kkaepop’s texture pack #3

ahh yes~ this is my last texture pack! (im pretty sure.. maybe?)
this took pretty long.. yeah i know. it was pretty brain straining trying to think up complex ideas and improved textures people would actually want to use. fml please like the textures and transparents or i swear to kim jonghyun’s vocals that i will cry and eat raisins for the rest of my life (pls dont make me eat raisins omg..)
so uhh.. lets get to the contents!

in this pack:

  • 20 textures
  • 15 transparents
  • tips & tricks
  • lol this is the third time but, there’s the cover and rules (lol swag cool cool)

lastly, please read the rules once you have downloaded the texture pack. AND like/reblog if using!

DOWNLOAD HERE (zip file)

For my new texture pack I experimented a bit. For one, there are as usual some plain papers included which you can use nicely as backgrounds or whatever you wish (my apologies not all of them are 500px). But I also included some heavier edited textures which are perfect for graphics etc. This pack includes a total of 20 textures. If you have a question about the textures feel free to ask me. A like when taking would be appreciated!

Download: here (DA) or here (ss)