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Ask Ethan: Could The Fabric Of Spacetime Be Defective?

“The topic I’d like to suggest is high-energy relics, like domain walls, cosmic strings, monopoles, etc… it would be great to read more about what these defects really are, what their origin is, what properties they likely have, or, and this is probably the most exciting part for me, how we expect them to look like and interact with the ‘ordinary’ universe.”

So, you’d like to ruin the fabric of your space, would you? Similar to tying a knot in it, stitching it up with some poorly-run shenanigans, running a two-dimensional membrane through it (like a hole in a sponge), etc., it’s possible to put a topological defect in the fabric of space itself. This isn’t just a mathematical possibility, but a physical one: if you break a symmetry in just the right way, monopoles, strings, domain walls, or textures could be produced on a cosmic scale. These could show up in a variety of ways, from abundant new, massive particles to a network of large-scale structure defects in space to a particular set of fluctuations in the cosmic microwave background. Yet when it comes time to put up or shut up, the Universe offers no positive evidence of any of these defects. Save for one, that is: back in 1982, there was an observation of one (and only one) event consistent with a magnetic monopole. 35 years later, we still don’t know what it was.

It’s time to investigate the possibilities, no matter how outlandish they seem, on this week’s Ask Ethan!


Interesting glass textures for digital art!

I took these photos last summer to use for textures and I thought it would be nice to share them for other artists to use as well!

They make a really great overlay for a ‘magical creepy’ look. I use them for things like ‘spell effects’ in a lot in my other illustrations.

(*Well I took all these photos except for the last one, of course. My husband took that photo of me next to the pile and I included it because I think it gives a good sense of scale for how RIDICULOUS HUGE it is. I have Noooo idea why this giant pile of glass is just sitting around in my old home town, but DANG I love the textures I got from it!)