My husband is doing the MR340 river race this July with our good friend Laura. The MR340 is a 340 mile race on the Missouri River from Kansas City to St. Charles. Today was a practice day for them. I meet up with them at Cooper’s Landing in Columbia where we had lunch. The next stop was Hartsburg Access but they missed their stop so I had to track them down using Find My Friends app. It was an adventure on gravel roads in Nowheresville, MO. In-between Cooper’s Landing and Hartsburg I had some time to bike ride the beautiful Katy Trail. I ended up doing 10 miles on a bike, I am impressed with myself.


MR340 Part 1: My husband took part in the MR340, which is a 340 mile race on the Missouri River. It is the longest nonstop river race in the world; a four-day trek across Missouri from Kansas City to St. Charles.

Him and his teammate successfully completed 224 mile of the race. They made it from Kansas City to Jefferson City. I am so proud of them and especially my husband who’s first time in a kayak was only a few months ago.

I was part of his ground crew suppling him with the essentials, food and water. Here are some photos from our adventure.