Can I speak freely…?

I don’t think that there will ever be equality based on race, gender, religion, sexuality etc. This is because there will always be an “us” and a “them”, and we will always think that “us” are better than “them”.

So like when you have two rival football teams clash there needs to be some mutual respect and rules for now place.

…then again football games have a referee to make sure the rules are followed and they’re on neither side.

So who’s the referee in life? The police? They’re definitely not one of “us” and it seems they’re even worse than the rest of “them”!!!

……why can’t we all just get along??

Is it just me…

…does everybody else also have drafts on their tumblr of things that they were going to post at a particular time about a particular thing, thought, feeling or person but didn't…or is it just me???

Can I speak freely…?

You know life’s becoming peak when you can’t even turn to social mediums to get things off your chest in a form of semi-anonymity because as soon as you post you have someone asking “you see that thing on tumblr, yeah…was about me or her, or we & she" 

Am I not allowed to just say what I want, and express my perceptions without all the questions?

If this is you let me know!!

A lot of people like to complain no one drops message in their ask box and stuff, but then don’t put anything in anyone else’s ask box and then wonder why…retards (no offence to retarded people) me on the other hand, I don’t wanna fall into that retarded category so I’m tryna holla at peoples ask box, if I haven’t holla’d at you let me know & I will be in touch :D 

Kind request to sexy females

I beg you go easy with the tattoos, I know its not my place to say but just think of yourself as beautiful sculpture…the tattoo is a piece of graffiti, just like graffiti the tattoo may look nice or it may be an insignificant tag but theres a point where it just becomes too much & looks ugly…so my request is not don’t get tattoos although that would be most ideal ;) but just don’t go over the top. …scars from laser surgery don’t look too pretty either.

I know I addressed this request to sexy females, but less attractive females please don’t think your exempt, theres no need to make a bad situation worse. (no offence)

To be honest the same goes to breddahs with tattoos too but I’m not too fussed about y'all, the more of you that look ugly the easier my life becomes :P

Every day we must thank God for life & salvation

God is so forgiving because if I were in charge I would have destroyed the world a long time ago…I wouldn’t even start again and give humanity another chance. I wouldn’t even give me another chance but God is merciful & loving and gave his son Jesus Christ that we may have life and have it more abundantly!

For some reason whenever she holla’s my mood always changes

…if I’m sad she cheers me up

…if I’m happy she pisses me off

theres nothing in particular that she says or does

but it just always happens…does that even make sense?


flippin anti -_-