair share of textures and pngs, perfect for graphics and themes !! i’ve decided to share the ones that i have with you guys because why the hell not ya know ?? there’s #187 RANDOM TEXTURES AND PNGS in this pack, with the majority of them leaning to more of the aesthetic / grunge style. i take no credit at all for any of these textures, i’ve only collected them. if you wish for me to remove any of these textures if you own them, feel free to pm me and i’ll do the best i can to compromise !! as well, please like and/or reblog if you download. i gathered these out of the good of my deep, dark heart; so it would only take a little bit just to show your thanks by liking or reblogging. thanks and enjoy ! + DOWNLOAD

free tiled backgrounds is a free texture/pattern/background site.  all images will produce a seamless tiled background ( set your background to ‘repeat’ ) – they have hundreds of textures and patterns to choose from - 

you can browse through the pages, or use the search and preview feature to see what the pattern looks like – ( clicking on a pattern will preview the background on the page )


they download as a .png file, so if you use a graphic editor, you can change the colour/size of your downloaded image to suit your theme!  


Wow, I can’t believe I actually have reached the point in which my blog has over 5k followers, like?? what sort of magic?? Anyway, as I do per usual, I made another texture pack, which is a collection of pieces which I personally think could be used to inspire you to create but also include them in your creations! Because I enjoy editing and using photoshop a lot, I want to share this joy not only through my creations but also through contributing to the editing community. All in all, I would like to show my appreciation towards my followers and my mutuals and the tumblr community in general, by sharing with you what personally gives me joy and what made me love graphic design even more, to the point that I chose to pursue it. So thank you, I hope this texture pack is very helpful for you! Contact me here if you have any questions ❤️

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